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QOHO reduces the risk of collisions and protects vulnerable road users by minimizing vehicle blind spots and assisting drivers in safely maneuvering.


Wherever you are, vehicles and mobile machines continue to be a danger but, whether you operate on or off-road, vehicle or machine, large or small, we can help. As one of the best Car Monitor manufacturers in China, QOHO Car Monitor passed all certificates of CE, FCC certification.


Send us your Car Monitor project requirements, and we will come up with the right solution based on your specific needs.


QOHO is Your Car Monitor Manufacturer in China


QOHO has been continually increasing handling various types of car monitor devices or kits. Our company is a leading Car Monitor supplier, and all of our Fleet monitoring meets or exceeds customer expectations, and we’ll provide you with a competitive quote based on your specific requirements.


Through our experienced technical staff, QOHO will provide you with the right fleet management approach depending on your project’s specifications. If your company provides transportation services or fleet management systems and needs to locate an OEM vendor, QOHO will fully help you in the production of the Car monitor.


Allow us to assist you in seeking the right options for your car monitor requirements. Send us an email at any time and we’ll get you a quote right away!



QOHO is Your Reliable Car Monitor Manufacturer in China

QOHO is a market leader in safety devices, with solutions to suit all commercial vehicles for 16 years. Over the years, our company has continually improved and innovated its products, making them new and high-quality. We have championed manufacturing and continue to lead the way, pioneering many products and developing and patenting new technology such as car monitors.


QOHO has developed car monitors which allow businesses to track their vehicles where ever it goes. With the use of smart fleet tracking, they can track their vehicles at any time using any device that supports the car monitor and DVR system. This tends to result in a secure vehicle on the road, safe and comfortable drivers, more accurate documentation, and increased business efficiency.


QOHO always wants its customer satisfaction. Although the majority of car monitors are designed by QOHO, our company can also cater to building your own design and specification of Car monitor


QOHO will surely be the solution for your fleet management needs. Please do not hesitate to contact us or send an email. We will be available at all times to meet your needs!

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Car Monitor – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

A Car Monitor FAQ Guide is a user guide that helps you learn how to use a car monitoring device.

These car monitoring systems are installed and connected directly to your vehicle’s computers to help you drive safely.

They can be used for fitness, safety, stolen vehicles, and more.

The guide will show you how to install the system, what it does, and how to use it.

This guide will provide detailed instructions about using Car monitor that you are striving to know.

What is a Car Monitor System?

A car monitor system is a device that is designed to help track your driving habits.

It is a device that monitors the driver’s activities like harsh braking, rapid acceleration, and driving in an exhausted condition by tracking vehicle data and sending data to a monitoring center where it is analyzed for trends.

It can also be used to save video and audio files that occur while you are driving. This feature can also be used as evidence in the event of an accident.

The system will even notate if any error codes or maintenance reminders are present on the screen.

It’s a black box that records video. It works by registering cars. It turns on when the vehicle is on and turns off when the car is off.

How to monitor your car with a Car Monitor?

car monitor1


The vehicle monitoring device allows you to safely and legally record the driver’s driving behaviors while also voicing an alert if a dangerous driving behavior has been detected.

The Driving Monitor also provides convenient features, like allowing you to view engine hours and maintenance records via Smartphone.

Having access to these valuable details makes it easy for you to maintain your vehicle and reduce your overall insurance rates.

Car Monitor, a new way to add new functionality to your car.

The Car monitor is built for drivers that want to make the most out of their drive-by, providing real-time information about their vehicle’s performance.

This device brings you multiple functions in its small packages, such as GPS tracking, speedometer, fuel gauge, and engine usage, among other things.

How does a car monitor with recording work?

A Car monitor with recording is a monitoring device that records a vehicle’s trip and informs the driver about the driving patterns and style.

The Car monitor records everything present when the vehicle is on.

A Car monitor with recording to track your fleet’s vehicles while you are away is beneficial.

The HD wide-angle camera captures the time, location, and driving habits on the video to identify potential hazards for additional training or security purposes.

