2ch 1080P GPS 4G Wifi Telematics Camera, Mini MDVR


  • 1080P 4G GPS WIFI Mobile DVR, Car DVR;
  • H.265 compression code, adopt HI silicon high-performance processor;
  • Built-in 1080P 120-degree wide front road view camera + 1080P 130-degree wide cabin view camera, support external 2 channels extendable (total 4 channels as optional);
  • Built in speaker to indicate device working status and instructions from the server;
  • Industrial grade design;
  • Support to connect with equipment with mobile phone through WIFI;
  • Support remote live view in real-time;
  • Support to set parameters via mobile phone;
  • Support 2 TF cards, maximum 512GB;
  • Support center management software such as CMSV6. Wialon or SDK integration with the third-party software;
  • Support iPad, iPhone, Android, and PC to remote view in real-time;
  • TF card data security protection with special lock way;
  • Easy installation with 3M sticker on the windscreen.




Smart style, can adsorbed on windows glass of all kinds of vehicles.
Chinese, English or others (can be customized)
3520D Ⅴ400
Video input 2 channel 1080P video input (support external 2 channels extendable)
Video compression AHD H.265 compression
Built in camera 1 1080P 120-degree front wide view camera
Built in camera 2 1080P 130-degree cabin wide view camera
Optional OSD information Time, channel name, company name, driver name, plate number, GPS position, speed, G-sensor (XYZ value)
Recording Support FTP back-up, mobile phone local downloading in MP4 format, sharing to third party communication tools: WeChat, QQ, Skype etc…
Built-in GPS module and antenna to make sure accurate position and time
Built-in 4G module and antenna, FDD-LTE/WCDMA, TD-LTE, FDD-CTLTE optional
Built-in WIFI module and antenna; AP mode in default, phone connect directly with device and can switch to WIFI mode after set well the parameters. Support WIFI downloading.
automatically correcting and do not limit the installation direction of the equipment
Working mode 8-36V, lower consumption
Standby mode 12V,10mA; When vehicle been crushed on standby mode, alarm information would be sent to manager’s mobile phone and device would start recording in 10 seconds
2-CH or multi channels video playback
MP4 video format, convenient for sharing intercepted videos
Track playback
Android and IOS version
Support CMSV6, Wailon, and SDK/API integration with third-party platform
2-CH or multi-channels video playback
Track playback
Window version
GPS Indicator flash: searching satellite; indicator on: successful positioning; indicator off: no working
REC Indicator on: recording; indicator off: not recording
4G Indicator on: 4G module working well; indicator flash: device connected to platform
WIFI Indicator on: AP mode connected; indicator flash: data communication
SOS Works as a power indicator; device power on: orange light keep turning; device start recording: orange light on; press SOS button: orange light flash
Clear sound quality Support sends broadcast text content remotely
Prompt content WIFI connected; WIFI disconnected; start recording; stop recording
Support 2 max 256G TF cards
2-CH Standard Version 3 PIN power cable; 3 PIN function cables(2xIO-IN,1xIO-OUT); RS232 optional as required
4-CH Plus Version 3 PIN power cable; 3 PIN function cables(2xIO-IN,1xIO-OUT); 4 PIN cameras cables; RS232 optional as required

Press SOS button, upload picture or video to server (optional)




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