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Technological advancements have a significant role in improving security and mitigating potential hazards in the dynamic field of road safety. When combined with a cutting-edge multimedia surveillance machine, the BSD Two-Way or Four-Way Truck Blind Area Early Warning System redefines safety standards. By combining wide-angle 360° cameras in strategic locations with two- and four-way alert features, the system provides real-time panoramic views that promote a more informed approach to road safety.

Serving as a central hub, the Blind Spot Detection System Installation gathers and sends real-time images to the all-in-one device inside the car. Through timely alerts to both pedestrians and drivers, this integrated system effectively reduces collisions by fostering a safer and more connected road environment. Its recording capabilities also support unbiased dispute resolution by providing an objective account of incidents. Essentially, the 360° BSD AI Monitor signify a turning point in road safety technology, demonstrating a dedication to creativity and an all-encompassing strategy to guarantee a safe driving environment for all parties involved.


Important Elements:

  • Installing 360° view Cameras:

Two to four wide-angle cameras that are positioned intelligently on the outside or body of the vehicle are part of the surveillance system. With their panoramic vision, these cameras are able to take detailed pictures of their surroundings.


  • Transmission of Images in Real Time:

The gathered photos are smoothly sent in real-time to a vehicle-based all-in-one device. By ensuring that motorists and pedestrians alike are provided with access to current visual data, promotes a safer driving situation.


  • System for Pedestrian Warning:

One smart pedestrian warning function built into the BSD system. The system detects pedestrians near the car by examining the sent pictures and sends out alerts in a timely manner. This increases awareness among drivers while simultaneously protecting pedestrians.


  • Simultaneous Reminders for Pedestrians and Drivers:

Our approach goes one step farther than conventional safety systems by alerting motorists and pedestrians to possible hazards at the same time. The purpose of this dual-alert system is to reduce the likelihood of accidents by generating a synchronized reaction.


  • Activated Safety Alert:

Active alerts for security are provided by the system, which enables drivers to see obstacles surrounding the car with ease. This preventive approach helps to avoid collisions, lessen scrapes, and stop falls.


  • Documenting Proficiencies:

The system captures all images associated with driving in order to resolve conflicts and improve accountability. This feature comes in very handy in cases such as the infamous "scraping porcelain" disputes, providing an objective explanation of what happened and helping to reach a fair resolution.


5 benefits of BSD System:

  1. Reduction of accidents:

In addition to lowering the overall mishap rate, the system also considerably lowers the risk of collisions, scratches, and falls by means of real-time alerts and active safety BSD monitoring warnings.


  1. Improved Perception:

The 360° BSD camera arrangement guarantees a thorough view, improving visibility for both vehicles and pedestrians. For negotiating challenging traffic situations, increased awareness is essential.


  1. Conflict Settlement:

The system's BSD recording capabilities serve as a dependable information source in the event of a dispute, enabling a just and impartial resolution.


  1. Pedestrian Security:

Pedestrian warning systems are essential for protecting people who are walking and for encouraging a safer environment in which pedestrians and cars coexist.


  1. Enhanced Traffic Control:

The system helps create a safer and more secure driving environment by emphasizing thorough Blind spot detection monitoring and early alerts.


In summary:

Technological advancements in road safety are marked by the BSD Two-Way and Four-Way Truck Blind Area Early Warning System AI Blind Spot Detection System Monitor. This system seeks to redefine safety standards in the automotive industry by utilizing state-of-the-art features like wide-angle cameras, real-time image transmission, and active safety warnings. These kinds of solutions open the door to a future in which road safety is of utmost importance, disputes are arbitrated fairly, and accidents are reduced to a minimum as long as we continue to embrace innovation.

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User-Friendly Mobile DVR Software for Remote Viewing


Mounting a Mobile DVR in your automobile also enables you to manage it while you are away from home or at the office. QOHO Mobile DVR Software is functional and practical with precise information.


This platform is suitable for Fleet Operators who want to keep track of all of their automobiles and personnel in one location. QOHO administers a handful of Mobile DVR software alternatives premised on your requirements and predilections.

QOHO Mobile DVR Software for Your Accessible Remote Viewing


QOHO has been perpetually researching and inventing new commodities since 2005. This paved the path for QOHO’s high-quality items to penetrate the marketplace. Our flexible and secure platform is uncomplicated to configure and adapts to suit your expectations as your organization grows.


