14.5-inch IPS car display


Product functions and features:


  • IPS wide-body screen, 2560*720 ultra-high resolution. Through the ultra-wide screen, more camera images can be displayed, solving the multi-image display that cannot be completed by a single monitor.
  • The product complies with ISO-7637 standards, vehicle power supply specifications, wide voltage design of DC10-33V, anti-reverse connection design, and enhanced TVS+ESD design.
  • Reinforced vehicle HDMI interface, one interface integrates display, power supply, and serial communication (touch) functions.
  • The display has a light-sensitive device that supports automatic switching of brightness during the day and night. The brightness is 90% during the day and 35% at night to prevent the screen from being too bright at night and affecting driving safety.
  • The capacitive screen touch function communicates with the host through the serial port to realize the touch control function. The communication protocol can be provided for secondary development by customers
  • With our company's 360 panoramic products, multi-scenario applications can be realized.


Product Specifications


Monitor parameters

Resolution & size

14.5 inches, physical resolution 2560*720/60Hz.


Typical brightness 800cd/m2.


Widescreen, 32:9 display ratio.

Display perspective

Typical viewing angle 80/80/80/70 (left/right/up/down)

Backlight type

Backlight type WLED.

Physical specifications

Product Size

Length*width*height=382.5*132*30, (unit: millimeters).

product weight

Packing weight: 1.2KG; Net weight: 0.8KG.


HDMI input

One HDMI video input, supports video + display power supply + UART serial port signal, connected to monitor touch screen control, supports any system.

Capacitive touch screen

6-point touch screen capacitive screen, UART interface, baud rate 19200.

Car Power

Power Specifications

Supports 12V and 24V battery systems, wide voltage input range DC10.8-36V, rated power 8-12W, has under-voltage and over-voltage protection, overload protection, and complies with ISO-7637 standards.

Environmental parameters

IP protection level


Operating temperature

Minus 20~70℃

storage temperature

Minus 40~80℃


Complies with MIL-STD-810F, Method 516.5


Body material

Body, PC+ABS plastic.


Fixed bracket, SECC steel plate.

Ordering Information


QH-TF145 14.5-inch HDMI monitor

14.5-inch high-definition high-brightness IPS full-viewing screen, HDMI interface, DC10.8-36V wide voltage power supply.

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