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A single pair of eyes isn’t always enough. QOHO has the most effective school bus camera systems for you. Your drivers, as well as the industries and people they serve, deserve to know that safety comes first. Make your school bus journeys safer by installing a School Bus Camera System that is modified for you.


Our company makes their school bus camera system with high-quality materials. We have exceptional customer service with agents who are always willing to be of service at any time of the day.


QOHO has ensured that their materials for their school bus camera system products are made with the highest quality to ensure long-lasting and durable products. QOHO also has a superb quality control team that ensures that the products are in good condition throughout the production.


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QOHO is the First Class School Bus Camera System Manufacturer in China


QOHO has been developing its products since 2005 has continuously been making new products such as their school bus camera systems. For 16 years QOHO has been growing and earning awards for its high-quality products.


Our company has an excellent school bus camera system’s research and development team that oversees the manufacturing of their products and makes their products undergo severe quality control procedures. We can assist you in locating transportation fleet management solutions and OEM manufacturer requests. Also, we can provide you with the best solution for your fleet management needs. QOHO has a lot in store for you, regardless of whether you have trucks, cars, taxis, or buses.


Our company has a hands-on customer service department that can help you with any questions about your school bus camera system. Also, our team could assist you with your requests at any time of the day. We will be there for you every step of the way to make sure you are satisfied with our service.

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QOHO School Bus Camera Systems is an Expert in Fleet Management Solutions


QOHO has been the top leading school bus camera system for 16 years. Our company has maintained its steady position in the school bus camera market. We created a number of utility concept plans to improve their school bus camera system products while developing the product.


Furthermore, QOHO has won awards such as National High-tech Enterprise status and received Global Quality international certification. School Bus Camera system designed specifically for student transportation aid in the prosecution of stop-arm violators as well as the identification of bullying and other undesirable on-board student behavior.


Available at no additional cost, QOHO takes pride in providing the best possible customer service and technical support. Let us know what school bus camera system products you need, and we will do our best to serve you!



School Bus Camera System – The Definitive FAQ Guide


School Bus Camera System – The Definitive FAQ Guide is a guide designed to help school transportation directors, transportation supervisors, bus drivers, district administrators, and parents better understand what a school bus camera system is and what it can do for them.


The Ultimate FAQ Guide is a solution that covers all the details of the school bus camera system, including costs and other components of the school bus camera system.

School Bus Camera System FAQ Guide presents the basic principles of school bus camera systems in a comprehensive, readable, and simple way beyond any other guidebook currently available.


Lots of questions have been answered regarding school Bus camera Systems on school buses, including “What are School Bus Camera Systems?”; “How does a school bus camera system work?” and “How much it cost to install a school bus camera system?”


Do school bus camera systems support audio?


Yes, many school bus camera systems come with audio options.


Most school bus cameras system records the interior of the coach while the engine is running. Some cameras may also record audio and video as well. Bus drivers can view footage and listen to audio of incidents as they occur.


School bus camera system may have an additional memory source to save the audio, like a USB stick or smart card.


School bus camera systems are audio enabled. The manufacturers of these devices state that the school bus camera system has an embedded extended range sound device to pick up sounds from a farther distance than a standard video camera.


However, it is necessary to understand the needs of the brand of the school bus camera system if you need audio.


Can the school bus camera system record all the time?


Yes, the school bus camera system is designed to record all the time just because ensuring drivers are held accountable. Knowing that they are registered, drivers will tend to be more aware of their actions and drive safer, resulting in a safer, more productive work environment.


School bus camera system record all the time when the vehicle is running. When the car is turned off, the recording does not occur.


The school bus camera system is continuously activated, recording in HD with long-lasting memory.


School bus camera systems record footage of the vehicle at all hours of the day. In addition, the system automatically records and saves camera footage so you can easily safeguard your interests for documented evidence.


The school bus camera systems are set up to record based on a series of best-described triggers as ‘events.’


These events range from the doors opening or closing to a bus moving and stopping to the occupied driver seat. Unfortunately, at this time, only portions of the video can be recorded and played back later.”


How is the school bus camera a valuable system for parents?



The school bus camera system is helpful for parents as well as the school district. Parents can use this system to check whether their children are in school buses or not. In addition, the video footage would be helpful if any accident occurs.


