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7inch Quad Monitor with 128GB SD slot,Radar system and Rear view camera system




  1. When the car is reversing, the obstacle behind the probe car is automatically opened and switched.
  2. Crescent LED heartbeat progressive display function, left and right collision, digital, voice prompts.
  3. Microcomputer intelligent control, accurate number for distance of obstacles. military technology, accurate and reliable.
  4. Voice prompt with LED high brightness distance display, not affected by the environment, superior at night or in rainy days.
  5. Anti electromagnetic interference, patent technology, international certification, quality assurance.
  6. It has no effect on the original electronic system.
  7. The probe is installed in an embedded way, and the inductor is exquisite and compact, and the installation is convenient.
  8. 4x720p cameras provide real-time reverse monitoring.
  9. The 9.5inch 720p display displays the camera screen and the screen is optional.
  10. The OSD menu is clear and multilingual.




Product Name QOHO Voice Visual Reverse Radar System
Model QH-RS724
Detection Distance Behind the car:0.3-2.5m
Working Voltage DC12V±2V
Working Current 200mA±50mA
Maximum Power 3.5W
Ultrasonic Frequency 40kHz
Detection angle H > 80° V > 70°
Working Temperature -30℃—- +80℃
Warning volume > 70DB
Accessaries Name Quantity Function
Mainframe 1 Connect 4 radar probes
9.5 inch 720p rear view LCD monitor 1 Display four camera screen
LED distance display 1 Broadcast distance,Heartbeat progressive display of left and right collision
Radar Probes 4 Induced obstacle distance and ranging
Power supply, signal plug line 1 Power supply
22mm special opener 1 Drilling, embedded mounting probe
720P cameras 4 Monitoring and shooting reversing pictures
Remote controler 1 Remote display screen
alarm methods
subsection distance from obstacles Distance display Warning sound color
1 >2.5m . silent No color
2 2.5-1.6m 2.5-1.6 silent Green
3 1.5-1.0m 1.5-1.0 voice warning of distance Green
4 0.9-0.5m 0.9-0.5 voice warning of distance Yellow
5 ≤0.4m 0.0-0.4 stop the car Red


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