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A Dual Car Camera is your practical solution for your car surveillance. This is a single device that records both the front road view and the cabin view of the vehicle.


This device is suitable for vehicle owners who are concern with the complexity of the installation. Since this device has two lenses in one body, the dual car camera is relatively easy to install and compact in size that won’t be a cause of distraction while driving.


This device is cost-efficient not only because it records two views but it also has GPS, WIFI, and an Audio system.

QOHO Dual Car Cameras are built with high-quality parts for better video footage quality.

QOHO is Your Reliable Dual Car Camera manufacturer in China


The QOHO Dual Car Camera can record both front and inside of the vehicle.


QOHO Dual Car Cameras own the entire design and obtain a patent from the inside special board, housing, and finished product. As a result, based on your Dual Car Cameras project, we also provide an advanced product at a competitive price.


QOHO Dual Car cameras passed CE, FCC, RoHS, Emark, and IEC62638 all relevant international certifications.


QOHO is pleased to accept your customized design in OEM/ODM service to help you make an innovative product exclusive selling idea.


So, all you have to do now is send us an email with your detailed Dual Car Camera requirement!


QOHO Dual Car Camera- Your Best Expert in Fleet Management System

QOHO has skilled & knowledgeable in developing Dual Car Cameras. QOHO Dual Car Cameras have been designed, built, and manufactured by our company.

QOHO pays attention to Dual Car Camera in different vehicle installation. Our company will consider using a special angle design for taxi installation while the truck installation uses adjustable angles. Furthermore, it is a smart idea to install all different vehicles for a single Dual Car Cameras design.

As a result, QOHO Most Dual Car Camera can be installed in a variety of Fleet Management Solutions.

You can simply leave us a message with your Dual Car Camera inquiry, QOHO is available online 24/7 to assist you.

Dual Car Camera – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Dual Car Camera FAQ Guide provides users with a collection of frequently asked questions about dual car cameras.

Dual Car Camera guide is your comprehensive guide to tell you about the dual car cameras and the world they capture.

This guide contains a lot of information on what a dual car camera is, its features, the cost of a dual car camera, how to install a dual car camera, and where to buy a dual car camera, and much more.

Once you have read it, you will know everything that you are striving to understand.

What is Dual Car Camera?

Dual Car Camera combines two-car cameras with a dynamic range and shooting angles advanced enough to capture everything going on around and behind you.

Dual Car Camera is a new and innovative solution to provide you with peace of mind and help you receive the best driving assistance.

Dual Car Camera is a complete technology package for your car. It has the most advanced features, hardware, and software to improve your driving sense and the road experience with the evidence.

The finest brand in the market provides the best dual car camera: one body two functions dual car camera.

What is the difference between Dual Car Camera and a Dual Dash Camera?

The difference between the Dual Car Camera and a dual dash camera is that a Dual Car Camera (also known as, car-side recorder, driver camera) is designed for recording from both inside and outside of your vehicle. In contrast, dual dash cameras can only register on the front of your car.

The main difference is that the Dual Dash Camera is mounted on the dash or windshield, but Dual Car Camera can be mounted in any convenient place in the front windshield, rear window, roof, and top of each door at the inside of your vehicle.

Does a Dual Car Camera record front and back?

Dual car cameras allow you to record your car’s front and back in case of an accident.

In dual car cameras, the front camera is used to record video while driving the vehicle, but the rear camera records video while parked or moving in reverse.

The information gathered by these two videos can be crucial during the event of an accident.

The dual cameras can be used in conjunction for a better view or used individually depending on your preference.

It is set to record continuously and save the footage before the camera’s built-in G-sensor detects an impact.

What are the features of the Dual Car Camera?

