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QOHO AI Mobile DVR is an Excellent Device for Utmost Vehicle Security


In recent years, improved analog high-definition technology has narrowed the quality gap between analog and high-definition technologies. AI Mobile DVR-based surveillance approaches may wind up being economical. What are the trade-offs? To address this problem, each element of an AI Mobile DVR system must be deconstructed. In order for an AI Mobile DVR system to work effectively, the cameras must be analog surveillance cameras, often known as CCTV cameras. The camera is where the majority of the cost reductions come from when employing an AI Mobile DVR system.


Although you can combine two lenses in your car security system, AI Mobile DVR only supports a limited number of sensors. To evaluate the images, the analog sensors in an AI Mobile DVR framework deliver an analog video signal to the DVR. In comparison to an NVR system, this system requires less sophistication from the camera.


Customization of the AI Mobile DVR is possible!


AI Mobile DVR lenses and installation options are less versatile than NVR cameras in security systems. The structure that is often based on AI Mobile DVR technology can only use wired surveillance cameras, whereas NVR-based alternatives can use both wired and wireless surveillance cameras.

QOHO: Your Reliable Mobile NVR Manufacturer in China


QOHO Mobile NVR includes Hybrid Mobile NVR that AHD 1080P + IPC 1080P MNVR, the device can also work with 8ch to 16ch IPC Mobile NVR as customized.


QOHO is one of the Professional Mobile NVR manufacturers in China and cares for your safe driving for 16 Years.


Aside from that, QOHO Mobile NVR passed the EN50155 Railway Anti-vibration certificate & IEC62638 standard.


Mobile NVR case, PCB inside, and all materials have been designed and made by QOHO, so our company can provide a competitive price for you.


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QOHO is a Top-notch Manufacturer of AI Mobile DVR in China!


Our AI mobile DVR records everything that happens in and around your crash vehicle. It can be outfitted with several vehicle cameras that capture in response to events such as engine operation, GPS, vehicle movement, and even g-force impact.


Different cameras perspectives, especially back-side cameras, boost attention in your working area and reduce the likelihood of an injury. Fleet monitoring allows you to improve company security while lowering liability.


For over 16 years, QOHO has established itself as one of the most dependable companies offering the best AI Mobile DVR for any automotive application.


AI Mobile DVR – Frequently Asked Questions



Before we go into the frequently asked questions about an AI Mobile DVR is, allow us first provide you an in-depth understanding of the term AI so you can keep up with additional important data. Artificial intelligence or (AI) is the use of data and techniques to mimic human judgment and intellectual abilities. Programs are used in financial institutions, information & communication technology (ICT), commerce, healthcare, bioscience, manufacturing & production, automobiles, petroleum & gas, and pharmaceuticals to help their processes learn and solve issues alone.


This article will tackle some of the most asked topics about an AI Mobile DVR for clients to have a better understanding of the product before making a purchase.


Table of Contents

  • What is an AI Mobile DVR?
  • What are the technologies that can be incorporated with an AI Mobile DVR?
  • How does the DMS work with AI Mobile DVR?
  • How do ADAS function with AI Mobile DVR?
  • What are the basic Warning Signals of an ADAS feature of an AI Mobile DVR?
  • What are the driving behaviors that trigger the DMS feature of an AI Mobile DVR?
  • How does the AI Mobile DVR help in Fleet Management?
  • What is a CMS Platform for an AI Mobile DVR?
  • What is the function of G-sensor in an AI Mobile DVR?
  • What is the 4G Live feature of an AI Mobile DVR?


What is an AI Mobile DVR?



Since numerous individuals are now traveling, going to drive on a highway with too many cars is becoming extremely challenging. Individual driving attitude, as we all understand, differs; regardless if we are performing safe driving, other road users really aren’t.


Here is where an AI Mobile DVR can help. Facial recognition is included in an AI Mobile DVR and can be combined with other solutions to aid motorists.


The AI Mobile DVR includes drowsy and irresponsible driving alerts, which help to reduce fatal accidents and save lives. Meanwhile, the AI Mobile DVR uploads photographs or videos of potentially dangerous events to the web via the AI Mobile DVR system’s 4G/3G or WIFI connection.