In addition, QOHO has always been hands-on in the production of its products. Assuring a top-notch quality management team to ensure that all goods manufactured are of high quality and meet QOHO standards. This is made prior to the product being shipped or distributed to ensure that it reaches the customer in perfect condition.


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QOHO 4G Dash Camera

There is a wide variety of Mobile DVR Software available on the market today, but QOHO Mobile DVR Software ensures to provide high accuracy and accessibility to its user.

It is now easy to manage or monitor your vehicle/s with the help of this software. Some of the important components of this software are the following: exact location, speed, map, & camera view. You can easily customize the vehicle type, name, and number. If there is bad driving behavior or unexpected circumstances, you can stream and record video footage as evidence. Transmit a message to your fleet and easily give tasks on the road. Lastly, there is a map where you can see all the vehicles’ exact locations using multicolored car icons.

These are just some of the important features of QOHO Mobile DVR Software, below is additional information for you to be able to understand deeply how the software works and why it is important for fleet managers.

mdvr software faqs banner

Mobile DVR Software – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Mobile DVR Software – The Ultimate FAQ Guide’ is a software guide that helps you find your queries and answers while using the ‘Mobile DVR Software.’ It provides the most frequently asked questions about software and answers them.

This guide solves most questions concerning essential, like what is Mobile DVR Software? How does Mobile Mobile DVR Software work? And what are the benefits of Mobile DVR software? And their answers to typical questions of Mobile DVR software users.

This guide is designed to give you a better understanding of what are the features Mobile DVR Software is and its compatibility with android.

Mobile DVR Software is the ultimate guide for anyone who wants to install their Mobile DVR system along with Mobile DVR Software.

This guide explains every step you need to take to get a full-featured, high-quality recording and monitoring Mobile DVR software and, of course, running.

Mobile DVR Software allows the user to live stream over the internet from compatible network cameras in real-time and record evidence for future use.

This is your ultimate guide to learn about Mobile DVR software. This guide can learn about the Mobile DVR software discussed and understand how it works remotely and how much time it will take to install.

What is Mobile DVR Software?

mdvr software faqs 2

Mobile DVR Software is a computer program that records information of video in a digital format and saves it to a computer hard drive or another storage device

A Mobile DVR software is a unique software that allows you to record video from your vehicle.

You can easily track, locate and send messages to your entire fleet or employees with the help of this software.

Mobile DVR software enables you to use your Mobile device or Tab device to access and view the logged videos.

The Mobile DVR Software also allows users to view the video on their, computers laptops, or other external devices.

It can turn your Mobile DVR into a robust monitoring system.

Mobile DVR Software allows you to view and playback video from cameras on your display unit, over the internet, or network.

What is the essential requirement for Mobile DVR software?

The basic requirements to install the Mobile DVR software is:

  • HD Mobile DVR System
  • Driver Fatigue Monitor
  • Car Monitor
  • Cameras
  • GPS
  • Internet Connectivity 4G/wifi

What are the features of CMS Client Mobile DVR Software?

mdvr software faqs 2



The important features of CMS Client Mobile DVR Software are described below:

  • live video monitoring
  • GPS
  • vehicle tracking
  • geo fencing
  • intercom
  • alarm linkage
  • video storage and upload
  • remote upgrade
  • text-to-speech
  • Picture snapshot
  • PTZ control
  • Driving route record
  • Automatically generate a report in Excel format for easy analysis.
  • The program comes with real-time monitoring via personal devices with iPhones, Androids, and iPads.
  • The CMS Client Mobile DVR Software can also be used with the Transport’s standards.

What are the features of Centre Management Mobile DVR Software?

