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QOHO Mobile DVR System


QOHO Mobile DVR System is a completed security and surveillance system suitable for commercial vehicles and automobiles utilized for transportation. These vehicles tend to be huge and full of blind spots and for these vehicles to avoid accidents, as a fleet manager you must consider installing a mobile DVR system.


A Mobile DVR System consists of several external cameras, a DVR that stands as the motherboard where all the footage is processed and stored, it can also include a driver fatigue monitor and an ADAS camera that detects the driver’s behavior on the road and other devices for optimum security coverage.

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A Mobile DVR System is made up of a Mobile DVR, a set of external cameras that are needed in your car, and other devices that help you manage your fleet more effectively.


Both footage and recordings are saved and analyzed on the mobile DVR. You can also remotely monitor your cars with the aid of Mobile DVR Software.


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QOHO Mobile DVR System is the Answer to Your Fleet Management Needs


Since 2005 QOHO has been continuously developing its own line of Mobile DVR systems and 16 years later, QOHO has earned its place to be known in the Mobile DVR system market in producing high-quality products.


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Mobile DVR System – The Definitive FAQ Guide


The Mobile DVR System FAQ Guide provides an overview of the various types of Mobile DVR Systems available for purchase.


If you’re looking for a dependable Mobile DVR System, this FAQ guide will provide you with information to make an informed decision.

This article will be your guide to have enough knowledge about the Mobile DVR system, its benefits, components, etc., to help you decide on what is perfect and needed for your vehicle.

Table of Contents

  • What is Mobile DVR System?
  • What are the types of Mobile DVR systems?
  • How to install Mobile DVR System?
  • What is the working principle of the Mobile DVR System?
  • Is Mobile DVR System equipped with a Camera?
  • How many channels are in the mobile DVR system?
  • What is 3G Mobile DVR System?
  • What is the Resolution of Mobile DVR System?
  • Does the mobile DVR system record?
  • What are the specifications of the Mobile DVR system?
  • What is the life span of the Mobile DVR system?
  • What are the applications of the Mobile DVR system?
  • What are the features of the Mobile DVR System?
  • What are the components of the Mobile DVR System?
  • How much is the cost to install the Mobile DVR system?
  • What should I concern in the Mobile DVR system for security?
  • Which is the best Mobile DVR System?
  • How to use a mobile DVR system?
  • Does Mobile DVR system record your GPS location?
  • Does the Mobile DVR system provide accurate time monitoring?
  • Is there any AI integrated Mobile DVR system?
  • What are the elements of a Mobile DVR system?
  • Can I get a manufacturer of Mobile DVR System from china?
  • Is Mobile DVR System necessary for huge vehicles?
  • Can the Mobile DVR system determine the vehicle speed?

What is Mobile DVR System?


A mobile DVR system is an essential tool that can help you record high-quality footage of accidents, incidents, and other events.


A Mobile DVR system is a combination of connecting devices installed into private vehicles, buses, vans, taxis, trams, metros, and ambulances. It is designed specifically for use in cars that are used for transport.


A complete Mobile DVR System is a cutting-edge surveillance system that offers GPS tracking, emergency calling features, and helpful law enforcement agencies to find the evidence of the incident.


What are the types of Mobile DVR systems?


There are two different types of mobile DVR systems


  • Embedded MDVR system

Embedded Mobile DVR system has Full-HD video surveillance cameras and a fantastic way to boost your security. They take the video from analog-based AHD camera inputs and then compress it onto a local hard drive or solid-state drive.

  • Hybrid MDVR System

A Hybrid Mobile DVR system can take video data from both mobile and IP cameras. Interaction between the Camera and mobile DVR system can be done through WiFi, Bluetooth, or a wired connection.


This type of Mobile DVR system can also be used in conjunction with AHD vehicle cameras, providing a clear view of what’s happening on the road. Some mobile DVRs also work with PC-based Mobile DVR systems.


How to install Mobile DVR System?



To install a complete Mobile DVR System, you will need to follow some essential steps.

