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  • QOHO Mobile NVR passed the EN50155 Anti-vibration certification.
  • QOHO Mobile NVR Certification for CE,CE-LVD, IEC62638, E-mark( E-9),EN301-489,EN301-511.
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QOHO: Your Reliable Mobile NVR Manufacturer in China


QOHO Mobile NVR includes Hybrid Mobile NVR that AHD 1080P + IPC 1080P MNVR, the device can also work with 8ch to 16ch IPC Mobile NVR as customized.


QOHO is one of the Professional Mobile NVR manufacturers in China and cares for your safe driving for 16 Years.


Aside from that, QOHO Mobile NVR passed the EN50155 Railway Anti-vibration certificate & IEC62638 standard.


Mobile NVR case, PCB inside, and all materials have been designed and made by QOHO, so our company can provide a competitive price for you.


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QOHO Mobile NVR – Expert Transportation Solutions


QOHO has 16 years of experience in Mobile NVR systems. It has been our company’s mission to provide driving security from then until now. QOHO persists in its service to deliver high-quality products for your driver, company, and family’s safety.


Furthermore, QOHO Mobile NVR applied full certification: EN50155 Railway anti-vibration standards, IEC60155 Safety Information Technology Equipment standards, CE-LVD, FCC, RoHS, and QOHO ISO9001 approved.


QOHO designs Mobile NVR products from the PCB main chip, lens, material, and housing, and all Mobile NVR all parts. Our company is professional at designing and make own private models. QOHO also offers OEM and ODM product manufacturing depending on your requirements and needs.

QOHO has a skilled and professional Foreign Sales Department so that QOHO can support you all the way from answering your inquiry, provide a Mobile NVR solution to your completed Mobile NVR project. Pre-service, after-sales service and technical training are also included when doing business with our company. In addition to that, QOHO R&D teams always provide the fastest software solution of Mobile NVR even if you need assistance at midnight.


QOHO provides a full range of fleet management solutions. Our Mobile NVR systems include a Car IP Camera, 4G IP PTZ Camera, Vehicle camera, 4G car DVR, Driver Fatigue Monitor, ADAS camera, body camera, and other Mobile NVR accessories parts.


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Mobile NVR – The Definitive FAQ Guide

Do you want to learn more about Mobile NVR(Network Video Recorder)? Below is a comprehensive guide with everything you need to know.

We can help you secure your vehicle or business with alarm monitoring, access control systems, and video surveillance services in this guide. We are opposed to aggressive sales tactics and the promotion of products that you do not require or desire. We also make sure you can reach us when you need us.

You will find over 20 questions, each touching on a unique mobile NVR(Network Video Recorder) issue, with their satisfactory answers. Check for your question in the guide and get the answer fast.


Table of Contents:

  • What is a Mobile NVR Device?
  • What are the Benefits of a Mobile NVR Device?
  • What’s the Difference Between MNVR and a Mobile DVR?
  • How to Install an MNVR to My Vehicle?
  • How to Protect Mobile NVR from Hackers?
  • What’s the Maximum Possible Distance Between an MNVR and Camera?
  • What’s the Max Time an MNVR Can Function After Power Goes Off?
  • How to Maintain Your Mobile NVR Over Time?
  • How do I link my NVR to a WiFi network?
  • What IP Cameras Will Work with My MNVR?
  • What Is the Maximum Life for My MNVR’s IP Camera?
  • How to Fix the Video Signal for My MNVR?
  • What’s Important When Shopping for a Mobile NVR?
  • How to Connect a Mobile NVR to IP Cameras?
  • How Much Video Footage Can an MNVR Store?
  • How to View Video Footage Stored on the MNVR?
  • How to Upgrade My Mobile NVR Software?
  • Where to find a reliable Mobile NDVR supplier?

What is a Mobile NVR Device?



When you hear the words “mobile NVR,” the first thing that comes to mind is most likely a video recorder for a vehicle. A mobile NVR (Network Video Recorder) is a specialized system that enables you to record and store videos directly from a parent network. It obtains video streams from an IP (internet protocol) camera through an IP network for storage or viewing.


You can use your mobile NVR device to receive videos encoded by an IP camera but you cannot use it for video capture. Mobile NVR is suitable for private cars, buses, taxis, school vans, trucks, etc.


