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QOHO Smart Driver Fatigue Monitor

When we are weary from work and yet need to drive to go home, we may experience exhaustion. This is where our gadget enters the picture.


QOHO Driver Fatigue Monitor is unfailing apparatus to track and help you drive more efficacious. It monitors the automobile’s movements and assesses whether the vehicle is being driven in a controlled or uncontrolled way. If the system detects a high risk of the driver becoming drowsy or fatigued driving, an audible signal warns the driver.


This device is built-in with smart technology that monitor’s the driver’s facial movements and determines whether or not the vehicle is being driven correctly.


QOHO is Your Reliable Driver Fatigue Monitor Supplier in China


QOHO has been one of the leading vehicle surveillance technology and driver’s safety device providers in Shenzhen, China for 16 long years. One of our high-quality devices is the Driver Fatigue Monitor. This device can be your dependable partner in safe driving and it will alert you when it detects you being tired and might need a rest.


QOHO’S research and development team ensures to provide the best devices by running series of tests, experiments, designing, and innovations to all of our products.


Furthermore, If you have specified requirements, our R&D team will fully assist you in developing and manufacturing your requested type of device.


Our company’s foreign sales department will be available 24/7 for your inquiries and concerns as well. We maintain a good relationship by assisting you from filling up an order form, manufacturing, shipping, and up to after-sales service.


For inquiries about the Driver Fatigue Monitor, just send us an email with your requirements and preferences and we will be available any time to assist you!


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QOHO is a Reliable Driver Fatigue Monitor Supplier

Managing a fleet of vehicles requires several vehicle devices to ensure the smooth workflow of the company. One of these devices is the Driver Fatigue Monitor. This device will help you manage your fleet easily and for your driver’s safety on the road. If your fleet is requiring a long hour drive this device will suffice.

For a personal vehicle owner, this device is a good investment. Accidents caused by Fatigue driving have been listed more than drunk driving.


If you are looking for a reliable supplier with years of experience in the business, QOHO is the right company for you. Our company provides the best technology and assistance for your vehicle needs that meet and exceed our consumer’s expectations.

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Driver Fatigue Monitor – The Definitive FAQ Guide

Driver Fatigue Monitor is the best non-contact infrared electro-optical driver drowsiness detection system for vehicles with digital editing, no interference with everyday driving experience, accurate drowsiness detection, self-adaptive to different vehicle driving environments.

This Driver Fatigue Monitor FAQ Guide helps anyone who wants to know more about the product.

The guide answers questions like How does the device work? What are some of its features that make it unique compared to other products on the market today? Who is this solution for, and what are the benefits of using it? And much more.

1.    What does the Driver Fatigue Monitor do?

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The Driver Fatigue Monitor is a revolutionary monitoring solution for the entire fleet.

The system performs fatigue and driver drowsiness detection.

The system measures driver head positions, movements, and blinks through unique cameras and outputs a unique signal processed by special software that produces various management reports.

The reports include drowsiness, physical stress level, gesture analysis regarding automobile drivers’ behavior, and other relevant parameters.

The Driver Fatigue Monitor is an innovative system that provides alerts to help prevent crashes and injuries related to driver fatigue.

This system provides a discreet, minimally intrusive solution for fleet drivers and their managers.

The Driver Fatigue Monitor can be used to determine if the driver is feeling fatigued, using a combination of ambient temperature and steering wheel angle variables.

When the Fatigue Monitor determines that the driver may encounter drowsiness, an alert is sent out to the monitoring center, notifying appropriate authorities.

2.    How does driver Fatigue Monitor Work?

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The Driver Fatigue Monitor is a validated eye tracking device that measures driver alertness levels and detects drowsiness and falling asleep.

The software algorithm calculates the user’s visual attention and fatigue level.

The radar unit measures the distance traveled and the relative speed of forwarding and backward movement.

The image processing unit detects any deviation from the typical travel path, signifying an upcoming accident.

Together, these sensor parameters will determine whether the driver is under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or simply tired.

This instrument can help prevent grand road accidents due to the dangerous consequences of driver impairment caused by overloading and long hours of continuous driving.

3.    Where to get Driver Fatigue Monitor?

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There are two options to choose from if you are looking for a cheap and reputable supplier to buy a driver fatigue monitor.

  • If you are looking for retail, you can search online stores. These stores offer high-quality driver fatigue monitoring systems with the lowest price on the market.
  • In case you need a wholesale driver fatigue monitoring system, you can search for the manufacturer in China. These places offer high quality at the lowest price.

The system consists of an embedded camera, image processing system, motion detection algorithm, and host computer.

