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A 3G GPS Tracker is hardware that allows you to monitor your vehicle’s location and provides an accurate report of traffic incidents along your route.


GPS Tracking tracks three separate data sets: positioning, navigation, and timing. GPS is responsible for providing precise location and information. QOHO is a reliable provider of high-quality GPS Tracker suitable for all your fleet requirements and preferences.


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QOHO is Your Reliable 3G GPS Tracker Manufacturer


QOHO has been one of the top brands and manufacturers of 3G GPS tracker surveillance systems, also Mobile DVR & Mobile NVR, and other vehicle camera and fleet security equipment for the past 16 years.


QOHO’s diverse array of alternatives may enable you to strengthen your safety while still adding valuation to you. Our firm is regarded for offering first-rate instruments which never jeopardize our clients’ safety.


If you are in charge of a small or big fleet, we guarantee that we can offer the best goods to meet your requirements and preferences. Find one to meet your specific needs. Send us an inquiry right away.

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QOHO is a Chinese Vendor of High-grade Car Navigation System

For a decade, QOHO always delivers the finest and economical Vehicle Cameras, Mobile DVR and NVR, and other Surveillance devices like 3G GPS Tracker that will fit all your Fleet Management stipulations.

3G GPS Trackers are indeed exceptional in helping hand for surpassing fleet management. This apparatus enables you to determine the precise location of all your vehicles.

QOHO has adept product development and design team of 3G GPS Tracker, which can design satisfactory products according to customer exigence. All commodities have undergone multiple tests to assure the product eminence. The department in charge of producing the 3G GPS Tracker strictly controls product quality.

Our Company focus on ensuring our client’s safety by providing first-rate vehicle surveillance devices. So send us an inquiry right away, and we’ll recommend the best commodity for you!

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Frequently Asked Questions about a 3G GPS Tracker

You may be curious if your vehicle has or needs a GPS Tracker. In this section, we will discuss the important details that you should be aware of before purchasing a GPS Tracker.

Table of Contents

  • What is a 3G GPS Tracker?
  • What is 3G GPS vehicle tracking?
  • What are the essential features of a 3G GPS Tracker in vehicles?
  • Can you locate a car by its GPS?
  • Is it against the law to put a 3G GPS tracker on a car?
  • What are the advantages of 3G GPS tracking?
  • What should I look for in a 3G GPS tracker?
  • Why is the vehicle 3G GPS tracker important?
  • What are the disadvantages of the 3G GPS tracker?
  • Can I import a 3G GPS Tracker from China?
  • What are the other types of trackers?
  • How much does it cost to install a GPS Tracker in vehicles?
  • How does GPS Tracking work in Fleet Management?
  • Is it possible to use GPS Tracker without Internet access?
  • How Reliable Is a GPS Tracker?
  • Where do you install the GPS tracker in your vehicle?
  • How to Find Hidden GPS Trackers on your Vehicle/s

What is a 3G GPS Tracker?

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A Tracking devices unit, also known as just a GPS tracker, is indeed a navigation device that is typically mounted on a truck, asset, person, or animal and using the Global Positioning System or GPS to determine its movement and geopolitical proximity to identify its position.

GSM/Locations remain saved in the GPS tracking unit or sent to a device that has an internet connection, through the mobile network (GPRS/LTE/CDMA/SMS or GSM), satellite modem embedded in the unit, radio or Wi-Fi, which works globally.

What is GPS vehicle tracking?

GPS tracking or vehicle monitoring is enabled by the Global Positioning System or simply GPS. It is made up of twenty-seven satellites that transmit information to receivers all over the globe. The transmissions and their interaction may provide location information to any device fitted with a GPS chip.

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In terms of fleet management, a tracking system enables fleet managers and owners to obtain rapid information regarding their vehicles on a map or even in the form of cases.

This data can then be merged with other fleet-related data (driver behavior, fuel usage, and maintenance), merging time and place with other information to produce true fleet competence.

What are the essential features of a GPS Tracker in vehicles?

When comparing various suppliers to assist you to boost your company and bottom line, keep these vehicle tracking features in mind.

