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Since the pandemic began, we have avoided visiting crowded areas or establishments. Using the QOHO People Counting Camera, we can help you not only recognize the total number of customers who visited your establishment but also easily handle the number of people permitted to enter at the same time.


QOHO People Counter Camera with AI Face Recognition is also available in 11 languages: English, Chinese, Turkish, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, German, Romanian, Arabic, and Japanese.


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QOHO Provides Accurate People Counting Camera in Shopmall and Vehicles


QOHO has been a reliable and consistent manufacturer of surveillance systems for the past 16 years. Providing OEM and ODM devices for all of your needs and specifications, we ensure 100% quality and protection for our clients.


QOHO’s People Counting Camera has a high accuracy rate in counting foot traffic in its specified place. If you own a business or run a transportation fleet, the QOHO People Counting Camera is the perfect solution to count the number of customers who reach your establishment.


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QOHO People Counting Camera is Your Foot Traffic Data Solution

QOHO is one of the leading suppliers of vehicle surveillance systems that meet & exceed consumer requirements, and we provide a competitive quote based on your preferences.

People counting camera is produced by our experienced technical team. QOHO will provide you with the best management solution based on your project’s requirements. Understanding how many people are in an area at any time, how they move, where they congregate and periods of peak occupancy provides valuable insight. You can use that insight to plan accordingly, take immediate action, and improve service, operational efficiency, and profitability. If your company provides transportation services or running a commercial establishment, and you need to find a trusted manufacturer, QOHO will fully support your People Counting Camera production.

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People Counting Camera – An Ultimate FAQ Guide

People counting Camera FAQ Guide provides a step by step instructions on how to install people counting camera? What are the benefits of people counting cameras? What are the best manufacturers of people counting cameras? What are the factors to keep in mind while choosing people counting cameras? And much more.

This FAQ guide will help you understand each aspect of people counting cameras, which will also help you select people counting cameras.

You will find everything you want to learn about people counting cameras in this guide.

1.    What will you get from people counting Cameras?

People counting cameras can count instantly with 100% accuracy; no error for tourists, no error for visitors, no fatigue for operators.

With a people-counting Camera, you can get a lot of information about:

  • People flow concentration at multiple positions
  • Typical stay time of visitors
  • Any variation of the people-flow data and average data
  • The rate of procurement

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It helps to locate people in the specific area for shoppers suggesting and enhancing the overall shopping experience.

People counting camera is an enterprise-wide solution that helps companies increase revenue, reduce operational costs and improve the visitor experience.

You will get much more accurate and detailed data on pedestrian flows.

With people counting cameras, you can control the number of people at a place using this camera.

2.    What are the components of people counting Cameras?

There are many components to this technology, but the following are some of the essential components:

  • Lenses,
  • Lens mount,
  • Semiconductors or sensors,
  • Electronic circuitry (sensor and image processing),
  • Memory storage units such as Flash and hard disks for image storage,
  • Power supply units and metadata.

Each component plays its specific role. A combination of these components makes up a people-counting camera.

Except for a single component, the people counting camera cannot perform its intended function.

The components of people counting cameras have changed to keep up with how technology has impacted society.

People counting cameras have been around for a long time, but their ability to capture images enabled them to pursue more advanced objectives.

3.    What are the advantages of people counting Cameras?

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People counting cameras capture the data in real-time and leverage that information to improve business processes.

With people counting cameras, the process of identification of individuals becomes easier. This data can be used by investigative authorities or law enforcement personnel.

Integrating the video information obtained in real-time helps in an in-depth analysis that provides accurate data for long-term people statistics.

People counting Camera does not have issues of blocked images caused by other objects in the scene.

People counting camera provides real-time monitoring so that you can have the data about every second.

Whether you operate a Supermarket, Mall, Hospital, or other commercial business, using innovative technology like People Counting Camera can save money, time and motivate your staff.

Furthermore, in this time of the pandemic, we avoid going to crowded places. With the help of this device, the establishment can limit the number of visitors allowed to enter at the same time to prevent the spread of the virus.

