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Specification: Rear Blind Zone Radar Warning System

1. Anti-collision, unique design, convenient operation
2.Bi-Bi sound prompt and digital distance display, suitable for day and night
3.Color seven-segment display, far to near, distinguish left and right
4. Sound, digital display integrated design, beautiful and harmonious
5. The sensor's appearance color is mixed with the body, just like the original car configuration
6.Humanized design, real voice distance report
Model QH-RD01
Operating Voltage DC12V±2V
Working current  200mA±50mA
Ultrasonic frequency 40KHz
Operating temperature -40℃—+80℃
Detect range 0.3-2.5M
Waterproof level IP68
System components: 1 pcs Meniscus distance display
1 pcs waterproof ECU
4 pcs radar sensors
Alarm way Distance to Obstacles over 2.5m 2.5-1.6m 1.5-1.0m 0.9-0.5m less than 0.4m
Regional distinction safety zone safety zone safety zone warning zone danger zone
Show distance . 2.5-1.6 1.5-1.0 0.9-0.5 0.0-0.4
Alarm sound no no Bi...Bi...Bi...
or distance report
or distance report
Bi......or stop
Color no green green yellow red


Special Note:



  • The surface of the sensor should be kept clean at all times. For example, mud cover will affect the detection sensitivity or the entire system     will not work properly.

  • The obstacle is a smooth slope, a ball or a sound-absorbing cotton, which may affect the detection effect of the system.

  • After installation, please verify different obstacles from different angles under the direction of someone, and you will be more proficient when using it.

  • The parking positioning system is only used for auxiliary purposes, and cannot reduce the responsibility of the driver to control the car in dangerous situations.

  • Under certain conditions, the distance between the car and the obstacle is too close (within 0.2 meters), the system may not be able to detect it smoothly.

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