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QH-ME360-K2H is a 360-degree panoramic image + active safety driving assistance system developed for the blind area of large vehicles.

The product integrates AI visual blind area detection, CAN communication, vehicle speed sensor,16 Radar probe, external sound and light alarm, blind spot indicator light + buzzer + voice broadcast function, through its own algorithm, realize panoramic image (360) + blind spot detection (BSD) + lane change assistance (LCA)function to realize the active driving safety assistance system with 360-degree and no dead angle for large vehicles.


Product Features


  • The 360-degree panoramic image specially developed for trucks and special vehicles, its own 360-degree mosaic algorithm for large vehicles, small size, highly integrated, wide temperature design, and the working temperature can reach -20~70 degrees.

  • The product conforms to the ISO-7637 standard, conforms to the vehicle power supply specification, DC12-36V wide voltage design, anti-reverse connection design, enhanced TVS+ESD design, and the main power supply has farad capacitors to ensure illegal disconnection Electric video recording reliability.

  • The product supports multiple video outputs, including CVBS/VGA/HDMI/AHD.

  • The product supports ultrasonic radar with 16 probes in four directions, combined with the vehicle speed sensor, its own algorithm, real-time communication with 360° panoramic view, combined with the panoramic interface, the radar information is intuitively displayed on the 360 cars. On the module, it supports enhanced blind spot (BSD) detection on the right side, supports lane change assist (LCA) function, and the linkage of radar and sound and light alarm to realize blind spot alarm function.

  • The product supports the AI vision algorithm of 4-way blind spot detection, which can realize the recognition of pedestrians and motor vehicles in four directions of the car body. The sound and light alarm outside the car warns pedestrians and large cars not to approach the blind spot. Horn + blind spot indicator light to remind the driver that there are pedestrians or motor vehicles beside him, please drive carefully.

  • The product supports CAN communication function, supports communication between original vehicle data and 360-degree panoramic host, and realizes original vehicle information such as IO control, touch, steering wheel angle, vehicle speed, and radar.

  • Product support Our intelligent voice control system specially developed for the 360-degree panoramic image system of the cart can control the 360-degree panoramic image through voice to ensure driving safety.

  • The product supports its own algorithm. Through the sensor in the host, the 360-degree panoramic image can realize automatic viewing angle switching according to the application scene.

  • The product supports the fire-off defense function. Through the defense switch, this function can be turned on at any time. After the function is turned on, the whole car radar will start the protection at a distance of 0.35 meters. When someone or an object approach, the buzzer in the car will sound, The device and the sound and light alarm outside the car can give early warning at the same time, so as to realize the functions of anti-stealing oil and goods, RV security and other functions.

  • The product has two storage designs, supports SD card + 2.5-inch hard disk storage, small size, low power consumption, super shock resistance.

  • The product supports electronic rearview mirror product mode, and the unique dual AHD output function can display 360 images on two screens at the same time.

  • Cooperate with our company's production and vehicle-specific display, Android car machine, can realize touch control high-definition display function.


Product Specifications





Product number:





Electrical parameters


Product power consumption


The power consumption of the whole machine is 10-30W and the working voltage is DC12-36V.


power protection


It has anti-surge function, anti-reverse function, low power protection, short circuit and overload protection.







Video output interface

AHD video output【Optional】

Support, standard GX12-4P female, two-way AHD25_720P/1080P output (360 panoramic screen, can be connected to standard machine, MDVR).


CVBS video output

Support, standard GX12-4P aircraft carrier head, support PAL/NTSC system.



VGA video output


Support, standard DB15 female, built-in DC12V regulated power supply, serial port communication function; optional our company's screen, no additional power supply, more convenient




HDMI video output


Support, dedicated HDMI interface output, built-in DC12V regulated power supply, serial port communication function; optional our company's screen, no additional power supply,


more convenient installation.


Video input interface

AHD video input

8-way 1080P_AHD camera input, standard GX12-4P aviation male connector, DC12V regulated power supply.






AI blind spot warning function




AI visual warning function


360-degree surround view system, built-in AI vision algorithm, supports 360-degree blind spot detection function of the whole vehicle: the system passes through the cab monitor(visual)


+Blind zone (BSD_LED) indicator light(light)+Intelligent voice broadcast speaker(sound), provide the driver with the three-in-one reminder function of [image + light + sound], and simultaneously control the Sound and light siren Remind pedestrians or non-motor vehicles entering the blind spot, and improve driving safety in all directions.










ultrasonic radar


Radar host [optional]




Radar early warning function

The product supports ultrasonic radar with 16 probes in four directions, combined with vehicle speed sensor, own algorithm, real-time communication with 360 panoramas, combined in the panorama interface, radar information is intuitively displayed on the 360-car model, and supports enhanced right blind spot (BSD) detection, Support the Lane Change Assist (LCA) function, the radar and the sound and light alarm are linked to realize the blind spot alarm function.


Radar host


A single set of radar host comes standard with 4 special radar probes for large vehicles, 4 probe extension lines of 2.5-5 meters, and 1 communication line with the 360   host.


Detection distance


The detection distance in four directions is 2.5 meters, and when the fire is turned off, the detection distance is 0.3 meters.


Power parameters


Power supply voltage DC12-33V, maximum power consumption 0.2W.


waterproof level


The waterproof rating of the whole machine is IP67.


radar function

It is used for functions such as vehicle blind spot (BSD) + lane change assistance (LCA) + parking assistance, combined with the company's own algorithms and protocols, to achieve various complex scene applications.




radar interface

The GX12-6P aviation male connector can be converted into 4 GX12-4P female connectors through one-to-two-wire conversion, supporting 4 directions, 1 host plus 4 probes in each direction, and a total of 16 probes are supported.



CAN communication function


Functions and Features


High-speed CAN bus transceiver, conforms to ISO11898 standard, low power consumption management, wake-up on network function.


storage function

2.5" HDD storage

Support 2.5-inch HDD or SSD storage with SATA interface. Capacity 128G-2TB.


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