The school bus camera system is beneficial for parents, especially when they want to send their child to the school bus.


With this technological device, it will be easy for parents to know if their child reached school. It would also be beneficial for the parents to tell whether their children are safe in a school bus and if their drivers are violating traffic rules.


How does the school bus camera system work if the number of students mismatches while getting on/off from school bus?


The counter camera on the school bus camera system is an essential tool that can help monitor people on/off the bus. It will cause alarm if the student who gets on or off a bus does not match the camera’s input.


The school bus camera system is helpful for parents because it helps in improving the safety of school-going kids.


Parents can track their students from where they are dropped to school and even while coming back home. In addition, the school bus camera system records each activity in the vehicle, whether there is a violation or not.


That was never possible before. Thanks to the school bus camera system and other technology, every parent will be able to see what happened with their kid in a safe environment.


How does RFID reader function work in school bus camera system?



The function of an RFID reader, which is mounted to the inside of a bus’s windshield and switches off the vehicle’s engine, has been added to help ensure that students are safe before they board their school buses.


As far as school bus camera system RFID is concerned, it can identify a student or driver’s identity by reading their ID cards via a radio frequency. It can also read the information on the card, such as name, date of birth, and picture.


A school bus camera system is a good solution for the school to prevent and identify property damage or assault through an RFID reader.


The school bus camera system having an RFID reader function can turn off a vehicle’s engine remotely.


RFID reader function is also embedded in the school bus camera system to play a vital role on the Global Security Manager (GSM) to disable the car ignition remotely before the bus driver leaves.


How is the school bus camera system helps in the investigation?


School bus cameras are helpful in the investigation of accidents involving school buses, school buses and student transportation, and even driver safety issues.

Video footage captured by the school bus camera system can help determine liability, reveal violations, and improve driver training for school bus drivers.


The digital video and audio data automatically captured by the school bus camera system is recorded as footage at the time of an accident or illegal activity with high-resolution images that can be used as evidence and easy access to audio for a driver’s oral communications with other drivers. It will also be helpful to the law enforcement agencies in their investigations.


These school bus camera systems can provide evidence and assist the police department in investigating further the accidents or litigations that may result from them after an accident occurs.


Sometimes, the evidence captured through the school bus camera system helps deal with issues such as discourtesy to children, arm violations, monitoring driver performance, and bus lane violation.


It also helps secure footage of accidents involving school buses having a school bus camera system and resolving litigation.


The school bus camera system has brought the idea of investigation to a whole new level.


Not only can you protect your school bus drivers from all sorts of allegations, including complaints of speeding, reckless driving, arguing and fighting with students, or other such charges, but you can also help keep track of the activities and behavior inside the school buses.


School bus camera systems also provide evidence to investigate overloading school buses with too many students; Poorly trained drivers, and lack of technical products for school buses.


What is a school bus camera system?


A school bus camera system is an audio & video surveillance system installed in a school bus that records data inside and outside the school bus.


A typical school bus camera system’s setup includes multiple cameras that capture still images and video, an interface for live or recorded viewing by various users, a method of documenting violations (at minimum a digital file), and an audio recording system. Availability of anyone from the driver to the administration to law enforcement can review.


A school bus camera system is a good solution for establishing accountability for rule violations, driver behavior, and student conduct on the school bus.

The purpose of this technology is to help make driving a school bus safer and more manageable for your staff.


School bus camera systems, also known as school bus monitoring systems, aim to ensure student safety and improve the efficiency of student transportation.

What is the cost of a school bus camera system?



A complete school bus camera system with all accessories cost varies as the various brands are in the market that is manufacturing the school camera system.

A school bus camera system with standard specifications costs between 200$ to 400$.


If you are going for a medium-range school camera system with medium specifications, it costs up to 700$.


A supreme features school bus camera system with all top qualities, latest specifications, and long-term warranty cost up to 1000$.


It depends on your budget and needs for school bus camera system that what type of school bus camera system will fulfill your requirements


How does the school bus camera system work?


The school bus camera system consists of a monitoring system, an operating system, and an information transfer system.


The operating system includes a digital radio speaker, mobile surveillance cameras, a display unit with a touch screen display, GPS, a 3G /4G module, a fuel sensor, fatigue driving sensors, temperature sensors, and an emergency button.


The information transfer system involves wireless information delivery and LAN / Ethernet networking.