The drivers of professional vehicles like bus drivers, truck drivers, security guards in parking lots and inside buildings, and taxi drivers anywhere will appreciate this valuable service and find it easy to use with its flexible mounting options.

4.    What are the accessories of the driver fatigue monitor?

Driver fatigue monitor is mainly composed of the display and control unit, an embedded camera, a distance sensor, a speed sensor, a driving data recorder, and an LED display.

The whole product is compact in size and lightweight, wear-resistant, and easy to install.

It can be applied to all kinds of cars, trucks, buses, ships, and other vehicles when distracting drivers or if the car is in an emergency.

It adopts advanced technology—human sensor + video surveillance camera as detecting methods.

With its assistance, the driver can obtain an accurate picture to judge whether he is overtired or not while driving to avoid causing traffic accidents and serious consequences.

The system provides adequate protection for both drivers’ health and lives.

5.    Does Driver Fatigue Monitor Provide real-time protection?

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Driver Fatigue Monitor (DFM) assesses the risk of drowsy or distracted driving in real-time.

It works by analyzing video from cameras on the road for vehicle tracks with abnormal change in lane position, speed, acceleration/deceleration, and stopping.

The system’s camera units employ sensors that can accurately detect lane deviations that lead to accidents.

When Driver Fatigue Monitor detects such abnormal behavior in real-time through advanced image processing technology, it sends various alerts to drivers to take necessary action.

Besides, drivers’ driving data is transmitted continuously using roadside antennas to a remote database where service operators can observe the situation every second digitally.

Each sensor sends information via Bluetooth to a dongle plugged into your in-car dashboard port.

This special dongle is equipped with a Bluetooth transmitter chip that sends data to your smartphone or PDA device so you can benefit from real-time monitoring.

6.    How Driver Fatigue Monitor identifies drivers?

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The Driver Fatigue Monitor identifies drivers who are fatigued by measuring the subtle movements of the eyes.

As a driver becomes drowsy, their head will nod, and their eyes will blink rapidly; these movements of the head are picked up by a highly sophisticated infrared camera, within our range of Driver Fatigue Monitors.

Driver Fatigue Monitor is designed to identify the driver who drives heavily or violates the traffic rules.

It will count driver hours in a day and ensure the driver can go back to his hotel in time within the law’s allowed duty time.

It assists authorities in determining whether driver fatigue is a factor in road accidents.

7.    What is the benefit of a Driver Fatigue Monitor?

The Driver Fatigue Monitoring System is a safe and economical solution to tired, fatigued, or distracted drivers.

Road operators allow for improved vehicle utilization by reducing unnecessary vehicle downtime and related costs for drivers who are affected by sleepiness or fatigue.

For drivers, it provides an early warning of their state of alertness.

This allows them to take action before reaching the point where they have lost control of their vehicle.

For families, friends, transport companies, and fleet managers, this product provides peace of mind and the ability to monitor road operators’ driving behavior on a 24-hour basis.

A real-time signal can be sent to the driver if drowsiness is detected or to the traffic management system to warn other drivers on the road of an impaired driver.

driver fatigue monitor faqs

8.    Does Driver Fatigue Monitor provide digital recording?

Yes, the Driver Fatigue Monitor provides digital recording. The unit records onto a memory stick inserted in the recorder.

The memory stick will then be connected to a pc for viewing purposes. Also, the device can store video and voice if configured correctly.

The sensors monitor and record information to a digital display, which can then be presented to management for further analysis.

Driver Fatigue Monitor provides accurate digital recording.

The free DFM Dashboard App allows you to record video and audio on your phone or tablet.

Use it anywhere you drive. Playback is easy to access on any mobile device. With a single tap of your finger, you can save and report the results to anyone you want.

9.    What are the best Driver Fatigue Monitor systems?

An ideal driver fatigue monitoring system has proven effective for those who undergo various times of fatigue.

All the driver fatigue monitor systems are already integrated with the features of either video recording or audio recording.

The primary factor in choosing the best driver fatigue monitor system is how effectively it can alert your driver to prevent accidents and other driving issues.

Some of the best Driver Fatigue Monitors available in the market are listed below:

  • Early warning alarming monitor
  • Driver status monitor for truck waterproof, shockproof all-metal shell
  • Factories Day and night anti-sleep alarm
  • Truck Bus Fatigue Alarm Face Detection
  • Driver Fatigue Monitor for commercial truck
  • Wholesale anti-fatigue driving warning face detection
  • Good highway transport Logistic safety driver

10.  What are the features of the Driver Fatigue Monitor system?

When driving, infrared-lighted cameras continuously capture the driver’s face pattern at a very high frame rate.