What are the Benefits of a Mobile NVR Device?


Nothing is more valuable for fleets than safety. Drivers should be able to rely on the fact that they will be protected while on the job. They should be able to drive with self-assurance, knowing that everything will be documented if they have an accident, and the blame will be identified fairly.


Because our company values safety, we provide mobile NVR for vehicles. The majority of mobile NVRs purchased today are used in public transportation applications to improve passenger safety and reduce liability claims. The units are ideal for transportation environments because they are purpose-built to withstand sudden bumps and stops. They are also designed with a higher degree of ingress protection (IP) to protect the recorder from dust and moisture than other commercial products.


What’s the Difference Between MNVR and a Mobile DVR?



When installing a surveillance system in your vehicle, you can either go with an MNVR (Mobile Network Video Recorder) or a mobile DVR (Digital Video Recorder) to record and store your footage. Both systems work as video recorders but record videos differently. The distinction between the two is that NVR can record both video and audio, whereas DVR only records video.


NVR stands for Network Video Recorder. NVR systems record and store video footage directly from the network they are connected to. These systems work with an advanced type of camera, called IP cameras. IP cameras can actually capture and process video and audio data themselves. They do so through an ethernet cable or wirelessly through an existing WiFi network.


DVR stands for Digital Video Recorder. These systems are considered the older “legacy” option. Unlike an NVR system, DVR systems work with analog cameras, which can’t process video footage. Instead, the analog cameras stream raw video footage to recorders via coaxial cables. From there, the recorder processes the video footage.

Once the video has been processed, both DVR and NVR systems operate in the same manner. You can quickly access and view your video footage after connecting to a smartphone or other viewing device.


How to Install an MNVR to My Vehicle?



All installation and operation should be under your local electrical safety codes. Do not turn on the device until the installation is complete. The installation of the device and its accessories must be insulated in case of interference when it connects to the vehicle and forms a circuit. The MNVR(Mobile Network Video Recorder) must first be connected to AHD(analog high-definition) or IP( internet protocol) cameras within the network to record and store videos. You can do so by running cables from individual cameras to the MNVR. Please make sure the securing screw can sustain the mobile NVR weight. The mobile NVR’s power output port or cable shouldn’t be attached to any non-recommended device. Before replacing the HDD or any other component, always turn off the device and unplug the power cable.


The MNVR has four built-in channels (which can be expanded to eight) and six ports for IP cameras. As for AHD cameras, you get two channels that you can divide into four and four ports.


To view what the cameras stream to the MNVR, use your smartphone, tablet, or computer via a USB connection.  You may also monitor your vehicle remotely in real-time via the online CMS(content management system) platform. CMS Platforms is a piece of software that allows you to easily manage content and create a website.

The MNVR is compact, which means that you can place it in the front of your car (like the glove compartment), in the trunk of, or under your driver’s seat for more discretion.


How to Protect Mobile NVR from Hackers?



As the benefits of using wi-fi and smart technologies develop, so do the security risks. Many people are unaware of how the internet jeopardizes their security. Ironically, in some cases, the very items you purchase to protect yourself, such as security cameras, can be used to gain illegal and ill-intended access. A vehicle security system (IP cameras and MNVR) connected to a vulnerable Wi-Fi system can be prone to hacking.  However, there are measures you can take to keep your system more secure. You will learn what precautions you can take to protect your mobile NVR.


You can take numerous steps to protect your personal information, ranging from properly configuring your cameras on their own network to practicing good password-setting habits and being cautious about what emails you open. If the following precautions are taken, even if a hacker does manage to locate one of your cameras, he or she will not be able to access your sensitive data.


One is creating a sub-net for your IP cameras and MNVR. The IP cameras will record and stream video footage to the MNVR without going through your primary network. This is recommended in any case because security camera systems consume so much bandwidth that they slow down your data network. Using a VPN would be similar to using different networks, but more secure. A VPN is ideal if you intend to regularly access your security cameras and footage remotely. The next tip is port forwarding. Port forwarding is essentially just keeping up your firewall, and each time you remotely connect to a camera or recorder, a port through your firewall into your network is opened. Only a password protects that open port. Whether you use a VPN, a separate network, or just a port forwarding option, one of the best and easiest things you can do to increase the security of your devices is to create secure passwords.