The School Bus Camera System is a “look back” camera system that monitors school buses, pickup trucks, and vans used to transport students in secondary schools.

The monitoring system of the school bus camera system connects directly to the internet and stores data remotely.


This system can communicate with external sensors via the internet, which means it’s a combination of Internet-enabled video monitoring and an assortment of practical, reliable, secure, flexible, efficient, high-performing, and stable data saving.


The school bus camera system cameras installed on the school buses record everything as it happens without any interruption.


These school bus camera systems have multiple cameras installed at the back, right side, and left sides of the school buses. These cameras have a good resolution with various lenses. The recordings of these cameras can be viewed and downloaded by authorized individuals.


Do school bus camera systems support 3G/4G remote view?



Yes, School Bus Camera System always supports 3G/4G. It can send messages to parents about the child’s location via 3G/4G.


Install a school bus camera system in your school bus, and its operators can remotely monitor all video recordings from the bus’s interior through 3G/4G.


The school camera system’s recorded data can be streamed to all concerned and parents’ smartphones or laptops via 3G or Wi-Fi hotspots.


How can we gain evidence between the spot and the central management office?


A school bus camera system is a great tool that provides evidence between the spot and center management office.


The school bus camera system is designed to provide evidence to school administrators or other appropriate officials of a school transportation center management office.

It provides the ability to view live interior & exterior video footage of the school bus camera system and audio from the spot you want to see through the central management office.


School bus companies, contractors, and law enforcement agencies can provide remote access to the central management office.


You can transmit live video back to the central management office and based on what the operator wants to see.


You can get evidence from the spot through the central management office, but a procedure must be adopted. You can request by fulfilling their Performa for evidence provision officially, or an online request can be generated also


The importance of the evidence claim via center management is because of a wide-angle of the bus, a closer view of the driver or children boarding the bus, which supports the school bus camera system to record the evidence efficiently. In addition, it is user-friendly for school officials when reviewing the recorded video from that day’s runs, and they can zoom in, pan, and control the cameras remotely.


You can collect the following spot pieces of evidence via coordination with the central management office.


EVIDENCE THAT’S THERE WHEN YOU NEED IT: Video evidence captured by the school bus camera system could potentially be vital to your case is readily available in the case of an accident. You can gather video evidence from the front and back of the school bus, including evidence that could help with issues or insurance disputes.

MONITOR DRIVER & STUDENT BEHAVIOR: The school bus camera system records students’ behaviors and drivers on your school bus. Capture dangerous driving or disciplinary problems in high definition with multiple camera angles.

PROTECT STUDENTS INSIDE THE BUS: The 360° cameras of the school bus camera system in the school bus capture license plates of stop-arm violators.

MONITOR YOUR SYSTEM 24/7: you can quickly identify and resolve issues with your school bus camera system so that you can always protect against unauthorized intrusions.



What are the components of the school bus camera system?


There are different components with different brands. Therefore, few essential and details of the school bus camera system are given below:

  • Front road view camera
  • Side camera
  • Outside back view camera
  • People counting camera
  • Firebox as mirror
  • RFID Reader
  • Alarm Button
  • Intercom
  • LED Panel
  • Oil Sensor
  • HD MDVR (Base Component)
  • Driver Fatigue Monitor

Other related components to access School Bus Camera System:

  • GPS Antenna
  • 3G/4G Antena
  • Central Management Server
  • Router
  • Client
  • PC Client
  • Phone Client

How to install a school bus camera system?


There are the following steps to install a school bus camera system:

  • Select the accurate places of all cameras
  • Mount the cameras to their places
  • Select the covered location for the base component
  • Rout the cables and hide the wires after routing
  • Connect the camera cables with the base component
  • Fix other related features to their accurate places and connect these
  • Link the power source with the base component
  • Turn on the Bus Engine
  • Test the School Bus Camera System by recording
  • Testing through related devices laptop/android/PC
  • Test the GPS and Internet 3G/4G Wi-Fi
  • Test the transferred data
  • Playback the recorded data

How can a school bus camera system prevent bullying and vandalism?



School bus camera systems are used to record students on the school bus. If somebody claims bullying and vandalism on the premises of the school bus among students, then, in that case, the footage is downloaded for review.


