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QOHO's High-Quality Taxi Camera that Ensures Safety for both Driver and Passenger


If You have a Taxi Service Company, A Taxi Camera is an essential device that you must invest in for You, Your Driver, and The Passengers’ Security.


QOHO Taxi Camera is reliable and delivers high-quality video footage to monitor your taxi fleet’s daily activity.


Our Company is a trusted Manufacturer and Supplier of Taxi Camera in Shenzhen, China, and we can provide the best solution for all your taxi fleet requirements.


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QOHO is The Best and Reliable Taxi Camera Provider in China


Are you running a Taxi company? If yes, then you might want to consider installing a Taxi Camera in your fleet of vehicles. This device can help you monitor and track all your drivers and taxis operating for the day. You can remotely view the live footage from the cameras for you to see if your drivers are doing a great job or not.



Since this type of transportation requires dealing with different passengers each trip, a taxi driver often experiences theft and assault from them.

A taxi camera can also be helpful in these kinds of crime investigations. If one of your taxis encountered an incident like a passenger or other driver assault, a taxi camera footage will be your solid evidence.


Our company will provide you the best quote depending on your project and preferences.

QOHO is Your Reliable Taxi Camera Manufacturer in China


For 16 years our company proved our quality support to our consumers. From product planning up to after-sales service, QOHO will be available to assist you.


Our Taxi Camera is made with smart technology that combined the best features and specifications in one device. As a fleet manager, you will not have to worry about monitoring all your taxi drivers by personally checking upon them. A taxi camera can be like your CCTV camera that can be streamed live anytime and anywhere. This device also has GPS for you to easily locate all your operating vehicles’ exact positions.


We also offer to build your own design taxi camera under your own brand with the help of our skilled research and development team and sales and marketing team.

Simply send us an inquiry and we will be assisting you as soon as possible.



Taxi Camera – The Ultimate FAQ Guide


Taxi Camera FAQ Guide contains all the answers to your taxi camera questions, explained and organized clearly.


The guide explains to you step by step how you can install your taxi camera correctly and even show you what resources are essential in its upkeep.


The Taxi Camera FAQ Guide is designed to assist taxi drivers and operator companies thinking about installing a Taxi Camera in their fleet.


This FAQ guide will answer some of the most common questions, such as a taxi camera, how does taxi camera work? All that information can be found on the Taxi Camera FAQ Guide.


This FAQ guide aims to educate users on the technical details of different taxi cameras available on the market today.


What is Taxi Camera?



It’s a tiny camera in a taxi that records and shows the activities of the driver and passengers while they’re on the road.


The Taxi Camera is also a surveillance camera for the business of taxis.


It can provide customers with rearview video and audio recording. Voice and text messaging are all recorded, so passengers cannot destroy evidence anymore.


The taxi Camera allows for video recording inside the taxi. The quality of the footage is evident in any ambient light settings.


It’s a powerful tool for drivers and passengers alike. The Taxi Industry is notorious for cases where drivers or passengers are mistreated.


Taxi Camera will solve this problem by capturing evidence for prosecution purposes.


Is any Taxi Camera for sale?


To shop for Taxi Camera, you’ll need to visit online retailers who give discounts on the taxi camera. The offers may be limited or long-term.


You can find Taxi Camera on social media for sale. Before you decide to purchase a Taxi Camera on sale, it’s essential to read through the specifications and features of a camera you need to buy.


China is the world’s leading exporter of taxi cameras. Each component in every top brand of taxi camera is tested to ensure that it meets all quality standards before assembly and delivery.


You can look through the online websites and find out some good brands of taxi cameras. You can even purchase the best taxi camera at a very reasonable price.


What are the steps for Taxi Camera installation?



Installing a Taxi camera is often known as hardwiring, and you can learn the steps below to hardwire a Taxi camera in your taxi.

  • Select the appropriate mounting spot for Taxi Camera
  • Connect the camera cable with the camera and power source
  • Rout the power cable such as not visible but hide the line.
  • Test the installation by Turn ON the Taxi camera
  • Record the video from the front and rear cameras of the Taxi Camera
  • Playback the recorded video

How does the Taxi Camera system work?


