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Car Navigation System

A Car Navigation System is presently one of the most important vehicle component parts. This device creates advantageous conditions, seeking to make every trip safer, faster, and easier.

Surround View Camera System

QOHO’s 360° Surround View camera system is constructed using cutting-edge innovation approaches to assure dependability while being cheap to everybody. The 360° Surround View camera system is made up of high-definition and wide-angle cameras

Driver Fatigue Monitor

QOHO Driver Fatigue Monitor is unfailing apparatus to track and help you drive more efficacious. It monitors the automobile’s movements and assesses whether the vehicle is being driven in a controlled or uncontrolled way. 

Advanced Driver Assistance System

Advanced Driver Assistance System Camera or ADAS Camera is a device used for your everyday driving protection. It detects nearby obstacles or driver errors and responds accordingly.

Car Monitor

Wherever you are, vehicles and mobile machines continue to be a danger but, whether you operate on or off-road, vehicle or machine, large or small, we can help.

Thermal Vehicle Camera

Thermal Vehicle Cameras have expanded in prominence in recent times for their innumerable economic benefits. Simply put, it is a sensor that is equipped on your vehicle’s instrument panel and is employed to measure multimedia content when you are driving.

Body Camera

QOHO Body camera specifically designed for law enforcement departments, with a battery life of more than 8 hours. It ensures the security of recorded evidence. It is also a valuable tool for law enforcement security departments.

People Counting Camera

QOHO People Counter Camera with AI Face Recognition is also available in 11 languages: English, Chinese, Turkish, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, German, Romanian, Arabic, and Japanese.

3G GPS Tracker

A 3G GPS Tracker is hardware that allows you to monitor your vehicle’s location and provides an accurate report of traffic incidents along your route.

Mobile DVR Software

Mounting a Mobile DVR in your automobile also enables you to manage it while you are away from home or at the office. QOHO Mobile DVR Software is functional and practical with precise information.

BSD Camera

When combined with a cutting-edge multimedia surveillance machine, the BSD Two-Way or Four-Way Truck Blind Area Early Warning System redefines safety standards.

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