CMS client software-Mobile DVR/ MDVR/ Car DVR




The system achieves a full range of functions such as real-time video monitoring, GPS, vehicle tracking, GEO-Fence, voice intercom, alarm linkage, video storage / upload, remote upgrade,
text to speech, statistical analysis

(e.g. speed, fuel consumption), user permission setting and management etc.

-100,000 vehicles real time monitoring fleet management

– Real-time video & audio monitoring

– Real-time complete information of vehicle status, such as numbers of online vehicle, speed, GPS tracking, vehicle temperature, alarms etc.

– Video remote search & download

– Voice intercom, broadcasting, text to speech

– Picture snapshot

– PTZ control

– Driving route record

– Alarm linkage. (Emergency alarm, video signal lost alarm, door open alarm, hard disk error alarm, over speed / low speed alarm, idling too long alarm, temperature alarm, GPS fail alarm and other user-defined alarms are triggered to activate alarm respond e.g. map locking, alarm call, video window automatically popup, and video recording & saved on CMS platform. )

– Auto-generating report forms, can be directly exported to Excel version for further analysis



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– Real-time monitoring via personal mobile devices with iPhone, Android, iPad system

– Compatible with National Ministry of Transport standard.

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