A taxi camera is typically powered by a cigarette lighter or hot-wired into the car’s power system.


Taxi cameras automatically start recording when the ignition of the car is turned on. The camera continues recording continues until the ignition is turned off.

Each recording is saved as a clip-on and SD card and can be played back immediately when the recording is finished.


Taxi cameras also have a motion sensor that activates recording in the event of a theft or break-in triggered by moving around the vehicle.


A Taxi camera is small enough to be inconspicuous but powerful enough to capture whenever needed.


With front and rear-facing cameras, the driver can drive a car over for suspected traffic violations or provide visual backup of internal and external in the event of an accident.


A taxi camera is a device that records everything that happens on the inside of your vehicle’s windshield.


It captures footage from the inside of your car, including your driving, as well as what’s happening outside the vehicle.


How can taxi camera footage be used?



Here are some examples of what your taxi camera footages can be used for:

  • To protect the driver from any difficulties and inspect the facts if complaints are received from passengers.
  • To provide passengers with strong protection if disputes occur during the trip through video and audio recording.
  • If the driver is hurt or violated by violence or scratching, the video recording will prove the exact situation and give great help to sue the unfair driver.
  • You can submit any footage captured by a taxi camera for the insurance claim or evidence of the incident; Whether it was recorded inside or outside a taxi, as long as it relates to the case you are submitting, it is good to be submitted.
  • Taxi camera footage can be used to help identify unruly passengers, support allegations of assaults on taxi workers, identify events that lead to accidents, and provide critical evidence against predatory criminals who frequently prey on vulnerable people.

How are Taxi Camera stickers functional?


A taxi camera sticker is handy for passengers and car drivers.


It helps secure and prove without compromise a dispute or incident.


The structure of the taxi camera sticker is made up of high-quality components to ensure high-performance recording during nighttime.


Taxi camera stickers are a great way to monitor the driving habits of your taxi drivers to improve their overall safety record.


Adding a taxi camera sticker to the inside of the taxi will capture all of the critical footage without causing any interference with the driver or passengers.


To help drivers focus on the road, taxi camera stickers use a text or illustration that mimics the look of a taxi’s traditional cab TV


They are allowing drivers to see outside their cab with just one glance.


Taxi camera stickers ensure a clean installation with wires hidden away not to distract you while driving through busy city streets.


The Taxi Cam stickers are a low-cost but highly effective tool for improving safety and security in the taxicab business.


They put an unmissable visual reminder of the camera’s presence on the back of every taxi door.


Is it possible to use a taxi camera as a security camera?


Yes, a taxi can work as a security camera to ensure the safety of you and other passengers.


Both the taxi camera and the security camera are considered as the surveillance cameras for the vehicles.


They are used to keep a record of the drivers’ actions and passengers. But in the function, they are different.


The security camera is used for information storage to be watched back anytime and anywhere you want.


While Taxi Camera is specially optimized for taxi drivers, allowing them to capture footage from both the front and inside of the vehicle.


Do Taxi Cameras record the outside of the taxi or just the inside?



Yes. Taxi cameras are installed in surveillance mode. That means they record what’s going on both outside and inside the taxi vehicle for safety and security reasons.

It records both inside and outside of the taxi, in low light and at night, all while you are riding in comfort.


The recorded video is then stored on a memory card that is either integrated into the taxi’s camera SD card or installed separately in the DVR if connected.


Recorders allow you to keep track of all your destinations. From time to time, emails and images and GPS coordinate for retrieval at destination cost as a reminder and a handy dandy way to charge your smartphone or tablet on the go.


What are the Advantages of Taxi Cameras?


There are a lot of advantages of taxi cameras, but a few of the benefits are given below:

  • Taxi Cameras are installed to protect drivers from being abused by passengers.
  • Tensions between taxi drivers and their passengers can sometimes boil over into violence.
  • Having taxi cameras in the taxi can help deter crime by reminding customers that they’re being watched.
  • Taxi drivers are often targeted by thieves, who can see the cab’s taxi cameras just by being in the car. Robbers would think twice if they know that their actions would be recorded on camera.
  • Many taxi drivers need to be tracked. It’s essential to make sure that you’re getting the service you’re paying for.
  • A taxi camera is an essential tool for ensuring that your drivers are trained and doing their jobs properly.
  • Taxi recorders and GPS tracking log the whereabouts of taxis in real-time, helping to prevent violent crime against passengers and drivers.
  • The purpose of a taxi camera is to protect both the driver and the passenger.