4.    How to install people counting Cameras?

People counting camera systems are compact and easy to install. They do not require any infrastructure changes in and around the building.

While choosing the place where you will install people counting camera, make sure the people use that place as an entrance or exist frequently.

Drill the hole in the ceiling, door, or wall to fix the frame where you will mount the people counting camera.

Once you have mounted, the people count the camera connect the wires as per instructions listed in the product manual.

All you need is a central location where you would like your camera and an internet connection.

You can install cameras on top of the ceiling, door, or wall using the manufacturer’s supporting frame.

People counting Camera is easy to install and works great if you follow the provided instructions. It could be mounted within just a few minutes.

5.    What are the specifications of people counting Cameras?

People are counting cameras equipped with standard specifications. Some of the specifications of people counting camera are listed below:

  • DDR3 high-speed memory
  • World-renowned Linux operating system
  • Storage provided by NAND FLASH
  • Processor equipped with CPU Cortex A7 4
  • Class 2/4/6/10 compatible TF Card interface
  • Zero effect of environment illuminance
  • Equipped with IP43 dustproof level
  • Enables you for GPU dual-core rendering

Options exist to modify some of the specifications to increase the speed and performance.

To access some product’s performance or to judge what is inside specification plays a significant role, including ram, storage, and memory.

All the operations are carried out basically on these three main parameters.

People counting cameras are equipped with these and have additional parameters that keep you carrying out your operations seamlessly.

6.    What are the uses of people counting Cameras?

People counting camera has a vast number of uses, some of the essential applications of people counting camera are given below.

People counting cameras are used in retail, banks, and other situations where people’s concentration plays the part, allowing customers to be counted but not bothered.

Shopping malls use the people counting Camera to count the number of people entering and exiting their stores. This data can be used for a variety of reasons.

The data obtained from the people counting camera can be used for security, logistics, social science, and urban planning purposes.

People counting cameras can also be installed in public parks or public places to monitor people’s numbers and control them beyond a specific limit.

They also help in determining visitor demographics and analyzing their behaviors and movement throughout the park.

7.    How are people counting camera works?

The working principle of people counting camera is as follows:

When a person enters the monitoring range of the people counting camera, it detects and determines the person’s moving direction and height by following a deep learning algorithm and then provides results.

People counting camera systems are a series of video cameras connected to a computer network.

They can be used to count people and other objects and transmit the data to a central computer.

A people-counting camera system is composed of one or more cameras connected to a network.

A coaxial cable connects a camera to an encoder, which sends an analog signal by wire to a decoder.

The decoders use Deep learning algorithms to detect objects.

Hundreds of high-resolution images are captured every second. A high-performance processor identifies and differentiates each object

people counting camera faqs 3

8.    What is the proper place for people to count cameras?

The first and most important thing is to choose the correct location.

To get better results from people counting cameras, install this device on the top of the door.

Keep the installation position in a way such that the label sheet faces inside the room. It will impart accuracy.

The people counting the camera’s recommended installation height and width lie in the range of 2.3 to 2.8 meters and 1.5 to 2.0 meters.

If you deviate from these standards, the result will not be 100% accurate.

If there is more than one door located, you can install many cameras depending upon the number of entries.

It is the characteristics of people counting camera that it displays the total number at the same time.

9.    What are 3d people counting Cameras?

A 3D people-counting camera can accurately measure an object’s height in a short amount of time and produce the most precise measurement possible.

3d vision uses transcendent imaging to ensure an excellent level of accuracy for bulky management and is not affected by environmental factors such as weather conditions.

The word 3D in people counting camera determines the three-axis, including horizontal x-axis, vertical y-axis, and inclined z-axis.

This three-dimensional enables people to count cameras to surpass ordinary people and compare their features and benefits.