While lowering the proportion of road collisions, the manager can acknowledge their workers’ driving behavior based on the warning data collected, continue to work to enhance the fleet’s execution efficiency, lowering the insurance company’s assertion rate, and alleviate a few of the government sector divisions’ concerns.


What are the technologies that can be incorporated with an AI Mobile DVR?


In order to completely assist the driver to practice safe driving behavior, there are 4 basic technologies that can be associated with an AI Mobile DVR. These are the following:

  • Advanced Driver Assistance System or ADAS
  • Driver Monitor System or DMS
  • Blind-Spot Detection or BSD
  • CMS Platform

An AI Mobile DVR can operate by itself with the help of a few car sensors, but if you like being completely secure, these technologies or gadgets you should think about integrating into your car security system. These are the greatest technologies for optimal driving assistance.


How does the DMS work with AI Mobile DVR?



The Driver Fatigue Monitoring System or DMS is an advanced system built on a detector or camera that does not only distinguishes the motorist but also evaluates his or her level of attentiveness. The Driver Fatigue Monitoring system’s main goal is to give an alert to the drivers when signs of exhaustion or disruption are perceived.


Additional claims for the device, such as motorist or driver documentation and command via the eyes, are also conceivable. These innovations will improve safety and make the next wave of motorist assistance features simpler to use.


The system examines driver head angles, gestures, and eye movement using distinct sensors and emits a notification that is evaluated by specialized software to produce different management information.


The results take into account tiredness, physiological stress level, gesture assessment, car driver behavior, and other relevant aspects.


The Driver Monitor System is an advanced system that sends notifications to help avoid mishaps and deaths prompted by driver tiredness.


How do ADAS function with AI Mobile DVR?


ADAS or Advanced Driver Assistance System is a methodological device in automobiles that utilize complex technology to support and assist the driver. The device senses the vehicle environments using beams in the car such as camera and radar systems, and it then directs info to the motorist or takes autonomous action based on what it determines.


What are the basic Warning Signals of an ADAS feature of an AI Mobile DVR?



  • Forward collision warning, or FCW – this checks the vehicle’s speed and also the velocity of the preceding vehicle, and even the empty region around the vehicle. If the automobile gets too close to the vehicle in front of it, the FCW detector will alert the motorist of a possible collision. FCW systems now only communicate an audio warning signal to the driver, a visual alert sign, or another danger alert, and do not manage the vehicle itself.
  • Pedestrian Crossing Warning or PCW – Once the car detects a junction or a pedestrian nearby the highway who may cross, the PCW sensor will issue an auditory alert to the operator to slow down or keep a close eye on the pedestrian on the highway.
  • Lane Departure Warning (LDW) – Whenever a vehicle enters a traffic lane without using its signal lights, the lane departure warning system (LDW) alerts the driver. An LDW detector uses cameras to monitor road markers to determine if an automobile is carelessly swerving to another lane. This gadget does not take the operation of the vehicle to help in swinging it back towards its initial position but rather informs the driver with audio or visual notification.
  • Traffic Sign Recognition (TSR) – Employing picture recognition techniques, the gadget can recognize standard road signs such as a Stoplight or a NO-TURN sign. The method categorizes the significance of the sign by using the shape of the signs, such as geometric shapes, and also the colors of the signs.

What are the driving behaviors that trigger the DMS feature of an AI Mobile DVR?



To guarantee secure driving habits, the Driver Monitor System provides six fundamental warnings, which are as follows:

Fatigue Driving Alert – Using AI face recognition features, the DMS can assess the driver’s fatigue. If the DMS senses that the motorist is tired based on the expression of his or her face, an auditory warning will be issued.


Driver Yawning Warning – If the DMS senses yawning from the driver, it will issue an audible caution to the motorist to pause and rest for a short period of time.


Driving is Smoking Alarm — An AI-based DMS can identify if or not the driver is smoking and will deliver an aural alert to the motorist if this is the situation.


Using a Phone Alarm – Holding a phone when driving is a risky practice. Whenever the DMS recognizes that the motorist is holding a phone while operating, it issues an auditory warning to guarantee that the motorist concentrates on driving.