Typically, insurers will offer discounts to those who have a device installed in their vehicle, enabling them to monitor driving habits.

You can see how your driving habits and get the message about your driving problems.

How to install a Car Monitor?

car monitor installation

Use the included power cord to connect the Car Monitor to your car’s cigarette lighter connector, and then you can use the backup camera with audio.

Also, an Option exists. The Car Monitor adheres to most vehicles’ windshields with three powerful magnets.

The monitor receives engine data from a wireless connection and displays on your important screen features such as current engine speed, driver behavior monitoring, maintenance reminders, power consumption, and more.

The advanced driving safety alerts can help prevent accidents and other driving conditions, notifying you if there is a vehicle in your blind spot, lane departure, or any other warning condition.

When you start the car and put it into reverse, the camera will automatically come on for easier viewing.

The voice-activated features function with Bluetooth phone capability.

This device has a sleek and simple design that looks great in your dash. Car camera provides high-quality video recordings from inside your vehicle.

What is the usage of a Car Monitor?

The Car Monitor is a state-of-the-art vehicle tracking, monitoring, and surveillance system.

It can manage and monitor your vehicle.

It is the most effective tool to supervise your family members or employees’ daily driving behaviors, especially for teenagers prone to distracted and dangerous driving.

It provides a visual warning to drivers with bad driving habits, such as speeding, harsh braking, or rapid acceleration.

For parents, it is an ideal way to supervise their teens driving habits without invading their privacy.

It can monitor all sorts of technical information, including vehicles, products, locations, check engine light, engine, driving, screens, and maintenance reminders.

Where to mount Car Monitor?

car monitor faqs 1

The Car Monitor has four mounting options: Dashboard, Air Vent, 7/8″ – 1″ Tripod, and (2) suction cups.

  • Dashboard– is a control panel set within the central console of a vehicle. It displays instrumentation and controls for the vehicle’s operation and is usually located directly ahead of the driver.
  • Air Vent– is a system that provides a constant through-flow of fresh air, heated if necessary. Most vehicles’ heating and ventilation air intake are located at the bottom of the windshield. This location provides optimum airflow to the cabin while the vehicle is moving.
  • 7/8″ – 1″ Tripod– is used to stabilize and elevate a camera, a flash unit, or other equipment.
  • Suction cups- also known as a sucker, is a device or object that uses the negative fluid pressure of air or water to adhere to nonporous surfaces, creating a partial vacuum. It only adheres to a smooth flat surface. For it to stick to a car dashboard, an additional mounting accessory is required.

A back cap comes with (6) screws to hold the monitor together and mount to most vehicles. The tether away design can be used if a suction cup mount is not desired.

The wide-angle lens captures a clear picture of the road ahead. Also included is a lower camera so you can see the street below. When positioned in an air vent monitor on the dashboard, it is used to provide night vision video of what is in front of your vehicle, perfect for increased driving.

What are the benefits of a Car Monitor?

Technology has altered the world and our personal lives in an almost infinite number of ways. If you’re considering an aftermarket installation of a car monitor, it does come with advantages that will be beneficial. It’s a good upgrade over the usual and functional stereo that’s equipped in older cars. Visually, having it installed in the dashboard will make the car look more modern, especially if it’s an older model car or if it’s not equipped as an option.

Numerous factors must be considered when purchasing a car monitor. The Car Monitor is a power adaptor for your vehicle that can connect to over five different devices. It allows you to access information from multiple devices, view videos easily, and connects to an app that enables you to monitor your car by checking sensor data.

Car Monitor is designed to make your life easier. Who wouldn’t appreciate this upgrade? Instead of simply hearing and judging how close any obstacle is. Using the rear-view mirror isn’t enough, because it does not show the entire rear. Accidents such as hitting posts and even cute dogs are avoided, and it assists those who find it difficult with backing up.

Another benefit of using a car monitor is that you can control the navigation without being distracted by it. Navigation control is important because it allows you to select your preferred function or setting with just a few taps and swipes.