  • Check the system configuration and see what components are connected to it.
  • Consider the layout of the Camera, monitor, and the workstation
  • Install the workstation
  • Consider the entire Camera’s angle. The Camera’s left side should be parallel to the left edge of the screen, and the right side of the Camera should be similar to the right edge of the screen.
  • Fix all the cameras right, left, front. Rear etc.
  • Get the display unit done and unify the line.
  • Connect all the cables from cameras, display unit to the main workstation carefully
  • Connect the power supply
  • Test the Mobile DVR System.

What is the working principle of the Mobile DVR System?



The principle can be defined as: “A Mobile DVR system is a device that can record and playback videos recorded from several cameras.”


The cameras can record the digital video, transfer it to the MDVR system or computer’s hard drive, and then process video compression and local storage on an SD card.

You only need a small amount of free disk space for this activity on your hard disk or SD card.


Is Mobile DVR System equipped with a Camera?


Yes. The Mobile DVR system is fully equipped with multiple external cameras:

  • Front
  • Rear
  • Side
  • Cabin

Each is tailored for specific applications and meets the needs of a modern fleet, transportation, and logistics operations. The external cameras that will be included in your customized mobile DVR system will be determined by the needs of your vehicle. If you only need the system for a personal car, two to three external cameras will suffice. However, if you require the system for large vehicles such as trucks and buses, you should expect more than four cameras. To determine the exact number of cameras required for your vehicle, contact a reputable provider and request a quote for your vehicle’s mobile DVR system.


How many channels are in the mobile DVR system?


A Mobile DVR System has multiple channels; these channels determine the number of external devices, such as cameras, that can be connected to the Mobile DVR. Their detail is as follows:

  • 4-Channel dual SD card Mobile DVR System
  • 4-Channel Single SD Card Mobile DVR System
  • 8-Channel GPS 4G WiFi D/SSD Mobile DVR System
  • 4-Channel Waterproof SSD Mobile DVR System
  • 4-Channel Double SD Card Mobile DVR System
  • 1-Channel with GPS 4G WiFi Mobile DVR System


What is 3G Mobile DVR System?



The 3G Mobile DVR system is a portable and highly advanced surveillance information system that uses the 3G mobile network to transmit seized footage from a vehicle, either viewing in real-time or later playback and allowing a patrol car to be tracked by GPS during pursuits.


With the help of the 3G feature can also transmit images of crashed vehicles or crime scenes to the police forces.


Law enforcement agencies can also track vehicle movement history with the help of embedded 3G Mobile DVR System such as when and where a vehicle has had an accident.



What is the Resolution of Mobile DVR System?


The resolution of the Mobile DVR System and video size depends on the performance of your system, which consists of cameras, a DVR hard drive, video cables, a memory module for DVR, and a monitor.


Mobile DVR system resolution shows the video quality. It is the unit of indicating the sharpness, clarity, and detail of an image.


Does the mobile DVR system record?


The Mobile DVR System can record outside vehicle video and inside vehicle video. The digital video recorder can automatically save the video on its built-in memory to avoid losing the evidence. The footage stored inside the memory unit can be sorted out by the date of capture for an easy filing system. That is why it is known as the Mobile DVR system.


What are the specifications of the Mobile DVR system?


There are a lot of Mobile DVR Systems available in the market. However, the following specifications can be considered while buying Mobile DVR System:

  • Great for covert applications
  • Real-time monitoring anywhere in cellular or WiFi coverage areas
  • Includes lockable security enclosure with anti-vibration
  • Embedded operating system
  • Multiple recording options
  • Provides speed and shock-sensor data
  • Built-in GPS capabilities
  • Numerous sensor inputs for speed, ignition
  • Records on the standard SD card
  • Defined power source
  • Better Operating Temperature
  • Minimum Power Consumption
  • Alarm Input available
  • Maximum Number of Channels
  • Defined IP Storage Rate
  • Operating Humidity
  • Proper supply of Voltage


What is the life span of the Mobile DVR system?


Mobile DVR system is an electrically hot item because of continuous working. It has a lifespan of 4 to 5 years, with thousands of users enjoying the device as a great product and wonderful experience in their daily life.


The life span of this device depends on the amount of storage capacity it has.


What are the applications of the Mobile DVR system?



Mobile DVR system is a modular and flexible electronic platform installed in all kinds of vehicles for vehicle monitoring, remote tracking, and vehicle positioning.

