Oil Tanker System Solution

If happen:
1. Oil uses up quickly?
2. Oil becomes water?
3. Driver occurs emergent matter?
4. Where is oil?

1. The MDVR can combine with oil sensor to calculate.
2. MDVR connect with oil sensor to check.
3. Driver can press alarm button and intercom with center management office.
4. Oil sensor can solve know how has been used,where.
5.The whole mobile DVR system can be divided into vehicle monitoring systems part, information transfer part, and control platform part.
The first part includes MDVR, surveillance cameras, digital radio speaker, LCD display, GPS, 3G /4G module, fuel sensor, fatigue driving sensor,
temperature sensor and emergency button etc., Information transfer communication part include the mobile information delivery and Ethernet / LAN network.
6. The system includes monitoring software, video walls, user management, streaming media, database, storage servers and other group service.

7. MDVR system it’s a wireless remote monitor control system support external sensor alarm. It is not only a combination of internet and MDVR
but also an combination technology of practical, reliability, security, flexibility, high efficiency and stability.

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