If the footage is reviewed and a student has bullied another student or vandalizing, action is taken. School buses are equipped with three types of cameras: rear-facing, front-facing, rear-facing, and a front-facing camera.


This school bus camera system can record any incident that occurs inside/outside the bus. This system will run in combination with HD-MDVR and audio and video recording capabilities so that you can be sure everything is recorded for later review if you’d like.


With this technology, we can stop bullying, vandalism, and other unexpected behavior before they occur.


How does the school camera system work on the onboard attendance of students?


School bus cameras are installing in the school bus and are used to count students on board the bus.


The school bus camera system uses several ways to mark attendance on-board and count the number of students on-board school buses, such as people counting camera at the entry-exit door of the school bus, infrared sensors, and RFID tags.


When a student boards the school bus, his or her record will upload instantly to our central attendance database using his ID card if the school bus camera system supports RFID.


The School Bus Camera system makes it easy to ensure students are riding safely, is now available for every parent.


Whether it’s verifying if a student is attending school on time or catching a stealing student, many parents are concerned about their children’s safety when they’re away from home.


With a School bus camera system, you can easily keep track of your children and analyze the behavior of students around schools

At the same time, parents are notified that their children have boarded the bus. This feature alerts parents to keep an eye out for their children and allows them to stay updated on their whereabouts.


How can a school bus camera system provide real-time GPS positioning and tracking?



The school bus camera system comes with the GTS option. In addition, GPS-based real-time tracking gives information about the school bus location, letting you know the site at any time, even on mobile.


The camera and video of the school bus camera system are also controlled by GPS location as well.


As the bus enters an allotted neighborhood, the GPS sends a message to any cameras in that area that triggers them to start recording video.


The RFIDs used in the system record all activity during a trip, including students getting off at their stop and any student boarding mid-route along with the location.

With GPS tracking service, you will view videos in real-time or playback video footage when necessary.


If your school bus camera solution needs to playback the recorded video, it will provide that for you. You will always have access to the footage because it is stored on a cloud server.


Most school bus camera systems feature GPS tracking for real-time positioning and an internal storage unit of the school bus camera system that records information during the trip and after the school bus has been parked.


How can you make video management in the School bus camera system?


To manage your video, you need a school bus camera system with automatic on-board recording capability, which automatically saves data when motion is detected. This ensures that when an incident or issue occurs on the bus, you won’t have to rely solely on driver memory to provide proper discipline, retraining, or parental notifications happen.


School bus cameras are managed digitally; video data can be downloaded to a computer and used for reports. In addition, a school bus camera system with audio capability will allow operators to hear what happened before and after an accident.


The school bus camera system automatically archives video for long-term storage and allows users to share the footage with others securely in seconds.


In addition, it provides an audit trail of who viewed the footage and allows access to videos via any device.


Video is a significant part of your overall bus camera system.


Without video, you have no proof of any event that took place on the bus. Video can also be used to ensure driver compliance to workplace standards and curfews set in your contract with the district.


What are the tips for the cameras used in the school bus camera system?


Multiple cameras of school bus camera systems placed inside a bus can help improve transit safety. These cameras have the following tips while combined with the school bus camera system:

  • To ensure safety on public transit, cameras must be strategically located to capture every seat in the school bus. The number of camera placements depends on the layout of the bus itself.
  • Cameras facing outward in the school bus camera system can provide an extra level of safety for drivers. They can be installed for driver blind spots and cover the back end of buses.
  • An exterior bus camera of a school bus camera system can be damaged by inclement weather, crashes, or just normal wear-and-tear. Therefore, it would help if you always had a backup camera in case of damage to replace at once.
  • The most common feature on school bus camera systems is the event detection motion sensors. When these sensors detect movement, the cameras will automatically begin recording if they are not turned on. Cameras can also be manually turned on to register by the driver at any time.

Does every school bus have a camera in the school bus camera system?



Yes, every school bus is equipped with a camera system. The cameras installed in the buses are linked to a recording device and record the footage when the bus moves. As a result, drivers can watch recorded video footage after every route.


The deployment of bus camera systems varies from district to district‑there are still school districts across the country that have not deployed them.


There are no federal regulations that mandate school bus camera installation. However, many large cities have adopted camera systems as an option for their schools.


Many states require or allow school districts to use camera systems with on-board recording devices to protect children riding school buses.


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