10.    What is the difference between 2d and 3d people counting camera?

There are several differences between 2D and 3D people counting cameras. Some of the differences are listed below:

Sr. No. Feature 2D 3D
1 All-in-one hardware and software device. Eliminates the requirement of data collection ✔️ ✔️
2 Software is the magic behind real-time monitoring. It verifies the counts from recording ✔️ ✔️
3 Diagnostic, Remote configuration and management ✔️ ✔️
4 Communication through internet protocol ✔️ ✔️
5 Network power configuration ✔️ ✔️
6 Restrict counting multiple exit or entries by the same individuals ✔️ ✔️
7 Counts both exits and entrances individually ✔️ ✔️
8 No specific requirement of tools during installation ✔️ ✔️
9 The remarkable accuracy of 96-100% even in a lot of traffic   ✔️
10 You can install it anywhere   ✔️
11 A wide-angle view with the same precision   ✔️
12 Queues and time-related issues at the counter can be managed.   ✔️

11.  Can I import People counting Camera from China?

people counting camera faqs

Yes, there are two options to choose from.

The first one is you can choose online retailers, and there are thousands out there. They provide high quality at a low price.

The second one, you can also research a people counting camera supplier from China. There are several suppliers you can select anyone who assures you the highest quality at the lowest price.

Although it takes time to find a reliable supplier, you are ready to go once you find an excellent one.

Remember to take price quotes about people counting cameras several suppliers to choose a good one.

After placing your contact details, your people counting camera will be delivered to your doorstep within a few days.

12.    Do People count Camera provide real-time monitoring?

Yes, the camera provides real-time monitoring. And it could connect to VMS or VSAT video system to collect data. It is truly a breakthrough in the people counting industry.

Anyone who has the authority’s login access can see what people counting camera is recording in real-time.

You can have Real-time access to pictures and data.

You can see real-time snapshots of your customer activity and an overall view of the customer behavior pattern, which can provide insight into the details of people’s shopping behavior in your store, restaurant, etc.

Compared with ball type counter, it has lower operating costs but higher reliability.

With cell web access. Some models can be view via the internet or handheld device. You can also link a wireless internet connection if needed.

13.    Where to get your people counting Camera repaired?

The brand from which you have purchased people counting cameras can contact the same brand service center for repair and maintenance.

If you get your people counting camera malfunctioned, then check the warranty card. In case if there is a warranty exists.

The company replaces it for you without the incorporation of additional costs.

If the warranty is expired, then there are several service centers located near you to choose from.

If the cost of repair and maintenance is more than the actual price, the service center can ask for replacing it.

In rare cases, the manufacturers do not provide the services of maintenance and repair.

14.  How do we control the number of people inside the store?

people counting camera faqs 1

With the RFID tracking system’s help in your in-store experience, you can get real-time data on customers who enter your store, the customer’s experience, and related information.

This technology can help to optimize staffing levels or schedule times of peak activity more effectively, all while helping to improve safety.

The system will count people in all areas, including open space, moving lines, busier visitors, etc.

It actively provides accurate person counting data in real-time to control the number of visitors inside the store.

By controlling several people, you can prevent overcrowding.

The data generated by the Camera is analyzed using our software, which makes it easy for anybody to explore the numbers with reports and even fundamental analysis from any computer with an internet connection.

15.  What are the features of people counting Cameras?

There are a lot of features possessed by people counting cameras. Some of the main features are listed below:

  • All in one Easy setting & installation, anti-vibration design
  • Multi-Language support displays like Spanish, Turkish, Chinese, etc.
  • LAN/IP segment Multi-doors Operational
  • Easy configuration via RJ45 WiFi through PC or smartphone
  • High Statistical Accuracy
  • Resistant to high and low temperatures
  • Good expansibility, protocol docking

Multiple solutions developed by AI enthusiasts use cameras as their primary component to monitor persons or vehicles’ activity and movement in a variety of facilities.

This industry-leading technology is powered by deep learning algorithms that analyze people’s complex visual characteristics and will not be thrown off by false positives.

