360° Around View System




  • The 360-degree panoramic image specially developed for trucks and special vehicles, its own 360-degree splicing algorithm for carts, small size, high integration, wide temperature design, and the working temperature can reach -30~70 degrees.
  • The product complies with the ISO-7637 standard, in line with the vehicle power supply specification, DC10-36V wide voltage design, anti-reverse connection design, strengthened TVS+ESD design, the main power supply has Farad capacitors, to ensure the reliability of illegal power-off video.
  • The product supports a variety of video outputs and supports CVBS/VGA/AHD.
  • The product supports the intelligent voice and voice control system specially developed for the cart 360 panoramic image system, which can control the 360-degree panoramic image through voice to ensure driving safety.
  • The product supports its own algorithm. Through the sensor in the host, the 360-degree panoramic image can be displayed automatically according to the application scene.
  • The product has two storage designs, supports SD card storage, is small in size, has low power consumption, and super shock resistance.
  • The product supports the electronic rearview mirror product mode. The host has a unique dual AHD output function, which can display 360 images on two screens at the same time. There is a special software designed for electronic rearview, which supports vehicle speed detection, which can be realized in the setting. When the speed is fixed, the output control signal controls the display switching of the electronic rearview mirror.
  • The product supports a 4-channel AHD720P camera function, supports dual AHD output at the same time, all the way to the 360 ​​hosts and the other to the DVR host.



Electrical parameters Product power consumption The maximum power consumption of the whole machine is 10W, and the working voltage is DC10-36V.
Power protection It has an anti-surge function, anti-reverse connection function, low-power protection, short-circuit overload protection.
Video output interface AHD video output



Support, standard GX12-4P female, dual 720P_25 or 30 frame output. Support, standard GX12-4P female, dual 720P or 1080P 25 or 30 frame output. output.
CVBS video output Support, standard GX12-4P aircraft female head.
VGA video output Support, standard DB15 female, built-in DC12V regulated power supply, serial communication function.
AHD video output



Support, 4-channel car camera source image output function, standard GX12-4P female interface, 720P or 1080P, determined by the camera.
Video input interface AHD video input 4-channel 720P_AHD camera input, standard GX12-4P aviation male connector, DC12V regulated power supply. 4-channel 1080P_AHD camera input, standard GX12-4P aviation male connector, DC12V regulated power supply.
CAN communication function Functions and Features High-speed CAN bus transceiver, in line with the ISO11898 standard, low power consumption management.
Storage function MSATA_SSD storage SSD storage that supports MINI PCI-E. Capacity 128G-2TB.
SD_CARD storage Standard SD_CARD storage function, support 8-256G.
Physical Specifications Product Size Length*width*height=100*130*29 (unit: mm).
product weight The weight of the host: 0.4KG; the whole machine: 2.9-4KG (the difference in weight is the length of the wire harness).
Camera parameters camera voltage DC8-16V.
Camera power consumption Single-camera 0.5-1W.
Resolution AHD1280*720P. AHD1920*1080P.
Operating/Storage Temperature Working temperature: -30℃~+70℃; Storage temperature: -40℃~+85℃.
video frame rate Capture frame rate 30 FPS/sec.
waterproof level IP68.
low light 0.01Lux.
Vibration/Shock Complies with MIL-STD-810F, Method 516.5
Recording parameters Video format H264 H265
Video resolution 4 channels plus 1920*1080P.
file size 1.2GB/hour.
Host parameters IP protection class IP51.
Operating temperature -20~70℃.
storage temperature -40~80℃.
Vibration/Shock Complies with MIL-STD-810F, Method 516.5.
Airframe material Body, high-quality aluminum alloy, surface oxidation drawing process.


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