The Center Management Mobile DVR Software includes the following features:

  • Auto-generating report forms can be directly exported to Excel version for further analysis
  • Real-time monitoring via personal mobile devices with iPhone, Android, iPad system
  • Real-time complete information of vehicle status includes numbers of online vehicles, speed, GPS tracking, vehicle temperature, alarms, etc.
  • Video remote search & download
  • Voice intercom
  • Broadcasting
  • text to speech
  • Picture snapshot
  • PTZ control
  • Driving route record
  • Alarm linkage:
  • Emergency alarm
  • video signal lost alarm
  • door open alarm
  • hard disk error alarm
  • over speed / low-speed alarm
  • idling too long alarm
  • temperature alarm
  • GPS fail alarm
  • user-defined alarms are triggered to activate alarm respond for example:
  • map locking
  • alarm call
  • video window automatically popup

What are the features of PAS Mobile DVR Software?

mdvr software faqs 3


The features of PAS Mobile DVR Software are given below:

  • video playback
  • information of speed
  • driving trajectories
  • momentum acceleration
  • alarm status
  • map location
  • Mobile DVR Player without Installation
  • Export by Ceiba or Mobile DVR
  • Graphical Metadata Analysis Interface
  • GPS Track Information Display
  • Convenient operation in time slider to position the playback time and crop the video clips.

Is Mobile DVR Software used for remote viewing?

mdvr software faqs 4

The Mobile DVR software supports a Web-based client that allows users to view real-time images from their cameras remotely and optionally to record the video to disk.

Mobile DVR Software enables the live video stream to be used with existing cameras embedded with web servers.

Mobile DVR Software solves problems in the following ways:

  • With remote viewing.
  • Used to capture images
  • Stream video and audio from remote locations
  • Data can be transmitted over existing networks or the internet.

If you own a fleet of vehicles, Mobile DVR software is a must. It allows you to monitor and track your vehicle/s remotely.

Once installed, the Mobile DVR software allows you to watch your vehicle’s footage remotely, even from home or the office.

The Mobile DVR software is a practical application designed and developed to work on mobile devices like tablets and phones.

Mobile DVR Software gives you the ability to view live video or recorded video remotely on your Windows, Mac, or Linux computers.

The software serves the purpose of video monitoring remotely device over the internet quickly

Following steps are required for remote viewing.

  • Allot your Mobile DVR Software an IP Address
  • Link to your Mobile DVR Software on your LAN
  • Configure up Port Forwarding on your router
  • Configure Up a static DHCP IP address for your Mobile DVR Software
  • Access Remote Internet Setup

How does Mobile DVR Software work?

mdvr software faqs 3

The Mobile DVR Software allows you to record video from any camera on your server configured for recording. This means you can record video from a multi-camera installation.

Mobile DVR software is a set of commands and applications to run the purpose more efficiently, allowing you to view video and control the video capture process from your vehicle cameras.

Mobile DVR software is specially designed to run on different types of vehicles.

Mobile DVR Software connects to your camera and records video in everything from different types of cameras related to Mobile DVR software for further processing, saving, and retrieving whenever required.

You may monitor as many cameras as your Mobile DVR software supports on the network at the same time.

Mobile DVR software enables you to track your drivers’ travel habits with the help of connected devices like driver fatigue monitors.

It keeps track of driving behavior, including how long a driver has been on the road when their rest breaks occur and how fast they accelerate.

The Mobile DVR software works by streaming video or footage from the Mobile DVR system directly to a device.

The software also has the option to send messages to all your drivers and vehicles by feeding their particulars.

The Mobile DVR Software bypasses the DVR hardware resulting in a lower overall cost of ownership.

Most of the Mobile DVR Software is compatible with peer-to-peer and Cloud storage solutions, including the most popular brands.

How does GPS work with Mobile DVR software?

mdvr software faqs 6


The Mobile DVR software support an external GPS option that allows you to record the time, date, longitude/latitude of where the event happened and correspond it against a map showing footage from each camera on a timeline.

Mobile DVR software is precious in helping police track down criminals and providing proof of what happened at the location when false claims are made.

Mobile DVR software enables you to track the location of a device by using GPS navigation.

Mobile DVR Software allows that GPS tracking information be sent to the webserver where clients can log in and view this data on a Map display

It is possible to add GPS functionality to the Mobile DVR software application to provide an additional layer of security to help protect your assets.

With the Mobile DVR Software and enabling the GPS option, your phone or tablet can become a video recording station, allowing you to have constant information about the exact locations and life feeds on your phone or tablet at any place you are at.

What is the importance of Mobile DVR software?

mdvr software faq 7 1


Strongly, Mobile DVR Software provides a centralized management solution that allows fleet managers to monitor and manage their entire vehicle fleet.

Mobile DVR Software can be used to track your private vehicle or even a single-vehicle.