  • Tracking in Real-Time – real-time monitoring is the major role of GPS tracking devices. The cars’ location is observed on the map as they go from location to location. If your car is moving, the Position information is indicated on a map, along with the car speed. With map markers, the present state of the car, such as moving, idle, or parked, is shown. Multiple cars can also be grouped but also controlled at the same time using plain software.
  • Notifications – One can evaluate driver behavior and maximize fuel consumption and workforce by using vehicle monitoring system features such as over start of day alert, over speeding alert, path deviation alert, and unnecessary stoppage alert. Some alerts can be customized depending on your needs:  Tampering Alert, Over-speeding Alert, Stoppage Alert, Idling Alert, and so on. Maintenance alerts and fuel theft alerts are helpful features for customers looking for a vehicle tracking system for personal use.
  • Travel History – On the map, you can see a visual representation of all the trips taken by the vehicle. Kilometers traveled, idling, stops, engine time, as well as average speed, are all displayed. Over speeding but also hyperdrive stretches are addressed on the monitor. Some devices also have the ability to repeat the whole travel. This function benefits both employers and chauffeured car owners.

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  • Accessible Anytime & Anywhere – In today’s modern world, in which all information is at our fingertips, it is critical to invest in a device with a tracking system that is usable via web and mobile devices. This really is incredibly beneficial when discerning parents use the vehicle GPS tracker to track their fleet vehicles, school buses, or car service transporting kids. The convenience anywhere, wherever connectivity and consumer-friendly software keep you up to date on your car’s whereabouts in real-time, regardless of your location is.
  • Travel History Report and Summary – Links to position and incident reports offers a high Return on investment for most companies with a modest to the huge fleet. Fleet Administrators can monitor and review information about their fleets for up to ninety days past period, allowing them to make better choices that will benefit their company. A robust collection of multimedia reports is included with a Tracking devices system that has a business dashboard. This provides you with an overall perspective of the metrics that are important for your company’s success. Complete distance traveled, parking time, stoppages, over-speeding, and fuel usage are all recorded. You will view the figures for various vehicle classes and time periods.
  • Geo-fencing – this feature elevates alert functionality to a new stage. On the map, you can draw territorial borders known as Geofences around a landmark. Any time the vehicle reaches or leaves the Geo barrier, a warning is issued. This brings up a plethora of possibilities for using surveillance data, which can turn into improved operating performance, staff optimization, and increased protection and safety standards for the customer.

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  • User management and access control – User monitoring and access control are critical features of vehicle tracking systems for company owners. You should be able to edit and add user accounts, as well as control the access rights across positions. You must be able to delegate one or even more pre-determined tasks to a user and execute grouping, which involves grouping several users. This allows you to perform car monitoring for several numbers of vehicles as well as access report reports for the group overall.
  • An easy and intuitive user interface – offers advanced features such as group-wise control with no need for different profiles, a bird’s eye perspective of the entire group of vehicles, and the power to check real-time and historical results. A basic but well-developed user-friendly interface enables quick access to the knowledge needed to make intelligent choices.
  • Analytic – Several GPS Tracking units provide creative business solutions built to leverage the power of location-based networks and integrate this with cloud analytics and provide implementable fleet data at the fleet manager’s fingertips to achieve accurate fleet efficiency.
  • Easy Installation – if you are searching for a GPS-based tracking system that meets your requirements, remember the ease of maintenance and installation. Look for a small device that can be mounted discreetly under the dashboard. OBD-compatible devices are a safer option for a plug & play approach.

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Can you locate a car by using a 3G GPS Tracker?

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You won’t have to deal with the inconveniences of tracking your vehicle if you use a special navigation device. Aside from providing precise direction, a GPS navigation system has another benefit. If the unexpected occurs and your vehicle is stolen, just use the tracker mounted on your car to easily locate its whereabouts.

Is it against the law to put a tracker on a car?

Most states consider it legal to mount a tracking device in a vehicle whether you own it jointly with your partner or if it is your sole possession. However, when you install a GPS monitoring device in someone else’s vehicle, you might face legal action for violation of privacy.

What are the advantages of 3G GPS tracking?