It can be applied in

  • Buses
  • Logistics
  • Cars
  • freight cars
  • Taxis
  • Tankers
  • Ambulances
  • Public Transport
  • Cargo Vans
  • Oil Tankers
  • Fire Brigades

Because all these vehicles frequently transport valuable loads or products as well as passengers on each trip, it is critical to have a security system onboard. A mobile DVR system can help to reduce unanticipated costs such as accidents and product thievery.


What are the features of the Mobile DVR System?


The main features of the Mobile DVR System are as follows:

  • The Mobile DVR systems have excellent sound and image quality for easy determining the objects and vehicle recorded.
  • Mobile DVR System is an impressive device for recording the vehicle surroundings.
  • Using the latest technology of the Mobile DVR System, this device has never been easy to use. The intuitive interface will make setting up the device simple for the user.
  • Digital imaging technology has evolved to the point where it can record images with no moving parts and requires less storage space than ever before.

What are the components of the Mobile DVR System?


Mobile DVR system consists of the following features:

  • Mobile DVR Capturing System,
  • Mobile Viewer hardware & Client Software,
  • Remote website server
  • Anti-Vibration Mechanism
  • Heat Dissipation and Dust Prevention
  • Data Transmission
  • Wireless internet and GPS & wireless sim cards
  • Device Housing
  • Power Supply

How much is the cost to install the Mobile DVR system?



Well, there is a variation in prices as you choose the best Mobile DVR System.


The mobile DVR system with medium specifications costs between $80 and $200. The upgraded version of the Mobile DVR system is priced between $300 and $500. On the other hand, the supreme quality of the mobile DVR system comes at an additional cost of between $1000 and $1500.


The China Platform for Mobile DVR System is a complete and integrated solution that offers an all-in-one, time-stamped video management system.


A lot of choices are there to choose the economic Mobile DVR System.


What should I concern in the Mobile DVR system for security?


Make certain that no passengers in the vehicle can interfere with or damage the Mobile DVR System, Camera, accessories, or wires.


Before moving the vehicle, ensure that the Mobile DVR System, Camera, accessories, and wire are securely fastened to prevent the device to malfunction.


When parked in a public area, the device motherboard should also be installed in a location where it cannot be easily stolen or removed by passersby.


Which is the best Mobile DVR System?



The most important thing is to have a reliable, easy-to-use Mobile DVR system that will allow you to monitor your vehicles and your mobile fleet company.


The smaller design makes this an excellent fit for a wide range of vehicles and uses. Comes with all the cables, wireless remote control, hard-wearing case with custom foam insert, and vehicle power cable adapter.


The best Mobile DVR contains the following traits:

  • Support for 4G real-time monitoring and GPS tracking
  • Waterproof HD cameras with optical zoom and digital zoom
  • Safe power design, especially for buses, trucks, and other large travel vehicles
  • It has maximum-way video sensing, a built-in compression system, & digital alarm inputs.
  • Support UART Port for additional serial connections such as TTS, RS232, and Fuel Sensor / Temperature Sensor / LED


How to use a mobile DVR system?


The mobile DVR system is easy to use. By installing a Mobile DVR system, you can have the following uses:


  • Mobile DVR system helps fleet companies with management of driver’s behavior and performance on the road.
  • With Mobile, DVR System fleet operators can easily schedule work shifts and conduct an immediate investigation, control, or disable driver’s phone usage when necessary.
  • Mobile DVR system increases the security of fleets and their drivers, helping to reduce expenses associated with vandalism, accidents, and fraudulent insurance claims.
  • With a Mobile DVR system, fleet drivers are never left alone without backup, meaning safer roads for all.
  • This mobile DVR system can be installed in vehicles for real-time recording and quick support for traffic accident investigation.
  • It can also be used for fleet management, vehicle tracking, mobile advertising, patrol cars, parking surveillance, etc. This is the perfect solution for you.

Does Mobile DVR system record your GPS location?



Mobile DVR system comes ready to take advantage of optional GPS speed and location data readings.


Each Mobile DVR system contains a free internal GPS antenna to provide up to 3 channels of location information.


Optional GPS with Antenna allows you to collect additional location information by mounting a GPS antenna on the front of your vehicle


Mobile DVR System uses real-time GPS tracking to calculate vehicle and driver’s speed and location.