If you happen to have your car damaged by vandals, you can use Mobile DVR software to identify the culprit and hold him accountable for his actions.

Mobile DVR Software also transmits video from cameras to the program, monitoring the camera and alerting you with a visual and audio alarm if movement is detected.

Mobile DVR software can also be used to update the software, and it can restore system files to normal if it is crashed or corrupted.

What are the features of Mobile DVR software?

mdvr software faq 6 1

Positioning or location: Mobile DVR Software is a GPS tracking system that will track your vehicle’s precise position.

Automobile Speed: You’ll be able to know how fast the driver is driving and whether they’re speeding.

Time and Date Stamp: Finding travel footage you can watch by the date and time it was filmed is straightforward.

Vehicle Capturing system: With this feature, you can see all of the angles that your vehicle’s camera is capturing in real-time. However, the image quality is still determined by your vehicle’s camera. Therefore, the higher the quality of your vehicle’s camera, the clearer the video will be.

Enable Audio Recording: Since most manufacturers include an audio jack, you will be able to plug your phone into your car’s audio system to listen to music while you drive.

Saving Fuel: This feature is essential for ensuring drivers constantly fill up their vehicles with the correct fuel. It will also help keep thieves from stealing your energy.

Enable Mapping: The map can show a fleet’s location in the area. This feature is handy for fleets that have a lot of vehicles.

Driver Fatigue Monitor: A driver Monitor can be a valuable tool for fleet owners. Tracking the driver’s state will allow you to keep tabs on them and notify them to take a break. The Mobile DVR software can also provide notifications to drivers about upcoming events and traffic conditions.

Intercom Function: Intercom is an exceptional tool that allows you to communicate via text or video with your driver. It’s instrumental when you need to send an urgent message to your driver, such as a reminder to pick up a forgotten item or to warn them about their driving behavior.

Traveling History: This is the folder in Mobile DVR software where all of your travel history and receipts are stored and organized by date of travel.

Fleet Record: Lists is a proper inventory management tool for car dealers, auto repair shops, fleet companies, fleet managers, etc. Mobile DVR Software help you track your inventory by entering employee or owner names, vehicle numbers, and registration plates. Vehicle Lists is a must-have inventory management software for any business that has vehicles in its fleet.

Is Mobile DVR Software compatible with a smartphone?

mdvr software faq 8 1


The Mobile DVR Software is compatible with a broad range of the most popular smart mobile devices, including iPhone, iPad, Android smartphones, and tablets.

The Mobile DVR Software also allows you to view camera images and video streams in real-time from your tablet or smartphone.

The iPhone-enabled Mobile DVR Software provides the functionality of a Mobile DVR system that is an extension of your security system on your phone.

Mobile DVR Software works on all your Android devices while also offering a simple method of viewing and retrieving data from any network-connected computer.

The software enables you that all your recordings are stored completely online in cloud base applications, allowing you to access them from anywhere and anytime you need.

Mobile DVR software is a set of instructions designed to support a tablet or smartphone that can record multiple camera footage.

How to Install Mobile DVR Software?mdvr software faq 9


Mobile DVR software can be installed on any Android device and DVR system that supports GPS and camera functions.

The installation process for a Mobile DVR Software can vary from one to another because it depends on the device’s manufacturer and the software provider.

The software comes with a QR code that you scan using your device’s built-in camera to install it

Without having to type in any personal information, select any upgrades or sign up for a subscription.

You won’t have to dedicate precious memory space on your device to the installation of Mobile DVR Software.

As this is an application, all the recorded video is stored remotely via the cloud service. We have ensured that there is absolutely no lag time; all recorded video is transmitted as soon as it’s captured.

However, the following steps can help you to install Mobile DVR Software:

  • Link your Mobile DVR System to Display unit
  • Arrange the Mobile DVR settings for Cameras, enabling
  • Link the WiFi/4G Router for Mobile DVR Software
  • Connect Mobile DVR System to LAN Cable
  • Observe the Settings, particularly
  • Check space before installation.
  • Now connect the USB/Android/CD for installation of Mobile DVR software
  • After installation, a test he features of the software

Does Mobile DVR software meet the international standards?

Yes, Mobile DVR Software is certified ISO 9001.

Mobile DVR Software has been certified by CE, FCC, and RoHS, the global standard for electronic product certification.