The Driver Fatigue Monitor unit is designed to withstand the harshest of highway conditions. It has been thoroughly field-tested and proven effective

Then, two CG systems (Computer Graphic Systems) employ the pattern recognition and processing technology to extract the following fatigue indexes: Horizontal eye movement (HEM), Eyeblink frequency (EBF), and Face pattern variation (FPV).

The monitoring system keeps track of the driver’s involuntary body signals, including heart rate, blood pressure, and eye movement; it also takes note of driving situational data, such as vehicle speeds and accelerator-pedal activities.

It detects if the driver is tired and then alerts him by phone or SMS. It also automatically sends out an emergency alarm containing real-time location information if a drowsy state persists more extended than the set duration.

11.  Is WIFI required for the operation of the Driver Fatigue Monitor?

The WIFI is a standard requirement for the Driver Fatigue Monitor. The system is activated when you sign in to your account provided by our company.

The device page, once activated, will also provide you with a link to access the service online.

The system monitors your attention by using a camera on the windshield connected to a WIFI router in your car that measures your speed.

WIFI enables real-time protection, and the recorded video is stored in cloud storage. Anyone who has a registered account can access the cloud and view detail digital recording anytime.

12.  What is the life of the Driver Fatigue Monitor?

The driver fatigue monitoring device’s life is approximately 12 months (or 3000 hours) of continuous use before the battery needs to be replaced.

Once the battery’s replaced, you can again use it for one year seamlessly.

Most of the manufacturers and suppliers of Driver Fatigue Monitor provide a one-year warranty.

If you keep it with great care, then it can work as long as you want.

13.  How to install a driver fatigue monitor?

Connect the power adapter to the socket in the car and connect the other end of the cable to the laptop’s power supply socket.

Turn on the electrical system switch. Sometimes, your car battery doesn’t have electricity after you turned your car off. So, make sure you turn the electrical system switch on after turning off the ignition.

Connect the red and black wires from the power source in your car to the appropriate terminals on the battery.

Other signal lines, please connect to related equipment as directed by the manual.

Connect the four-pin cable to the vehicle and ensure the battery switch is kept on.

Following these steps, you will successfully install a driver fatigue monitor system.

14.  What is the best location to place a Driver Fatigue Monitor?

driver fatigue monitor range

A Driver Fatigue Monitor may be placed in a variety of locations. Drivers tend to look most at the road, which means putting it on the windshield.

However, this does not help with driver-side drowsiness.

Placing it on the dashboard is another popular option because it does eyesight distractions, such as looking at GPS or radio dials and test drivers to make sure they are paying attention.

The best location for a Driver Fatigue Monitor is at the driver’s eye level. The Driver Fatigue Monitor allows for maximum driver safety when driving long hours on the road.

We recommend placing the monitor up high where the driver can only look at it in short bursts to focus their attention on the road.

15.  Does driver fatigue monitoring keep the driver alert?

driver fatigue monitor faqs 7

Driver fatigue is a danger that often goes unnoticed. The Driver Fatigue Monitoring System is designed to keep drivers alert on long journeys.

This driver drowsiness detection system is a monitoring device that can detect fatigue on vehicular drivers, which in turn helps them wake up.

Driver Fatigue monitoring system uses cameras to monitor driver alertness by tracking facial movements, eye position, and head position of drivers.

If the system detects the driver’s facial movement or eye positions’ unusual phenomena, the system will immediately notify the driver and automatically brakes the vehicle.

So, yes, the driver fatigue monitor keeps the driver alert throughout the journey and helps prevent life.

16.  Does the driver fatigue monitor recognize the face of the driver?

Driver fatigue monitor detects fatigue in drivers using face recognition and a driver alertness detection technology.

It will closely monitor the driver’s state, such as drowsiness and lack of attentiveness.

The main feature is that our fatigue monitor can recognize the driver by his features, just like the human face recognition technology.

The driver fatigue monitoring system is designed to determine whether the driver’s drowsiness level exceeds a predetermined value. If necessary, a warning is transmitted to alert the driver.

17.    Does the Driver fatigue monitoring system contribute to safety?

Driver fatigue monitoring system does contribute to safety. Driver alertness is an essential factor in safe driving.

According to the US department of transportation, every year, drowsiness accounts for 1/3 of all road accidents and 10% of fatal accidents.

Therefore, we must be provided with means to ensure that drivers are alert when behind the wheel.

The driver fatigue monitoring system is designed to help fight exhaustion and fatigue of long-distance drivers by monitoring their concentration levels during driving periods, informing them when they are becoming tired or sleepy, and thus prevent possible accidents.