  • It supports various languages such as English, Japanese, Korean, Hindi, Thai, etc.
  • The Dual Car Camera having G-sensor and motion detection function will auto-lock your recorded clips.
  • Its high-resolution recording capability allows you to freely capture both the front and rear without restricting the cameras’ size or viewpoint.
  • Infrared night vision in dual car camera is added as an additional feature to provide a more straightforward recording of nighttime activities.
  • A dual car camera is designed to provide safety for you and your family while driving.
  • Multi, or dual-lens cameras, feature a rear-facing camera and a forward-facing one to record the vehicle’s interior while also monitoring the road ahead.
  • Dynamic Range of dual car camera helps normalize conditions to optimize image brightness. With contrast enhancement options available combined with high-quality optics, make the cameras more robust so they can withstand high temperatures or harsh sunlight while capturing clear images.
  • An exciting aspect of a dual car camera is its ability to withstand extreme temperature ranges.

How does Dual Car Camera work?

A dual car camera automatically starts recording continuously in a loop from its front and rear cameras when the car is turned on. A memory stick is saved with each clip that lasts up to three minutes and can be played back at any time.

A G-sensor can detect any impacts on the car and activate the recording shaft in the event of a collision. It can run on a battery and plug into the cigarette lighter socket.

A dual car camera is small enough to be inconspicuous but powerful enough to capture whenever needed.

With front and rear-facing cameras, the driver can drive a car over for suspected traffic violations or provide visual backup in the event of an accident.

Do Dual Car Camera record all the time?

Some dual car cameras record all the time, and some may not. It varies from brand to brand.

You can put the front and rear cam of the dual car camera are on STANDBY to record all day and night. The incredibly powerful g-sensor built into the camera is automatic theft protection. It begins recording automatically when involved in an incident.

The Dual Car Camera does not record all the time. The resolution of the recording is full high definition and can be overwritten by the built-in G-sensor if anything happens without registering, so it is safe to use.

It always needs to be plugged in, but you can still use your car’s audio system while recording for as long as your camera battery has a charge.

It’s important to know that the camera on your vehicle is always recording. That means it’s on when the car is turned on, and it’s always recording.

If you want to turn off the recording or not have your car’s camera record audio, then you should make sure that the feature is turned off.

Without any audio or visual controls, dual car cameras are designed to record and store continuously.

How much it cost?

There are various dual car camera options available in the market, and prices vary depending on which one is best for you.

The dual car camera is priced between $20 and $50. The upgraded version has a price between $50 and $100.

On the other hand, the supreme quality of dual car cameras costs more than the regular version.

The China Platform for Dual Car Camera is a complete and integrated solution that offers an all-in-one, time-stamped video management system.

A lot of choices are there to choose the economical dual car camera.

How do you find the best dual car camera recorder?

The best dual car camera recorder is a product that takes video records in a drive. It does on how to choose the dual car camera.

It all depends on your needs. Some people need parking mode recording, and others want to be able to have interiors as well as exteriors recorded.

If you are buying a device for a driver’s surveillance system, you would want to get a dual car camera that records both the passenger and driver.

A dual car camera will be able to record this information. It has an audio recording feature and access to GPS also.

The best dual car camera will be simple to install, easy to operate, and easy to transfer recorded footage.

Does Dual Car Camera reduce insurance?

Yes, dual car cameras reduce insurance. It can help to prevent fraud to your insurance company.

It can reduce the premium because a dual car camera captures every incident in a video recording.

The insurer can watch the video recording and get an accurate picture of the accident’s version or action of both vehicles’ drivers.

And they can judge whether the fault lies with you or the other party. If your driving was not safe during the accident, then the insurer will decrease your insurance claim.

What are the advantages of a Dual Car Camera?

There are a lot of advantages of dual car camera, and a few are given below:

  • If you are a business owner and need to have your drivers under tight surveillance; or simply a concerned parent, a dual car camera provides an excellent solution for keeping your drivers in check.
  • It is easy to install, and it has an in-built G-sensor that can lock important angles automatically.
  • It can release locks once a collision has been detected. The dual car camera also has a motion detection feature.
  • It keeps a sense of security to stay calm in the traffic jams and can resist crash impact.
  • Dual Car Camera has minor differences in angle, so users can estimate distances when they drive.

Can I import a Dual Car Camera from China?