What are the considerations before buying a Taxi camera?


Following considerations should be made before buying a taxi camera:

  • Taxi cameras should be equipped with low-light capabilities because they can be used to capture footage at night.
  • Both the driver and passenger must be in view in a camera
  • A rearview taxi camera can be mounted to the back of a taxi is equipped with a high-definition video that provides a detailed perspective of the vehicle.
  • Taxi Cameras are attached to the outside of a vehicle to record traffic and safety incidents.
  • GPS-compatible taxi cameras should be used to monitor taxi drivers.

What are the laws about Taxi Camera systems?



Taxi drivers are permitted to install cameras to record information on a taxi camera and notify the passengers that they are being recorded.


However, taxi drivers should be careful when recording conversations between themselves and passengers, as there is the possibility of violating privacy laws.


There are currently no laws against recording video while driving a car. Some states of the different countries allow the installation of taxi cameras in taxis, and no legislation prohibits video capture while driving.


It is allowed in other cities only in case of unruly passengers, and audio recording is prohibited.


In some states, you need to inform the customer that you are using a camera.


Some taxi companies prohibit this because they don’t want to be responsible for their drivers’ crimes.


It’s up to each company as local laws vary.


What are the essential features of a Taxi Camera?


The Taxi Camera is a smaller, stealthier device than the traditional taxi camera.

A few of the good qualities of Taxi Camera are mentioned below:

  • night vision,
  • Wi-Fi capability,
  • image stabilization,
  • High Definition
  • video recording
  • A button that can be programmed for recording audio.

What are the characteristics of a Taxi Camera?


Some characteristics of the taxi camera are given below:

  • An intelligent power management system that will provide enough voltage and power for the vehicle to start.
  • Support recording in accidents and the event of power outages.
  • Support real-time remote monitoring, 3G/4G, wifi
  • Support multiple video recording methods, automatic continuous video recording, timing video recording.
  • Support infrared extension, mouse, and video plug-in.
  • The ports of the equipment are all air-headed, and they are more reliable.
  • Small in size, light in weight, and simple to install.

What are the types of taxi cameras?



There are a lot of types of taxi camera, and few types are given below:

  • 1Ch Taxi Camera
  • Mini 2 Ch taxi camera
  • Taxi Camera Dual View
  • Taxi camera Square Mini Camera
  • Mini Taxi Camera
  • Dual Lens Taxi Camera

Why are Taxi Cameras necessary?



Taxi drivers have a dangerous job with a high risk of violence. Taxi cameras make it harder for criminals to commit crimes.


When criminal activity occurs, they help police identify suspects and prosecute them.


Taxi cameras help taxis be safer, making it easier for drivers to work and making it safer for passengers to ride in a taxi


Most of the time, taxi drivers are alone, and they need to maintain silence for security reasons.


Often, the driver doesn’t know if a customer will complain about the fare (like picking up two passengers instead of 3). In that case, a taxi camera is helpful to judge.

Taxi camera recording can protect you from any suspicious situation that might happen in your cab and remember many experiences for you, especially traumatic moments with unruly passengers.


It’s so important to have a piece of evidence in such cases.


How are pictures recorded on Taxi Camera?


The pictures are recorded in a digital format that does not require any software or connection to a computer. They can be captured by clicking the button on the camera and then viewed just by clicking on the web link or entering your email address on your smartphone connected with the network.


Pictures are transferred to a card using a chip. The chip is stored inside of a sealed, secure unit inside the taxi camera.


The taxi camera is connected with the enabled Wi-Fi module to transfer the data into the cloud or an email.


Is Taxi Camera compatible with an android cell phone?


Yes, Taxi cameras are compatible with smartphones and tablets. However, some of the Taxi cameras are convertible, allowing them to work with smartphones and tablet computers via Bluetooth or a cable connecting.


You can also view live footage using the Cell Phone app to receive alerts about traffic, road conditions, and other safety hazards.