18.    How driver fatigue monitoring system save lives?

A driver fatigue monitoring system is an alertness detecting device invented to reduce the number of road accidents associated with tired drivers.

The data obtained from this study revealed a 54.75% chance that when a drowsy driver is driving through a dangerous curve, he/she will become as alert as someone who didn’t know about the upcoming difficult angle place their vehicle in a wrong direction.

Also, the drivers who don’t take breaks and work for more than 8 hours are drowsier than those who take breaks intermittently throughout the day.

This system plays a vital role in keeping drivers alert, thus preventing accidents and leading to life safety.

19.  What are the disadvantages of not using a driver fatigue monitor?

Driver fatigue is a significant problem that can lead to injuries and fatalities on the road.

Whether one stays on the road longer than necessary or stops far away from home, one has to make an effort to overcome the lack of concentration on the road, which could be caused by sleep deprivation or being drowsy during driving.

The cost of not using a driver fatigue monitor is estimated to be around $13 to $15 billion per year in related costs and risks.

On average, there are around 100,000 crashes every year resulting from fatigued drivers. These are the direct and indirect costs of a drowsy driver, which one faces not using a driver fatigue monitor.

20.  How Driver fatigue monitor keeps away drowsiness?

Driver fatigue monitoring system.

It alerts you when you are not alert to keep you on the safe side.

It analysis the reason for drowsiness and reduces it to avoid road accidents.

The driver fatigue monitor detects driver drowsiness by monitoring the driver’s facial features near HD cameras and provides turning visuals. It also checks the accessories on driving devices like glasses, beep sounds, and other indicators to alert drowsiness drivers.

Road safety relies on drivers to be alert and to appropriately respond to stressors that occur while driving.

Highway crashes cause loss of life and severe physical harm each year around the globe.

The driver’s audio device and visual monitoring apparatus are integrated to provide sufficient information for drivers to keep them healthy before driving.

The whole system is reflected human body functions and appearance characteristics.

The fatigued warning system’s technology is mainly divided into some parts, including an intelligent sensor unit, recording apparatus, and terminal, which work together to keep away drowsy.

21.    Is there any guarantee of the Driver Fatigue Monitoring System?

Yes, there is a guarantee of the Driver Fatigue Monitoring System. The warranty varies from manufacturers or suppliers.

Some manufacturers or suppliers provide a warranty mostly of one year while others may be two or three years.

The amount of time given as a guarantee indicates the quality and durability it provides.

It is recommended while purchasing, and you must select a device from a manufacturer that provides you with more guarantees.

This system uses a hi-tech camera to capture images of driver drowsiness. It sends the instructions to the driver, and he will act accordingly to avoid intoxicated driving.

The system can help not only the drivers but also provides evidence to be used in legal actions.

The system is designed to be fully integrated into the vehicle’s existing CAN-based microcontroller. It will provide a suitable alternative or augment existing solutions to fit the device with low power consumption.

22.  What is the purpose of the Driver Fatigue Monitor?

driver fatigue monitor faqs 1

Driver Fatigue Monitor’s purpose is to manage driver drowsiness while driving, which will help keep road accidents away.

Driver Fatigue Monitor can monitor driver drowsiness when watching the road using sunglasses with the infrared sensor inside; the sunglasses will record the driver’s face or eye movement.

The recording video cannot be other people’s detecting, and the recorded data will be transferred to a PC via USB cable.

There are different items for monitoring driver fatigue when driving: Driver Fatigue Monitoring System, Sunglass (with driver fatigue detection), Infrared camera, GPS tracking primary system, and so on.

The Driver Fatigue Monitor will be used in automobiles, trucks, and trains. This monitor alerts the driver – via their eyeglass display – to keep awake and alert to prevent a road catastrophe.

23.  Does Driver Fatigue Monitor record footage?

Yes, Driver Fatigue Monitor records footage in real-time. This determines that there is a visual record that helps in the confirmation of the alert.

This footage is stored in real-time on cloud storage. Anyone with specific permission to access the cloud can see the digital record anytime.

It remains safe online without any fear of deletion.

It also helps authorities to keep an eye on the driver’s performance. If there is a need to take action, it helps them either with training a specific driver.

Driver Fatigue Monitor records the driver’s face and whether or not the person is alert.

A red light means he/she is becoming fatigued; yellow means fatigue is occurring; a green represents the driver is vigilant.

Driver Fatigue Monitor monitors the driver’s gaze behavior and the Doppler frequency shift of a seat belt sensor over time.

It then determines whether he is fatigued by comparing his behavior with that of a driver experiencing no fatigue.

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