4CH 1080P Three SD card AI Mobile DVR




  • High-Level SOC: Novatek NT98321, Built-in the NPU algorithm ability. can extend to add AI algorithms such as DMS\ADAS\BSD, driver’s face recognition, camera-Cover alarm, and leftover detection.
  • Support Three memory cards slot, including Two SD cards, one TF card slot, Single card that supports up to 512GB.
  • Powerful GPS function, which can meet and above the functions required of the traditional GPS tracker.
  • Support GLP server.
  • Easy assemble and replace. Achieve Three types of upgrades: GPS+4G function, GPS+4G+2CH video, GPS+4G+4CH video under only replace the cables and upgrade different versions of software with no need to disassemble the MDVR machine.
  • Support different UPS capacities to support delayed shutdown (1-3 hours)
  • Three SD card 4-CH 1080P Mobile DVR;
  • AI ADAS, DMS, BSD as optional;
  • Long time Working in UPS Battery as Optional;
  • Powerful GPS Tracking Function;
  • 4G, Wifi as optional;
  • Smart Size:135*116*43mm




Model QH-MDVR8204S-AI
Item Working Parameter Specification details
Power Input 8-36V 1. The input voltage is +8V~+36V, if the voltage is lower than 8V or higher than 36V for a long time, the device will automatically shut down and enter the protection mode.
2. Pure step-down power supply, the system is divided into two power supplies (camera and system power supply are independent)
Output Voltage CAME_12V X 4 The total current is 5A, it is a 1A interface to the AHD camera. You can control the switch on and off the camera as needed for that camera power supply. This system can independently control the power of the camera and the monitor, which is convenient for turning off unnecessary cameras and displays after a delayed shutdown
12V OUT The output voltage is 12V(+/-0.2V), The maximum current is 3A.
5V OUT The output voltage is 5V(+/-0.2V), The maximum current is 1A.
Car Key (ACC) Signal ≤6V The car key is off
  ≥7.5V The car key is on
Built-in UPS 5x7F*2.7V 1. Power on and charge, and it will be fully charged in 3 minutes. It still keeps the system working for 10s  when the external power failure, also continues to complete data saving and shutdown.
2. To ensure that the device will not restart when the input power supply is instability.
3. Built-in UPS polymer battery is optional (1-3 hours), built-in interface and fixed position are standard
Power Consumption Bare Device ≤4W
  Full Function ≤60W
System Parameter:
System Performance Operation System Linux
Operation Mode UI 、controller cellphone APP、WEB
CPU Novatek NT98321
Processor Core DUAL CA9
Internal storage DDR3 4GBIT  Flash128M Nand
Audio Parameter:
Video and Preview Audio Input/Output Input: Two AHD or Four AHD/Output: CVBS+VGA
Image recognition  can integrate AI algorithm ADAS\DMS\BSD
OSD OSD character superposition, such as date, time, channel ID, GPS, license plate number, etc.
Video compression format  H.264/H.265
Dual streaming Support
Preview function 1. 4-screen splicing can be previewed, supporting event-triggered on the full-screen and splicing switching display function
Frame rate 1080P: maximum 120 frames/sec, 720P: 240 frames/sec, single-channel maximum 30 frames/sec; NTSC: 240 frames/sec
Resolution Support 1080P, 720P, D1 encoding format
Picture quality level 1 to level 3 video can be configured, the best level 1 and the lowest level 3
Code rate  D1: 512,768,1024 three levels optional
  720P: 1024, 2048, 4096, three levels optional
  1080P: 2048, 4096, 6144, three levels optional
Audio Audio Input/Output 4 channels audio input, 1 channel audio output
Compression Format Support G.726, G711 code
Video/storage parameter:
Record SD card Three memory cards position: two SD cards, one TF card, maximum support 256G capacity
Storage time description Video quality
1080P (4 channels)
720P (4 channels)
D1 (4 way)
Video Method Support SD card, TF card cycle recording, and cycle deletion (the oldest recording is deleted)
Support SD card cycle recording, TF card mirroring, and missing recording.
Video Detect according to the recording time, recording type, recording storage device, etc to search
File Format/system H.265/FAT32
Video Mode Default boot recording, support manual recording, alarm recording, timing recording, mirroring recording, etc.
Video Search According to the recording time, recording type, recording storage, etc to search
Video Playback Support local playback, up to 4 channels of simultaneous playback, and analyze the vehicle information in the file at the same time
Support fast forward, fast rewind, play, pause control, support 2, 4, 8, 16 times speed fast forward or rewind, support time selection playback control
Internet, location parameter:
WIFI 802.11b/g/n/  2.4G/5.8G optional
Internet Ethernet 1 RJ45 interface, can be extended to connect to the IPC
Position GPS/BD Positioning, speed detection, time synchronization,
Extended interface parameters:
Interface USB  USB2.0, the front shell USB is used for data export, upgrade use
SD  2 x SD card slot, 1 x TF card slot
SIM SIM 1 x SIM card slot, flow card slot
Serial Port Serial port 2 x RS232, 1 x RS48
Switching value Switch value 8 inputs, 2 outputs
1-wire  1 wire support iButton
Intercom  can choose to dock the microphone function, wire changes
WIFI-ANT  WIFI antenna interface
4G-ANT 4G antenna interface
GPS-ANT  GPS antenna interface
G-sensor Automatic correction  Uncertain XYZ installation direction, automatic correction after driving
Size   135*116*43mm




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