School Bus Solution

QOHO School Bus Vehicle Services Solution is one of the most professional vehicle solution for school bus all over the world. It provides not only surveillance services but also monitor various aspects inside and outside including drivers and students in school bus.

Counter camera can counter people whether get on/off the bus. It will create alarm if it’s not match. What’s more, Parents can check school bus location and real-time video through APP for school bus. which can prevent most of accidents happen.


The accident of school bus occurs during this years.

An investigation has been carried out by the local government. It shows the bus is run by the kindergarten and the interior fittings were adapted for the bus. As to the cause of the accident, apart from driving on the wrong side of the street at high speed and fog, problems
such as overloading and the poor enforcement of safety standards have been highlighted.

The school minibus was on its way to a kindergarten on the outskirts after picking up the children when the accident happened.

School Bus Project With QOHO MDVR



Counter camera function is available to record students information that get on/ off, if the get on/off numbers are not match, it will send alarm to alert administrator, and all the information can be uploaded to the server for checking.

RFID reader function is available to swipe card to make vehicle ignition off in order to make students safe before bus is off. Show all logs on the MDVR device, and all the information can be uploaded to the server for checking.
QOHO CMS reports will be shown to schools or managers for further investigation or operating.


Why happen?


Over loading  ; Unqualified school buses ;

Unqualified drivers; Lack of technical products.


How should we do?


School Bus Solutions with our Mobile DVR system:

Pay attention to the quality of school bus;

Increase investment in education;


Build a unified management system for school bus.


  1. Install Mobile DVR system( Built-in GPS,3G ,WIFI module);
  2. Then it can remote live view all recording inside view of school bus;
  3. All parents can record all recording at home via Ipad/Iphone/Android and PC.
  4. The product can send message to parents when and where is gone.
  5. GPS google/ Baidu map to show position.
  6. Safe to children, Safe to driver, Safe to parents.


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