Driver does not recognize — When the driver is out of the detect area the DMS feature of an AI Mobile DVR transmits an audible alert for the driver to get back on the seat and drive properly.


Distracted Driving Alert – A distraction is described as anything that diverts your focus away from driving. Distraction includes using a GPS device, speaking with other passengers, and eating food while traveling. Any of these diversions has the possibility to put you, your other passenger, and other drivers on the road in danger. When distracted driving is recognized, the DMS will present the motorist with an audible warning.


How does the AI Mobile DVR help in Fleet Management?



The AI Mobile DVR uses various techniques to assist drivers on the road. This is really helpful especially to the transportation industry or vehicle fleets. Since fleet management is somehow a difficult task when overseeing 2 or more vehicles, installing an AI Mobile DVR to each vehicle is crucial, here is why;

  • An AI Mobile DVR can be combined with technologies such as ADAS, which can be extremely beneficial in preventing road accidents that cost the organization money.
  • Once the vehicle is installed with an AI Mobile DVR, the fleet managers can monitor and track all their vehicles in real-time using a platform.
  • For vehicles used for transportation of goods, frequent long travels may lead to driver fatigue. With the DMS feature on an AI Mobile DVR, the accidents caused by fatigued driving may reduce.
  • The vehicles installed with AI Mobile DVR send results of each driver’s driver behavior to the platform and can be utilized by the fleet manager to evaluate all of their drivers to discover who needs to be warned.

What is a CMS Platform for an AI Mobile DVR?



The Central Management System, or CMS Platform, is a system or software that virtualizes video data and saves it on a storage device or other comparable storage medium.


A CMS platform is an advanced tool that allows logistics companies or car owners to record video from their vehicles. Also, with help of this platform, users can easily track, locate, and send messages to the entire fleet. Managers can also access and view video recordings on any handheld device using the CMS Platform.


Users can observe and playback footage from car cameras on the display unit, the web, or their local network using the CMS platform.



What is the 4G Live feature of an AI Mobile DVR?


4G Live AI Mobile DVR is built with sophisticated video equipment that is competitively implemented.


It is a device that can capture images on one or even more feeds and present actual video and identify movement.


Because of its high-definition digital display, the 4G Live AI Mobile DVR produces clear interior and exterior video images. Users can attach to the AI Mobile DVR using an Ethernet port or wirelessly.


The 4G AI Mobile DVR is the next stage in crime control organizations’ fight against crime. With these new technological advancements, police agencies are being outfitted with the most up-to-date equipment for public security, thanks to 4G connection, 4G can transform every smartphone into a recorder that can capture almost anything.


With higher quality and improved efficiency, 4G Live AI Mobile DVR target the motion sensor feature in the following wave networking.


4G Live AI Mobile DVR provides the power and assurance of an elevated surveillance system in a user-friendly, DIY package.


It captures and plays back footage from nearly any gadget with an HDMI interface at a quality comparable to or higher than AI Mobile DVR, which costs 5 times as much.


What is the function of G-sensor in an AI Mobile DVR?



The G-sensor’s role is to measure the vehicle’s own speed. The AI Mobile DVR is outfitted with a number of distinct G-sensor movement detection techniques. These enable the system to detect and react to variations in the vehicle’s mobility caused by an accident or collision. 


These AI Mobile DVR G-sensor methods initiate automatic filming pauses and resumes, and other core operations. The sensor’s function is to measure the shock’s velocity and G-force. Afterward when, it can tell which tremors are caused by striking an obstruction, moving, speeding, or receding.


Just the latter will be documented as proof in the surveillance video. When somebody is accountable for losses, it is useful to assess blame. The AI Mobile DVR G-sensor is also utilized to define the detection region for proof gathering. The AI Mobile DVR G-sensor, sometimes known as a gravitational sensor or magnetic sensor, is hardware found within some mobile video recorders. Whenever the velocity level of an item changes abruptly and suddenly, the AI Mobile DVR G-sensor activates a variety of functionalities on your actual video file, such as motion detection, full-screen video recording, and still photography. AI Mobile DVR G-sensors are frequently employed as picture stabilizers or image balancers to provide consumers with clear video recordings in a variety of settings.


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