Ways to secure passwords:

  • Are not easily guessed (first and last names, birthdates, 1234, etc.)
  • Are frequently changed
  • Are not pre-programmed by the manufacturer
  • Aare ones that aren’t associated with any of your other devices, profiles, or accounts

Lastly, check for updates for your devices and network routers regularly. Manufacturers frequently discover vulnerabilities and issue patches to address them. You must update your devices to receive the new security level.


What’s the Maximum Possible Distance Between an MNVR and Camera? 



You need to set your IP camera at a distance of 100 meters max from your MNVR. This is the largest transmission range of the ethernet cable that connects these two devices.


Considering that, you should always put your IP camera within a reasonable range of your MNVR. The distance is capped to 100m due to the attenuation of signals.

You can use an ethernet extender or buy a longer cable to push the transmission distance beyond 100 meters.


What’s the Max Time an MNVR Can Function After Power Goes Off? 


Your MNVR comes with an onboard UPS with an 8-second delay power-off. This functionality helps protect your data in case of a power outage.

You can also use the external UPS battery to continue using your device at optimal performance for anywhere between 2 and 5 hours after the power goes off.


How to Maintain Your Mobile NVR Over Time?


The first way to maintain your mobile NVR to ensure longer use is by always being conscious of its temperature. Consider positioning your device in a cool and well-ventilated place to avoid overheating.


Besides that, you need to ensure that your mobile NVR is ever tidy. Regular cleaning keeps debris from accumulating in your MNVR and causing internal temperatures to rise.


Finally, you can maintain your mobile NVR by seeking advice from your device’s manufacturer or vendor whenever there is a performance issue. Seek information on updates, acceptable maintenance measures, warranty, or cooling best practices whenever needed.


How do I link my NVR to a WiFi network?


The NVR can be connected to your wireless network in two ways: manually entering the details into the NVR or using WPS(Wi-Fi Protected Setup) setup, if supported by your router.


To connect using WPS, turn on the NVR without an Ethernet cable, then on your router, press the WPS button for the specified time (check your router for this), usually five seconds, then press the WPS button on the rear of the NVR for 2-4 seconds.


After a few moments, the NVR should connect. If this is connected, scan for the NVR with the Camera Live program or the Fing app on your mobile device, and it should be displayed with an IP address that allows you to connect to it.


The other method for configuring the WiFi connection is to manually enter your WiFi credentials, similar to how you did when setting up the camera.


To do this, first, locate the NVR’s IP address and then enter it into a web browser. Navigate to Network Wireless Setup after clicking Settings.


What IP Cameras Will Work with My MNVR? 


Every IP camera comes with a unique user interface and in-built camera options. Each IP camera has its own user interface and camera options that are built into the camera itself; however, not all IP cameras are fully compatible with all MNVRs.


For issue-free use, ensure that you acquire IP cameras that are compatible with your MNVR.


What Is the Maximum Life for My MNVR’s IP Camera?


Generally, your IP camera should last two MNVR cycles. It means that if your MNVR has a lifespan of four to five years, your IP camera should span anywhere between eight to ten years, respectively.


After this duration, it would be best if you considered acquiring a new IP camera. This way, you can guarantee software compatibility with your updated MNVR and the ability to tap into new functionalities.


How to Fix the Video Signal for My MNVR? 


The first thing to do if you cannot get video footage from your MNVR is to check if your camera is correctly powered on. If it is not, switch it on to receive video signals.

If there is still no video after powering your camera, check the video or data connection. You need to ensure that all cables and connectors are well-connected, the network settings are okay, and any auxiliary equipment is working properly.


Besides the above, you should also check your IP camera software. Consider upgrading to the latest version to see if you can view videos on your device.

Last but not least, make a point of checking your IP camera for damage. Damaged lenses and parts can make your camera fail to capture and relay video footage.

If everything above fails, it’s time to get tech support from your manufacturer or vendor.


What’s Important When Shopping for a Mobile NVR?



You should consider several factors when buying a mobile NVR for security or surveillance purposes. A high-quality video camera system is an essential part of your overall security plan.