Does the Mobile DVR system provide accurate time monitoring?


Once a vehicle is outfitted with the mobile DVR system, the data is automatically uploaded daily via your suite of cloud-based applications.


This information can then be accessed online in real-time using your software. You will be able to track each vehicle’s speed, location, exact whereabouts, and more, saving you time and money.


Mobile DVR system provides real-time monitoring if the Mobile DVR System is connected to a WIFI.


The mobile DVR System must be plugged into an electrical outlet to upload recorded files. The mobile DVR system can only monitor and not record when it is unplugged or not plugged in.


Mobile DVR System is a real-time, fully digital video solution that operates through cellular communication links. Using 3G, 4G, protocols & applications, the Mobile DVR System is a cost-effective solution that takes your surveillance solution to places it has never been.


Is there any AI integrated Mobile DVR system?



Artificial Intelligence Integrated Mobile DVR (Mobile DVR) is a cloud-based digital video recorder that allows users to watch and record live TV from any location and any device.


The All Mobile DVR solution uses the latest in artificial intelligence technology to manage content across streaming devices, mobile devices, DVRs, televisions, and more. The Mobile DVR allows users to watch, pause, rewind, and fast-forward TV shows or recorded programs on the go.


This media will be streamed to your devices for instant access. You’ll be able to download it on your phone and watch it whenever you want.


What are the elements of a Mobile DVR System?



When many essential elements or gadgets are connected to the Mobile DVR itself, the Mobile DVR system becomes more functional. Depending on your vehicle’s requirements and needs, the mobile DVR system elements differ from each other. These are some of the important elements that complete a Mobile DVR System;

  • Mobile DVR – This device is the brain of the mobile DVR system. All the footage and recordings will be stored and process here.
  • External Cameras – these devices will capture the surroundings outside your vehicle. The view of the recorded will depend on where these cameras are pointing or positioned to.
  • Car Monitor – This device shows the live footage of the external cameras, this can also show the details like speed, location, and the route traveled by the vehicle.
  • GPS Tracker – If the mobile DVR does not have a built-in GPS, it is crucial to add a GPS Tracker to the system. This will determine your exact location and speed when traveling.
  • Driver Fatigue Monitor – This camera is different from the external cameras since it is more high-technology. It detects the driver’s driving state. It will send a voice alarm when it detected the driver is tired.
  • ADAS – or Advanced Driver Assistance System. This device will help you to drive more safely and conveniently by providing several alarm systems.
  • Mobile DVR Software – This is an application installed on your phone or computer for more accessible fleet management.

Where can I get a reliable manufacturer of Mobile DVR systems?



If you are looking for a manufacturer or seller of different electronic products, Chinese manufacturers are excellent people to do business with. After several Chinese companies have begun to build and produce Mobile DVR systems, it has become harder to identify a credible source for these products.


Today, some mobile DVR system manufacturers, particularly high technology equipment and experienced personnel, are not sticking with the details.


You should contact a reputable manufacturer to explain your desires in-depth if you want to get a sample of the product. They will also customize your Mobile DVR system to suit your vehicle requirements and specifications.


If the company has a device available that meets your requirements you will have it delivered within a week. Some of these companies have a minimal buying order of 1 unit, which is good for you to the first test and evaluate the device.


It is also recommended that only one manufacturer supplies all the components of your Mobile DVR system, so the whole unit is mutually compatible.


Is Mobile DVR System necessary for huge vehicles?



Yes! It is crucial to install this system on large vehicles such as Trucks & Buses. These vehicles have several blind spots, are often on the road the whole day, and carry valuable things.


For example, if you run a commercial fleet of vehicles that transport goods and products to far distances, it is recommended to install a mobile DVR system for easy fleet management. You can conveniently monitor all your drivers and vehicle running for a day.


For a bus company, it is also needed that the vehicle is covered by several external cameras. There are many bus accidents & bus robbery incidents that happened in the past, so it is crucial to have at least footage in hand for a smooth and fast investigation and also for the safety of the passengers.


Can the Mobile DVR system determine the vehicle speed?


Yes, this system includes a speedometer. With the help of the Mobile DVR system, you can easily monitor if your drivers are driving safely by knowing their travel speed.

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