If you use a smartphone with an internet connection, you’ll also receive alerts on your home page by clicking on a link. To access the dual car camera application on your android phone or tablet:

  • Open the Apps menu and scroll to the Camera icon
  • Tap the Camera app to switch between front-facing and rear-facing cameras
  • Tap the Effects icon if you’d like to apply different effects
  • Tap the Focus button to adjust the focus
  • Tap the desired area of the frame you wish to focus on

Every smartphone’s original equipment manufacturer is currently adding this Taxi camera feature to connect the taxi cameras with your smartphone, tablet, or Android phones.


Does the taxi camera connect with WiFi, 3G, and 4G?


Yes, most of the taxis can connect to the Internet via WiFi, 3G, or 4G.


In most cases, the Taxi Camera is connected to 3G, 4G Wireless technology, and Wi-Fi. These are the best way to get a Taxi Driver to monitor the data from a taxi camera.

The function of WiFi means to connect to the Internet wirelessly. Meanwhile, the 3G/4G function works well at night as you can connect to the cloud.


The Taxi camera with WiFi will work with either the wired connection or WIFI. The best way to connect the taxi camera to the Internet is with a reliable signal and fast connection speed on your cell phone using 3G and 4G.


Does Taxi Camera provide GPS?



Yes, if your taxi camera has a built-in GPS that lets you track the location of your taxi while in case of not embedded GPS, then your smartphone camera has a built-in GPS that provides real-time location tracking. With this integrated smartphone camera, you can easily track the taxi in your vicinity.


Companies also use GPS function in taxi cameras to record the location of their taxies. This allows them to monitor their drivers’ movements. Knowing their whereabouts at all times is a valuable tool for professional cabs.


Few taxi cameras have a standard G-sensor that detects collisions and captures relevant video files for further investigation by the user.


Does Taxi Camera provide real-time monitoring?


Yes, taxi cameras do provide real-time monitoring because Wi-Fi connects them. Taxi cameras record footage of passengers, and the drivers can transmit or upload the recording to the cloud from where you can see the required video whenever you want.


Taxi cameras generally offer real-time monitoring. This means you will be able to see real-time images of the taxi whenever you access the image via your phone.


Few taxi cameras have inbuilt wireless and cloud-based surveillance for easy recording and monitoring. This helps the taxi companies tracking the video feeds at any time of the day.


The taxi camera records onto a memory card. It picks up wifi signals even from several blocks away, allowing you to watch live footage on your smartphone, view the footage effortlessly, take photos directly from the device, or email it to others.


Covered by our 24/7 monitoring facility, you can serve as a valuable witness in any situation – anytime, anywhere with the help of real-time monitoring.


Where is the data of Taxi Camera stored?



Taxi Cameras record in real-time and store the video on an SD card in the back of the camera.


Data is sent wirelessly through cell phones via networks to servers where it is stored and kept safe.


The data from the taxi camera is stored in the cloud, enabling users to retrieve and share the taxi video with others. Insurance companies can also use it to assess and process claims.


The taxi camera recording data is stored in a separate, protected area of the device. When the memory card gets full, the oldest footage is automatically erased to make room for the newest video.


Is there any training required for the drivers for Taxi Camera?


Many company policies and procedures ensure that all taxi cameras constantly obtain training to provide customers with peace of mind and security.


During training, the pre-shift checklist is essential for ensuring that the camera head, status light, wires, and connections are checked before the shift starts.

Drivers learn the rules regarding taxi cameras and company policies and procedures.


Dispatch is trained to ensure that any issues with the cameras are fixed within few days.


What are the critical factors during the installation of a Taxi Camera?


The structure of the taxi camera is both complex and time-consuming. So, few important factors are given below:

  • it requires a professional technician to ensure your car is installed safely and with high quality
  • Make sure the system covers the driver area, passenger cabin, and rear of the cab.
  • The system should display images clearly in both light and dark areas, including car-parks, at night, or tunnels.
  • The foremost important factor is installation location, which should be in an area visible to both driver and passenger.
  • The angle’s dimension of the taxi camera depends on what you want to record and in which dimension. Sometimes, a wide-angle lens is enough for optimum recording.

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