Suppose you are considering importing a dual car camera from China. In that case, it is highly recommended that you contact the online supplier directly and discuss the dual car camera details with them.

China is one of the world’s leading suppliers of dual car camera recorders. When it comes to selecting a dual car camera recorder, online brand representatives can help you choose from the wide variety of brands and models available in China.

China has a skilled workforce of engineers, designers, and production specialists who can make all the parts needed for a dual car camera installation.

China also designs and manufactures the cables and mounting hardware for its dual car cameras that can be replaced if some component of the dual car camera is out of order.

The dual car camera provides robust security solutions in China. It is an intuitive, easy-to-use solution that offers a high level of accuracy without increasing the budget.

Do Dual Car Camera work with GPS?

Yes, if your dual car camera is a device that has an in-built GPS with global positioning and real-time tracking. With this configured GPS dual car camera, you can track your car’s location.

Companies also use GPS function in dual car cameras to record the location of their business vehicles. This allows them to keep a closer eye on their drivers, knowing exactly where they are always.

Few of the dual car cameras have a built-in G-sensor that detects a collision or sudden change to the car’s movement and automatically saves the relevant video files for further investigation by the user.

Which is the best and the most affordable dual car camera?

The dual car camera brands can be compared on several different factors. These include the quality of the video, Range, speed, tracking system, and more.

It would help if you went for the dual car camera brand having a certified ISO9001 quality management system.

China is the world’s leading exporter of dual car cameras. Each component in every top brand of dual car camera is tested to ensure that it meets all quality standards before assembly and delivery.

You can look through the online websites and find out some good brands of dual car cameras. You can even purchase the best dual car camera at a very reasonable price.

Does Dual Car Camera provide real-time monitoring?

Yes. Whether it’s required, Dual Car Camera guarantees real-time monitoring via the integrated real-time transmission network on your Android.

Once you get a dual car camera connected with your Android, the data is automatically uploaded by your suite of cloud-based applications.

WIFI-enabled dual car camera provides real-time monitoring of the camera’s video footage.

The data cable of Android must be connected to the SD card of the dual car camera to upload the recorded videos.

The dual car camera can only perform real-time monitoring when plugged in with a smartphone but not unplugged or not connected.

Dual car camera provides real-time monitoring that operates through cellular communication links using 3G, 4G, protocols, and applications.

How to install Dual Car Camera?

Installing a dual car camera is often known as hardwiring, and you can learn the steps below to hardwire a dual car camera in your vehicle.

  • Select the appropriate mounting spot for Dual Car Camera
  • Connect the camera cable with the camera and power source
  • Rout the power cable such as not visible but hide the line.
  • Test the installation by Turn ON the dual car camera
  • Record the video from front and rear cameras of the Dual Car Camera
  • Playback the recorded video

What are the precautions of Dual Car Camera for better use?

Few precautions of the device are given below after installing the dual car camera:

  • Do not install the dual car camera in a place without ventilation.
  • Don’t forget to use the metal tape at the edge of the windshield to prevent it from falling off.
  • Before driving after the installation of the Dual Car Camera, it is necessary to adjust the settings of the dual car camera and other parameters for better use.
  • Most importantly, get familiar with the buttons and features of the dual car camera
  • Install dual car cameras inside the cabin of your car. Please don’t put them in the front windshield, which will film the car’s front view and front windows.

Is Dual Car Camera compatible with Android?

Yes, not all types but a few of the dual car cameras are compatible with mobile devices, iOS, and Android smartphones, tablets, and video recorders via Bluetooth or data cable connecting with Android and SD card.

You can view live footage using the Cell Phone app to receive alerts about traffic, road conditions, and other safety hazards with the help of internet WIFI or 3G 4G on your mobile.

To access the dual car camera application on your android phone or tablet:

  • Open the Apps menu and scroll to the Camera icon
  • Tap the Camera app to switch between front-facing and rear-facing cameras
  • Tap the Effects icon if you’d like to apply different effects
  • Tap the Focus button to adjust the focus
  • Tap the desired area of the frame you wish to focus on

Every smartphone’s original equipment manufacturer is currently adding this dual car camera feature to connect the car cameras with their smartphone, tablet, or Android phones.