Mobile DVR Software is designed to meet international standards. This software includes the most advanced and certified technologies for:

  • HD Fastest video recording and management
  • Live recording from IP Camera
  • including image quality
  • Technical details about cam
  • real-time video and audio streaming
  • motion detection
  • video surveillance monitoring
  • GPS tracking
  • G-Sensor Support
  • Playback recorded video on the map

How much time will it take to install Mobile DVR Software?

Install Mobile DVR Software is not time-consuming, and it only takes a few minutes, but it depends on the quality of the device you are interested in installing.

As much as good will be the Mobile DVR System/Android/Smartphone/iPhone specification, it will take minimum time to install Mobile DVR software.

What can you do if Mobile DVR Software is not working?mdvr software faq 10


If your Mobile DVR Software not working, then the few reasons for their solutions are described below:

Memory Card/storage whole: create free space by transferring data to another storage device or delete the previous data that is not useable anymore.

Software Outdated: it can be resolved through downloading the software update.

Poor Connectivity: You are in an area where your internet resource has poor connectivity. It can be resolved by switching your network connectivity mode wither 4G/ Wifi or LAN.

Travel History Not saved: Your travel history folder in Mobile DVR Software is Full. And you can delete previous travel history to add current and future travel history.

Display Hanged: Again, either space issue or your android is working with other applications as well. It can be resolved by closing the irrelevant applications and going with only Mobile DVR software and restarting it.

What does Mobile DVR software do when there is no recording space?

The software will notify you that the program has run out of memory.

You have two options:

  • Transfer the existing data into your PC or laptop or another storage device, and free space will be created.
  • Delete the old information and create new space to save more data.

If you do not choose any one of the suggested options, Mobile DVR software will overwrite your data automatically.

Does Mobile DVR software allow you to transfer your recorded data on android or laptop?mdvr software faq 11


Mobile DVR software is for vehicle recording of video, audio and textual data.

It allows users to transfer recorded data on android or laptops.

Mobile Digital Video Recorder Software allows transferring data from the Mobile DVR device in android or laptop.

You can transfer your videos and photos on your laptop or desktop computer and any USB, micro SD, and other memory cards directly.

The Mobile DVR Software is a mobile application that operates on any Android phone or tablet.

It allows you to view and transfer the video captured by any camera and playback recordings.

Like PTZ control, image adjustment, and snapshot manipulation, most camera functions are possible to record and save the data on your android or laptop.

What should you do if Mobile DVR software is out of date?

If your software is out of date, you have ignored the alerts you were getting about updating software. What you need to do now is go to the software developer’s website and download the latest version of your mobile DVR software.

As the controller is powered on and a Mobile DVR application is detected, the system automatically connects with the software developer. Before it gives you an alert that an update will be available at the company’s website, when you tap the auto alert option to update the mobile DVR software, it will begin updating.

It is possible that your Mobile DVR system has not been correctly updated. Follow the instructions in the troubleshooting guide to ensure that you have the latest version of the software. If you are in an area where internet connectivity is spotty, you may have to wait until that becomes available. Once a connection has been established, you can download any required updates.

A complete solution for managing multiple servers, enterprise-level scalability, and high-volume data transfer requires no change to the IP infrastructure.

By doing this, the software will never need to be updated.

Is there any option to turn on the Mobile DVR through the Mobile DVR software?

No, there is no option to keep always Turn ON Mobile DVR in Mobile DVR software.

If your vehicle is equipped with Mobile DVR software, you can use supplemental power in your car to connect the Mobile Mobile DVR with the vehicle’s battery or another power source.

This will allow you to power your Mobile DVR on and off without needing to monitor the vehicle engine for power changes.

Now that you’ve decided to connect electricity from another source, this is what you need to do next.

  • Turn On the Mobile DVR
  • Grip the power button for two seconds
  • Focus the led light with red color
  • As it became red, I lose the grip on the power button
  • Now it will remain Turn On

Can you locate a missing car using the Mobile DVR Software?

mdvr software faq 8 1

There are several carnapping incidents that happened in the past and some vehicles are never retrieved nor got back by the owner. But in today’s time, it is now possible to locate your vehicle if it got carnapped or stolen.

A Mobile DVR either has a built-in or included GPS in its system. If it is unexpected that your vehicle has been stolen, you can locate its whereabouts using the software.

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