16.  What are the installation precautions regarding people counting Cameras?

There are several precautions to keep in mind while carrying out the installation of people counting camera:

  • Do not install this camera below a height of 2.3 meters.
  • Do not install the camera in an area less than the width of 1.5 meters.
  • The label sheet must face inside the room.
  • Install the number of cameras equal to the number of doors.
  • Before starting the operation, do check the display.
  • Do not install the people counting camera outdoors.
  • Prevent your people from counting cameras from direct contact with water.

17.  What are the main parameters of people counting Cameras?

The main parameters of people counting camera include

  • Central Frequency 4-Core Chip Limitations
  • Rendering Core GPU Limitation
  • NAND flash Storage
  • High-Speed Memory
  • Functioning System Stage
  • Compatible TF Card Interface Type
  • Guard Standard is Dust Proof Level
  • Environmental Illuminance
  • Power input
  • Switch Machine
  • The Output Voltage
  • Power Consumption
  • Video Standard
  • High Resolution

The IPVM PCC (People Counting Camera) solution is the most advanced real-time people counting solution available today and priced at only a fraction of its competitors.

Count people automatically over a network of up to 100 PCCs.

Motion detection is falsely set off by objects giving significant flexibility when designing your detection setup.

18.  Can you configure people counting cameras with a PC or Smartphone?

People-counting Camera is compatible with both PC and mobile devices.

People counting camera system allows you to configure it with either a PC or a smartphone.

This will allow you to monitor your people counting data in the most convenient location.

This Camera can stream live video via network cable, WiFi, or cellular network to PCs, smartphones, tablets, or other handheld devices over IP networks.

Smartphones or tablets are perfect for viewing live images when shopping in a mall, at an exhibition, or attending a conference.

You can carry out people tracking through a mobile app that allows you to control your people counting camera, which ultimately helps track the specific number of people moving between your defined “entrance” and “exit” areas.

Reports can be generated by periods ranging from minutes to hours to cover any size audience.

19.  What are the types of People Counting Camera?

There are several types of people counting cameras available for purchase, which can reduce costs and increase your revenues.

The categorization of the cameras can vary upon the types listed below. All of these include some inherent and some implied characteristics.

  • Video person counting
  • Thermal sensors
  • Infrared beams
  • Handheld tally counters

Manipulated mainly by a computer and operated People Counting Camera remotely

20.  Which Algorithm is used to count the number of people in people measuring the Camera?

people counting camera faqs 2

A people counting Camera employs a deep learning algorithm that can continuously be trained with new data.

This approach allows implementing extremely high accuracy in people counting and provides solutions for the venues that need exact results in people measuring, such as airports or transportation hubs.

It can use a camera in real-time to build an intelligent visitor counting and management platform through computer vision and deep learning technology to detect and recognize human face & body shapes and instantly calculate the number of people in the area where the scene is set.

The mainstream of people counting solutions is generally based on infra-red technology.

In this technology, people are easily detected by it due to its unique heat features.

21.  What are the factors to keep in mind while choosing people counting cameras?

There are several factors to consider before choosing a people counting camera. These factors are listed below:

  • Accuracy: Consider people counting cameras with more accuracy in terms of percent, such as above 94%.
  • Verifiability: People counting camera, which its video quality can verify is the best.
  • Flexibility: The product you select must be configured to any desired circumstances in which you want to monitor.
  • Directional or Non-Directional: These cameras can move automatically and change their direction, consider this if the direction is your priority. These cameras can quickly move in and out.
  • Reporting: Reporting provides you access to your data every time you want. Some companies out there do not offer you access to all of your information but only if requested.
  • Cost: Do select the camera with the lowest price but don’t forget to underestimate the quality. Some companies limit the functions of people counting cameras while reducing the cost.
  • Technical Support: Select the company which provides 24/7 technical support. If you got stuck anywhere, they must always be there to help you and take you out from hectic situations.
  • Risk-free trial: Risk-free trial enables you to test the device before purchasing it. It would provide great help in accessing whether or not this device is convenient for you.

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