Taxi System Monitoring Solution


When driver and passenger are conflicting;
When passenger disgree to pay money or fight;
When need more evidence;
What we can do for you ?

1. We can motor the taxi by checking the real time video & snap shot transferred by the MDVR from different cameras installed to the Taxi.
2. We can control &motoring the whole process during transport by checking the real time video & photos which transferred by the police MDVR from
difference points of each camera.
3. Control Center will have alarm from the police MDVR and intercom When the emergencies occurs. For example with a video pop-up
alarm on electronic map screen; meanwhile the driver can also use intercom function to communicate with the control center.
4. The built-in GPS of MDVR allows you to have the speed of the Vehicle, fatigue driving alarm information and tracking
route by real-time video from MDVR;

Our range of Mobile DVR and camera systems can ensure that you’ll always be able to provide conclusive video evidence of incidents, not only helping to protect your business and individual drivers, but also giving you valuable footage for driver training and development.

Footage from front-facing cameras is now being accepted in court cases for road accident claims, helping to protect drivers and operators from false accusations. Multi-camera setups, including rear and blind spot mounted cameras can improve driver maneuverability and safety.

MC810C dual camera is our own private model,has applied patent in Australia. It is special design for taxi.


MDVR8102 and IPC011 are special solution for TAXI, MDVR8102 is 1080P dash camera is built-in GPS,3G or 4G and WIFI and 1080P IP camera, so it’s high technology for front road view camera solution. IPC011 is external camera with 1080P HD for driver and passenger for 135 wide view degree.


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