MDVR provides excellent recording quality with image resolutions. This level of resolution will let you pick out details such as license plate numbers, details of a suspect’s clothing, and clear, identifiable photos of a suspect. NVR systems are generally easier to set up because they offer some wireless connectivity. As a result, your new security cameras will be operational in no time.


The type of cameras you have or are planning to buy should be compatible with the MNVR. There are two distinct types of CCTV cameras, i.e., IP cameras and HD Security Cameras over Coax.


  • Internet Protocol camera or IP camera is a type of digital video camera that receives control data and sends image data via an IP network.
  • HD-over-coax essentially allows for interoperability with legacy systems while extending the length of the cable to monitoring equipment.

Another thing you should check how many cameras your MNVR can support. MNVRs come in a range of channel support (2, 4, or even 8). The number of channels needed is determined by the number of cameras required.


You should also consider the MNVR’s storage capacity (and maximum external storage support), wireless connection capability, and whether you can access the recorder remotely through your phone, tablet, or computer.


How to Connect a Mobile NVR to IP Cameras?



Video recording is only possible once you connect your IP camera to the Mobile NVR. The MNVR has ports at the back (2 for AHD cameras supporting up to 4 channels and 4 for IP cameras supporting up to 8 channels).


Use PoE(Power over Ethernet) cables to connect your cameras to the MNVR. The number of cables will depend on how many cameras you are connecting and the available ports. You will require some components and accessories including a power cable, an Ethernet cable, SATA cables, a security screw, and a power supply cable for hard drive installation.


The cables will transmit video footage from the cameras to the MNVR and power the cameras such that no additional power adapter for the cameras is needed. So, ensure that the MNVR is connected to a power source, i.e., from the vehicle or an external battery.


How Much Video Footage Can an MNVR Store?


The storage capacity of your MNVR will depend on your needs, such as how many cameras you have and the video quality you need. The mobile NVR can support HDD or SSD of up to 2TB.


If you need additional storage, such as for backup purposes, you can add an SD card with a maximum storage capacity of 128 GB. The MNVR supports 35, 4G, and Wi-Fi storage models.


How to View Video Footage Stored on the MNVR?




The MNVR will store everything your cameras capture within their range in your vehicle. You can access recordings by connecting the MNVR to a monitor via a VGA or CVBS cable (two ports available, one for each, at the back of the MNVR).


Another way to monitor your vehicle, remotely and in real-time, is through the client CMS (Center Management Software). You can install the CMS application on your iOS or Android phone and perform functions such as audio & video monitoring, GPS tracking, video download, fuel level monitoring, etc., online.


How to Upgrade My Mobile NVR Software?


You can upgrade your MNVR software after some time to keep it up-to-date and in an optimal state. There are two ways you can update your software.


The first is a local upgrade, where you need to have the mobile NMR with you. That is, you connect the MNVR to a computer or other smart device via USB and update it. Insert a USB flash drive into the USB port on your computer (Please note that the USB flash drive does not need to be empty; it may contain other files and documents). By clicking this link, you can find the appropriate software. Click on the system software, then on the download button.


The second option is remote upgrading. You can update your software from anywhere through the CMS(Customer Service Management) app on your phone, tablet, or computer. Go to your NVR’s menu and select configuration>Network, then enable ‘Platform Access. When Platform Access is enabled, a QR code should appear on the screen, which you can scan with your smartphone app to add the device.


Where to find a reliable Mobile NVR supplier?



Chinese manufacturers are great people to do business with if you’re looking for a retailer or a distributor of various electronics such as a Mobile NVR. Since many Chinese firms began to develop and manufacture Mobile NVR, it has become tougher to locate a reliable supplier for these devices that will support you throughout the transaction.

Some mobile NVR manufacturers today do not stick with specifics, particularly high-tech equipment and experienced staff. If you want to obtain a demo of the product, you can contact a trustworthy manufacturer to fully clarify your requests.


They can also adapt to the needs and specifications of your mobile NVR. If the company already has a device on hand that meets your requested specifications, it will be delivered within a week. Some of these firms have a minimum purchase order of one item, which is ideal for testing and evaluating the device. It is also suggested that all of the external parts for your Mobile NVR be supplied by a single company to make sure that the whole unit is compatible with each other to avoid the device to malfunction.

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