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  • GPS is incredibly simple to use and it guides you in the right direction at any turn you make; otherwise, you’ll have to think your way to your travel destination.
  • GPS operates in all weather conditions, so you won’t have to think about it as you will on most navigation systems.
  • As compared to other navigation devices, GPS is very inexpensive.
  • The most appealing aspect of this system is its complete coverage of the globe.
  • It also allows you to search for nearby hotels, local restaurants, and even gas stations, which is highly helpful when looking for a substitute location.
  • Because of its low cost, it is very simple to incorporate into other technologies such as mobile phones.
  • Since the system is updated daily by the US government, it is highly advanced.
  • It is the most basic water navigation method and we are often confused in wider bodies of water due to a lack of proper guidance.
  • GPS signs can be found all around the globe. As a result, consumers would never be without it.
  • GPS is frequently used everywhere in the world; it is operated by global satellites, so it can be accessed from anywhere; what you need are a strong tracking device and a GPS receiver.

What should I look for in a 3G GPS tracker?

In purchasing a GPS Tracker, it is critical to select a model that is easy to comprehend and use while still being strong enough to endure severe conditions. A suitable GPS Tracker must have an emergency button for emergencies, a battery that lasts at least 5 days, and a water-resistant and durable build.

Why is vehicle tracker important?

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  • It allows you to keep track of all of your vehicles and staff.
  • It allows you to pinpoint the precise position of your supplies.
  • Insurance rates would be lower.
  • Aids in the reduction of fuel consumption
  • Assists you in locating a stolen car
  • Improved car maintenance
  • Helps to keep track of the speed of your vehicles.

What are the disadvantages of GPS?

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Since GPS may malfunction due to a variety of reasons, it’s a good idea to keep a backup map and directions on hand.

  • GPS signals are sometimes inaccurate due to signal barriers such as structures and trees, as well as intense weather conditions such as solar storm
  • If you use GPS on a battery-powered unit, the battery may malfunction, requiring the use of an external power supply, which is not always feasible.
  • GPS is not capable of penetrating concrete walls or buildings. It is often harmed by massive constructions and buildings.
  • The GPS chip consumes a lot of electricity and drains the battery in eight to twelve hours. This requires the repair or recharge of the battery regularly.

Can I import a 3G GPS Tracker from China?

3g gps tracker faqs 10

Well, indeed! Importing a 3G GPS Tracker from China is easy. However, before purchasing, you must check the supplier’s full definition, specification, characteristics, price, and reviews on their websites.

3G GPS Tracker is manufactured everywhere in China. Even so, it’s a smart idea to enlist the assistance of an agent with specialized exporting expertise to ensure you get the best deal to prevent needless losses.

We are all aware that China’s affordable and dependable electronic products are well-known throughout the world, especially the 3G GPS Tracker.

You should find a broker who can help you import from China. Since China is a destination for exporting electronics, having a 3G GPS Tracker shipped securely should be assured to your doorstep.

 What are the other types of trackers?

Tracking of a car, a person, or a precious object has never been simpler, due to advances in technological developments. A tracking system is an electronic device that reports its position in response to stimulation and at predetermined intervals. Vehicle tracking devices enable you to control and locate vehicles.

  • RFID – Radio-frequency identification or RFID, employs small bands that contain a transistor or microchip with encrypted data as well as a transmitter for receiving and transmitting signals.
  • Satellite Tracker – The introduction of the Global Positioning System (GPS) has resulted in the invention of extremely precise tracking systems. A GPS tracker compares transmissions from an overhead network of satellites to locate its position to just a few meters, delivering real-time location data.
  • Triangulation of Mobile Phones – If your mobile phone does not have GPS, it may include technologies that allow the network to locate it. If you ever need to call for assistance in a remote area, 911 providers will contact the operator to determine which cellular network tower can scoop up your device’s signal.

How much does it cost to install a GPS Tracker in vehicles?

The simplest car trackers will typically be rented for $15 per car, per month. Purchasing an active monitoring device directly would usually cost at least $320 per unit, plus a $70 to $140 installation charge, while a passive system will cost around $140 per unit.

What are the 2 types of 3G GPS Tracker?

3g gps tracker faqs 11

Passive trackers – This device saves data such as traveling and speed. This device does not have real-time monitoring, and the information gathered by this sort of tracker is retrieved after every trip. As a result, passive trackers are less accurate than active trackers & are most widely used by people who choose to track a single car rather than businesses monitoring commercial cars.