Can Dual Car Camera be used in Fleet Management System?

Yes, a Dual car camera can be used in the fleet management system. The dual camera can monitor real-time video when something happens in the vehicle’s driving and save the data into the file to check anytime.

Most of the Dual Car Camera is a perfect fit for your fleet management solutions

Dual Car Cameras (DC) can be installed in different vehicle models.

For taxi installation, it will be considered using a unique angled design to make it easier to install.

The truck installation uses adjustable angles to install. This makes it easy to install in all types of vehicles.

Do Dual Car Camera work with WIFI, 3G, and 4G?

Yes, Few of the Dual Car Camera support WIFI, 3G, 4G, and GPS function.

The function of WIFI means to transfer the video in real-time and view it on your cellphone. Meanwhile, the 3G/4G function works well at night because you can connect with the cloud.

The dual car camera with WIFI will work in both. You can choose either way to connect to the internet but be sure you have a working signal with an accessible WIFI connection or 3G/4G on your mobile phone.

Is Dual Car Camera helpful to record evidence?

With uniformed officers now increasingly using dual car camera footage in court, law enforcement agencies use excess use of dual car cameras to collect evidence.

Both the law enforcement agencies and the police encourage the submission of dual car camera footage and any incident reported for investigation.

In the event of a collision, the benefit of this is that it can show the reason for the crash and liability.

The dual car cameras having built-in G-sensor will autosave your files if you have an accident to let you avoid unnecessary disputes.

Is there any AI integrated Dual Car Camera?

Yes, there is an Artificial Intelligence integrated Dual Car Camera. It comes with a single camera, but parking features and cloud capability are built-in for seamless recording and viewing.

AI integrated dual car cameras can automatically adjust to a wide variety of lighting conditions with the help of HDR technology.

It can change between multi-shot modes and use computational photography to zoom in and out without losing image quality.

What are the applications of Dual Car Camera?

A dual car Camera is a vehicle camera installed in all kinds of vehicles for vehicle monitoring, remote monitoring, and vehicle positioning.

The applications of dual car camera are:

  • School Bus
  • Taxis
  • Police Cars,
  • Ambulances
  • Public Transport (Bus)
  • Cargo Vans

How to choose the best Dual Car Camera?

Based on specifications, Dual Car Camera having the best specifications will be assumed as the best:

  • Heat Tolerance
  • Size and Reliability
  • Storage capacity
  • Ease of Installations
  • Video Quality
  • G-Sensor
  • Parking Protection
  • Power Supply
  • Photo Mode
  • High Definition
  • Loop Recording
  • GPS
  • Speed camera Alerts
  • Durable

Do Dual Car Camera work with night vision mode?

The front and rear cameras of dual car cameras are equipped with infrared LEDs to illuminate the scene at night.

The cameras will work properly when the surrounding light is less than 15 LUX.

You can enable night vision mode so that the dual car camera will automatically adjust to capture decent footage in low-light conditions.

Night Vision mode is the only mode in which a high-sensitivity lens can work well.

Do Dual Car Camera work with parking mode?

Yes, the dual car camera has parking mode and can automatically start recording at a specific time or when a built-in G-sensor detects an emergency event.

Parking Mode records when parked for 3 minutes without movement. This allows you to record any activity in front of your vehicle when you are away from it.

The dual car camera can be used while the vehicle is parked. However, to record when you’re not driving, a dual car camera must be hardwired or have intelligent parking mode.

Is there any Dual Car Camera for sale?

To find Dual Car Camera for sale, you will have to visit online manufacturers who offer Dual Car Camera at a discount rate. The offers can be limited or long-term.

You can also find Dual Car Camera on social media for sale. But before you decide to buy a Dual Car Camera on sale, you will have to focus on the specifications and features of the brand you are interested in.

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