The best way to accomplish this is through vehicle monitoring and usage-based insurance optimization. If you’ve had a poor driving record in the past or are at higher risk of having one now, usage-based insurance can help lower your monthly payment and reduce car insurance prices.

Besides, Car monitor is an excellent device for parents and employers that want to monitor a teen driver’s behavior behind the wheel. With this product, the user can receive alerts by email, text, or phone call when there is an issue with their vehicle and save money on their auto insurance policies.

It offers tremendous advantages in ecology, safety, and transportation.

How many types will be produced for the Car Monitor?

There are different types of Car monitoring systems. Some of them are listed below:

  • Dual dash cam 160 degree
  • Pilot dual cam
  • Compact dashcam
  • Dashcam with 140-degree wide-angle
  • Wireless backup camera
  • Dual Car cam with maximum storage
  • Dual-view car cam with GPS logger
  • Dual dash cam with DVR
  • Compact Car backup cam

How much resolution is needed for a Car Monitor?

The Car Monitor is a universal fit with a 7-inch screen and rearview camera.

They are equipped with 1080p video/ 1366×768 resolution, G-sensor, Wide Dynamic Visual Angle, Dual car battery power supply inputs, 3D noise reduction technology.

Car Monitor has everything that you are looking for in a Car Camera and much more!

There are a lot of monitors on the market to monitor driving habits.

However, in the past, few monitors offered both a wide screen and HD resolution simultaneously. But now is not that case.

Not only does the car monitor provide crisp, clear images, but it also gives you room to adjust your settings.

Does Car Monitor provide real-time monitoring?

Yes. Car Monitor provides real-time monitoring of multiple vehicle diagnostics and behaviors.

With over 700,000 vehicles currently on the road with Car Monitor technology, the data can be analyzed to provide you with information about you and your car.

We use this information to determine any patterns or trends that might make your vehicle unsafe or unreliable.

You are notified when the vehicle is turned on and off, and you can also be notified if RPM goes above or below a set speed.

You can also be notified if your vehicle is accelerated over a specific set speed or if it falls below another set speed.

Car monitor that you have in which will all be monitored by which will transmit that information to software, which then tells the server of the information obtained.

Does Car Monitor have a back camera?

Yes, it is! Car Monitor has a back camera that beeps sound alert when you get close to the object or vehicle instead of alarming.

It will help you to park the car and avoid collisions with pedestrians and other vehicles.

The back camera records as long as the front camera does. The video is saved when the front dash camera is unplugged.

Car Monitor is compatible with most rearview cameras in the market and with thousands of make and vehicle models, making it far more convenient to install.

What does Car monitor do for Your Baby?

car monitor safe

Car Monitor will keep an eye on your baby in your vehicle wherever you are. It works like a GPS navigator. The car monitor sits on the dash, and you just have to take a look at it. It allows you to keep an eye on your child without taking your gaze away from the road. It’s difficult to keep an eye on your child while driving. There’s no need to re-adjust the mirror or tilt your head to see what’s going on in the back seats, even if your baby is rear-facing. A car monitor makes this task simpler and safer for both the driver and the child.

If a child begins choking, his condition can quickly deteriorate. It’s indeed essential to be able to see what is going on. It makes a huge difference between having the time to pull over to the next parking spot and stopping right away on the side of the road to help your child.

A built-in high-resolution camera records your baby from inside the car to ensure complete protection.

The large backlit color LCD and the deluxe parent unit will show you what’s going on, even at night!

Save driving time back and forth when it’s time to drop off or pick up your child by watching the live stream from any remote location on your iPhone or Android Smartphone via an Internet connection.

With Car monitor system, every critical moment of driving with a baby can be recorded on DVD, ready for you.

Can you operate Car Monitor with Android?

Car Monitor provides an extra pair of eyes. An android phone will definitely work in a car monitor. Google brought a standalone app to smartphones allowing anyone with an android phone to use the simplified menu system for music, navigation, phone calls, and messages.

Car Monitor broadcasts video and audio from your vehicle to your Android, giving you access to information about what’s happening inside at all times.

You can use your Smartphone to change the settings of the Car Monitor or launch an app.