Active trackers – This type gathers the above-mentioned data as passive trackers, and also reports on driver behavior, repair, fuel, and direction, among other things. They relay this information in real-time via satellite or cellular networks, as compared to extracting it from the passive tracking device after the trip is complete. Active trackers are the ideal choice for companies that rely on vehicle fleets and have frequent mobile workforce operations.

How does GPS Tracking work in Fleet Management?

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GPS fleet monitoring was originally common in the market and has since become an essential business method in the United States. When fleet owners install GPS monitoring in their cars, they quickly realize the value of technology in maximizing and upgrading their vehicles. GPS Fleet Tracking employs the global positioning system to control and map commercial fleet vehicles.

Using GPS technologies for commercial fleet deployments necessitates the installation of a GPS device in each vehicle to be monitored. High-quality GPS systems track a variety of vehicle data, such as engine start-up, speed, shut-down, idling, and routing.

The details from each vehicle would then be transmitted to a distant user, based on the type of monitor used.

The Internet or specialized software will then be used by remote users to monitor maps of vehicle positions and directions, as well as access available information on vehicle location & status.

Is it possible to use 3G GPS Tracker without Internet access?

The simple answer is YES!  Any positioning software on both Android and IOS phones will monitor your vehicle’s location without requiring a connection to the internet. A GPS does not work in the absence of data coverage, but the GPS antenna can still obtain a repair directly from the satellites if necessary.

How Reliable Is a 3G GPS Tracker?

Whenever it comes to monitoring the location of an automobile, asset, or individual, GPS devices have the most precise data; however, users often question how exact the location data really is. To understand the GPS tracker’s accuracy, you must first understand how a GPS tracker functions.

Where do you install the 3G GPS tracker in your vehicle?

3g gps tracker faqs 13

When installing a GPS tracker, the most critical consideration is signal quality. The system will not work if it does not obtain an appropriate GPS satellite and/or cellular transmission.

Most GPS signals fly through fiberglass, plastic, wood, glass, and cardboard, however, it is not possible on all solid materials, so it’s best to give the GPS tracker a clear line of sight to the atmosphere. Places like the windshield, bumper, or windscreen are easy options, but the true deciding factor is whether you want the GPS tracker to be visible to other people or not.

If you’re not trying to conceal your GPS tracker, installation is easier, because there are several more location choices. The first aspect to check for is a straight field of view to the horizon, which will provide you with the best GPS signal. This allows many excellent choices:

  • On the vehicle dashboard or the back shelf

This alternative provides strong signal strength despite the presence of just a glass screen in the direction. Please ensure this is not too near to any other location-dependent equipment to prevent intrusion.

  • Attached to the Rear Window

We don’t suggest this option as a discreet option because it is less conspicuous but very easy to locate. This location, on the other hand, provides an excellent transmitted signal.

  • Affixed to the vehicle roof

This could be a visually unattractive choice, but it provides excellent transmit strength. Secure your tracker to the top of your car with a magnetic protective box. It’s still looking up towards the sky this way. It is crucial to highlight that installing your GPS tracker in this position can increase the risk of it being stolen!

How to Find Hidden GPS Trackers on your Vehicle/s

Most cars today have a car GPS tracker installed, which uses the global positioning system (GPS) and mobile networks to locate and report the exact location of the vehicle to which it is mounted to. GPS trackers are common with a fleet of vehicles and taxi operators, and also individual vehicle owners since they assist in the retrieval of stolen automobile tracking. The majority of these devices are installed by the car owner, although others can outfit an automobile with that kind of gadget without the owner’s permission or knowledge. If you believe that your car has been secretly equipped with a GPS device without your permission, there are a few easy measures you may take to find out if you’re being monitored and tracked.

3g gps tracker faqs 14

1.      Examine the Outside of your vehicle

Since vehicle bumpers are built of infusion ABS, they are an ideal location for a Tracking device, rendering this the most possible location for a GPS device to be hidden. If you’re going to check under the car’s bumper, try using a small-sized mirror attached to a long pole and a flashlight to illuminate the area.

2.      Check the Inside the car

If a tracker is installed inside your vehicle, it will be very visible. Try reaching to your vehicle dashboard, storage, car roof, or the cigarette lighter

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