Dual Lens Vehicle Counting Camera




  • Industrial level design, special vehicle interface, to ensure reliable and stable operation of products in a complex environment;

  • Professional and stable special file system;

  • +12V ~ 36V Wide voltage design, suitable for various models;

  • Support 2 alarm inputs;

  • Good expansibility, supporting RS485 protocol docking;




Model QH-CP040V
Material Aluminum
System Linux
Graphic operation interface Various parameters of the system can be set by display screen and remote control
Language Chinese,English,Spanish(Optional) Other (Customizable)
Alarm 2-way switch signal alarm input
Video loss, video blocking alarm
System upgrade SD card or Computer
Power supply and power consumption ACC on/off;
Delay shutdown
DC:+12V ~ +36V
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Normal working state<4W
Work environment -20℃ ~ +70℃
10% to 90%
Dimensions 133X50X59.65mm
Weight 0.45KG
Image sensor 1/3  CCD
PAL/NTSC Customizable
Horizontal clarity  700 TV Lines
Lens spacing 5mm
focal length 2.8 mm(2.8mm/3.6mm/4mm/6mm Customizable)
gain automatic gain control
SNR >48db
input voltage 12V
White Balance auto
Shutter 1/50-1/80000(S)  1/60-1/80000(S)
Installation height
install the equipment on the vehicle door (installation height: 2.1~2.4m, width: within1.2m)
Installation position the label sheet (as shown below) faces inside of the room.
Installation position Installed in the middle of the channel and above, looking straight down.
Calculation If the vehicle has two-door, install 2 counter cameras, the counter camera will calculate and display the total number at the same time.
In order to count the number of people more accurately, we suggest that you install the equipment near the door or in the aisle where people must pass. The camera should be installed in the middle of the door or aisle.
When the camera is installed near the door, the distance from the door shall be more than 15cm; the installation position can also refer to the following figure or can also be installed at the top of the following figure, provided that the ground height and camera height are about 2.1m
Focal length 2.8mm lens  210cm                              220cm                                230cm



Focal length 3.6mm lens  220cm                                230cm                             240cm




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