See details of your vehicle, such as your engine’s speed when driving, real-time location, battery life, and video from your dashboard camera directly on your Android.

You’ll be able to create custom alerts for Car Monitor to let you know about maintenance issues on your car before you get on the road!

Can you get your Car Monitor repaired?

car monitor repair

Suppose your Car Monitor won’t work anymore. There is no need to get worried.

Just call the customer service number on the package, and they’ll get your Car monitor repaired for you.

You can also stop by at one of their service centers nationwide, where they can repair it for you on the spot!

While it is possible to repair your Car Monitor if the average cost of repair greatly exceeds the product’s replacement cost.

It is recommended to replace your car monitor with a new one. The company keeps the damaged one and replaces it with a new one on the spot at a lower cost.

Does Car Monitor work as a tracker?

Yes! Car Monitor can be used as a tracker. You can locate your vehicle and monitor it from home, just as you would using Snooper Pro. The information that is gathered from the vehicle is then stored on the device inside.

It tracks your vehicle’s location using GPS and uses GSM technology to alert you when specific parameters are exceeded. A GPS device provides information such as location, vehicle speed, time, and direction. It does track your driving habits, but it also works as a GPS tracker that can be used to locate a vehicle in case of theft.

It even comes in a variety of models to match your car’s make and year.

The car Monitor tracking function provides vehicle monitoring that helps keep your car safe, secure, and running smoothly.

You can even receive alarms sent by email or text if the vehicle drives under unsafe conditions.

What are the best Car Monitors?

Choosing the best car monitor can be challenging.

There are so many choices to choose from, and it’s not always easy to figure out what features are essential and what features are just fluff.

There are many different Car Monitors on the market today, so you need to select the best ones.

The best car monitors can show you what’s going on inside your vehicle and give you some insight into your car’s performance.

This list includes the best car monitors for tracking everything from your driving habits to sensor readings and engine performance.

When purchasing a car monitor, there are many things to consider: the best car monitor for the money, the best car monitor with excellent video quality, the guarantee, compatibility with your car, and availability.

What do you mean by a car reverse foldable monitor?

A car reverses foldable monitor ensures that the driver has a clear and smooth driving view under all circumstances, especially in the rearview.

This product has two modes and one is Car Reverse Mode, the other is Rear-View Camera Mode.

It allows you to see your vehicle’s rearview via a car monitor in front of your steering wheel while reversing from the parking space or moving backward.

And it also allows you to play DVD, AVI, MP4, etc., video files with high resolution on the car monitor screen for the whole family entertained.

The car reverses foldable monitor is mounted on the car windscreen and the rearview mirror. The car monitor status can match the gear to be in the horizontal or vertical screen.

What do you mean by a car monitor with screen mirroring?

A car monitor with screen mirroring is designed to help you drive safely.

Screen mirroring enables you to see what is on your Car monitor on a bigger screen

Car Monitor with Screen Mirroring provides a whole new level of care for your child.

It can connect to your Smartphone with screen mirroring (iPhone and Android Compatible).

The video and audio will be played on this device so your child can have more fun while staying in the car.

You can see your car’s speed, get notifications about vehicle usage, check engine light, and get messages from navigation apps.

The app also supports driving habits analysis.

Sometimes short car trips become unbearable for kids, but they will enjoy them much more with this car monitor!

What is a car monitor holder?

car monitor holder

A car monitor holder is a device whose function is to hold a portable electronic device.

This car accessory works utilizing suction cups or a clamp that attaches to the device, dashboard, headrest, or any other surface in the car.

A car monitor holder is a device that allows you to mount your vehicle’s screens such as DVD players, radios, GPSs, dashcams, and other portable devices hands-free on your car’s dashboard. The dashboard is the most favored location where to mount your devices in the car. By placing your handset on the dashboard, you can easily interact with the phone without affecting your windshield view. It has been designed so that users can view the screens without physically touching them while driving. This mounting option makes your handset within easy reach to the driver.

Many car monitor holders are also valid for mounting the device on other vehicles such as trucks, campers, and motorhomes.


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