AI touch screen monitor QH-TF010T4


Product overview

  • 10.1-Four-BSD-multimedia-MP5-voice-sound-light alarm
  • BSD two-way, four-way truck blind area early warning system
  • multimedia monitoring machine By installing in the body / external 2-4 wide-angle camera
  • in the song can collect images around the image
  • real-time transmission to the all-in-one machine
  • the pedestrian warning by reminding car outside pedestrians at the same time with the help of this system can remind the drivers and pedestrians at the same time,
  • active safety warning can also intuitively see the obstacles around the vehicle and pedestrians,
  • effectively reduce scraping, collision, fall, etc.
  • This product can record all the driving pictures to avoid "scraping porcelain" disputes.


Product composition list


Product Parameter



Function Introduction

Performance index


Operating language

Simplified/English/Traditional/Multi language (optional)

Operation interface

Graphical menu operations

Operation mode

Keys/Touch (optional)

Video input

Video input

2/4-way AHD high-definition video input 720P (default)/1080P/720N/1080N

5-way AHD high-definition video input 720P (default) - USB 720P front camera

Recording method

Default boot recording, no seconds missed, 30 seconds no operation, automatically return to the recording interface to perform recording

Recording format

2K, TS, 4-way video saved separately, front, back, left, right, park, 5-way side

video display

real-time display

10.1 High definition IPS screen, 1024 * 600;


10.36 high-definition IPS screen, 1600 * 720

video display

Multi view display mode/split screen mode

Local playback

Play locally, view at any time, or select the playback button

Display protection

Can be set to 1 minute/5 minutes/off

Trigger display

Trigger display

Automatically switch to the corresponding camera's large screen perspective

Record storage

SD card

Class10 U1 or above, minimum 64GB, maximum support 256GB



Support microphone recording, menu can be set to off

Voice control

Supports voice control with multiple voice commands (note: external noise may affect the voice control effect)


Power input

Working voltage 24V, with power protection circuits for vehicle level surges, overloads, overvoltage, undervoltage, short circuits, etc., suitable for various vehicle power environments

Engine detection

ACC detection line

Overall power consumption

Engine detection

ACC detection line

2/4 channel recording

Less than 10W (screen display, 2/4 cameras recording)

working temperature

-20~65 degrees


Heat dissipation method

Passive heat dissipation

Reverse line

Manually adjustable calibration

Video duration

Video recording duration can be set

Channel trigger delay

Turn signal delay can be set

Image mirroring/flipping

Four screens support mirrored display, flip display, and menu settings

Plate set


time setting


Parking monitor

set turn off 1/2/5/10 hours

GUI style

Multimedia/concise mode options

Active safety warning system

Pedestrian detection

Front (switch), rear (switch, reverse trigger switch)

Left (switch, left turn trigger switch)

Right (switch, right turn trigger switch)

Pedestrian detection alarm

Off, 2 seconds, 4 seconds, 6 seconds optional

AI intelligent oil theft prevention

Off, left or right options

audible and visual alarm

Alarm 1: Front, rear, left, right, and 4-channel options

Alarm 2: Front, rear, left, right, and 4-channel options


SD card specification requirements


The quality of SD card has a great impact on the stability of video. In order to record video safely, please choose big brands such as Sandcard, Kingston, Toshiba and Samsung. Speed certification should reach at least Class10 / U1


The wiring instructions

The details are given as follows:




Interface Description


2-4 cameras

Connect the camera according to the number on the line; CH1 (front);
CH2 (rear); CH3 (left); CH4 (right);


3 trigger cable

Connect a trigger signal source of 10~36V, such as reverse/turn signal lights


Power cable

ACC/B+/GND; With fuse;


Sound alarm speaker



4PIN terminal

Connected to the motherboard power supply and sound and light IO


Camera installation


Left and right side camera:


1、Position the drill hole, find the appropriate installation position under the rearview mirror or horizontal bar, mark it with a pen and drill the
Two roads, four roads Truck blind area early warning system, multimedia monitoring machine right sized screw hole.


2.Remove mounting pieces and reverse.

3. Install under the rearview mirror or crossbar and tighten the component screws.

4. Install under the rearview mirror or crossbar and tighten the component screws.

Interface description

1、Video main interface

7inch / 10.1 inch


10.1 inch

As shown in the picture above, four-way camera images will be displayed on the main page. When an SD card is inserted, the system automatically enters the video mode. When the recording, the red dot will flash. After opening the pedestrian detection, you can choose different channels for pedestrians, blind area detection and alarm, remind the driver in the car, and remind the layman of the car at the same time.


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