Large Vehicle Blind Area & Rearview Mirror Solution

As we all know that the existence of the Blind Area of vehicles (especially for large vehicles such as bus, van truck, trailer…etc) will directly affect the driver’s judgment of the road conditions, thus resulting in operational errors. But some structures must exist objectively for vehicle body design, which it is difficult to eliminate. Like the A-pillar, you can’t cancel it. But its existence of will make the driver easy to make mistakes in judgment when turning, thus causing accidents.

Because of the external light or whether, the driver can not always get a clear view of the road condition from the Rearview Mirror.

According to customers’ requirements and market researches, QOHO developed Rearview Mirror Solution to help prevent traffic accident with a much clearer view of side and blind area.

Electronic Rearview Mirror Vehicle Safety System

The electronic rearview mirror auxiliary monitoring system collects images through a binocular camera on both sides of the A-pillar of the vehicle, and inputs the image signal source into the 12.3IPS display fixed in the vehicle’s internal A-pillar, which perfectly solve the blind area around the vehicle, reduce the secondary blind area caused by the frequent turning of the driver’s head to look at the rearview mirror, thus reduce the accident rate as well as improve the transportation capacity. The binocular camera can accurately collect the A-pillar blind road condition and the vehicle side rear road condition image to the 12.3 display output, effectively preventing sudden traffic conditions.

With this solution, no matter what external condition it is, the driver could have a very clear idea of road situtation easily, and then make correct decision accordingly.

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