Body Camera QH BC10




  • 4G performance: support 2K ultra-high-definition image transmission, data transmission does not drop frames, more stable.

  • Support sliding video button to reduce misoperation

  • Support GPS/Beidou/GLONASS/Galileo positioning, real-time recording and remote sharing of geographic coordinates and speed data, excellent performance.

  • Ultra-high image resolution, 1600 lines for photos, 1300 lines for video, and no interpolation pseudo-pixels

  • AI function, intelligent recognition, support face recognition, license plate recognition (optional)

  • AI voice noise reduction function, which can filter more than 60dB of ambient noise and restore voice clearly

  • 2*2W dual speakers, the volume of the intercom is comparable to that of a professional walkie-talkie

  • Built-in Xindajiean encryption chip, support AES256 encryption algorithm

  • H.265 video compression technology, the same image quality, the storage is halved.

  • Support NFC smart identification.

  • Platforms that support national standard 28181 and mainstream protocols in the market connect video and audio, intercom, and positioning equipment information.

  • Support ±3° EIS electronic image stabilization, record clear video in sports environment. (*In development)

  • Detachable integrated battery for quick battery replacement and the battery supports separate waterproofing.

  • The ultra-wide-angle lens has a 1-meter law enforcement distance and can shoot full-body videos of people with a height of 1.8 meters.

  • Support cradle charging, you can charge the host and backup battery at the same time, and the battery life is more worry-free.




ModelA10:C52 QH-BC10
Basic Information chip Qualcomm Snapdragon SDM450
operating system Android 9.0
system language Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English
Memory 2GB(RAM)+16GB(ROM)
storage Standard 64G can be customized according to demand
SIM card type Nano SIM
lens Main camera 1600M + sub camera 500M
lens angle The horizontal is greater than 115°, and the vertical is greater than 75°, the distortion is about 7.5%
digital zoom 8x, after 8x zoom, it can recognize the license plate 10 meters away
main display 2.8-inch high-resolution LCD display
Network standard (frequency band) national version 2G: 900/1800MHz
Network communication 3G: WCDMA (B1/2/5/8), CDMA EVDO (BC0)
4G: LTE FDD B1/B3/B5/B8
4G: LTE TDD B34/B38/B39/B40/B41
Network standard (frequency band) European version 2G: 850/900/1800/1900MHz
3G: B1/B2/B4/B5/B8
4G: LTE FDD B1/B2/B3/B4/B5/B7/B8/B20/B28
4G: LTE TDD B38/B39/B40/B41
Network Type 4G full Netcom (downward compatible with 3G)
Bluetooth Support, BT5.1 (support connection to Bluetooth headset for voice calls)
WIFI Support, 2.4 GHz/5 GHz, 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac (5GHz only for EU version)
position Support (GPS+Glonass+Beidou+Galileo) Beidou and GPS independent positioning, satellite real-time positioning and real-time trajectory playback
Video resolution 2560*1440P/30FPS, 1920*1080P/30FPS, 1280*720P/30FPS, 720*480P/30FPS
Video video compression standard H.264/H.265/VP8
Video format MP4
Video recording Video, audio and video synchronous recording, independent dual stream (local recording and 4G remote video)
Streaming bit rate 2560*1440P/30FPS, 1920*1080P/30FPS, 1280*720P/30FPS, 720*480P/30FPS
Video pre-recording Yes, optional: off/10s/15s/30s/1min/2mins
video recording Support, optional: off/5s/30s/1min/5mins/10mins/30mins
photo resolution 1800 lines of photo, 1400 lines of video. Refuse to interpolate virtual pixels
Photograph photo format JPG
capture Support to capture 8 million high-definition photos (1800 lines) in video recording state
Take pictures regularly support, optional: off/5s/10s/15s
Delay taking pictures support, optional: off/5s/10s/15s
continuous shooting Support, optional: off/2/3/5/10/15/20
audio input 3 MIC AI noise reduction, the system has its own noise reduction algorithm, does not depend on the platform noise reduction algorithm
Recording audio format MP3
recording Support separate recording, recording and recording can be switched with one key
Infrared mode In low light, the infrared light can be turned on automatically or manually to enhance the shooting effect (see the outline of the target within 10 meters)
Auxiliary light source white light Ultra-high brightness LED lighting, night vision 3 meters away from the shooting effect to achieve the effect of fluorescent lights
laser light Support laser light, shooting positioning
USB interface Support fast charging/transfer data waterproof Type_C, USB3.0 (It is more convenient to use without rubber stopper), Support OTG, support transfer to MINIUSB to access the collection station, external USB camera headset
Data interface headphone holder Support, share Type_C interface
battery capacity 3000mAh, replaceable battery design, the battery and the host can be separated and waterproof separately
Power supply Auxiliary battery capacity 80mAh (body recorder can work continuously when battery is replaced)
Charging (USB) ≤4 hours support cradle charge, cradle charge supports charging the host and backup battery at the same time
drop height 2.0 meters
Structure Protection class IP68
size About 102.5*63*29mm
weight 183g
EIS electronic image stabilization *Support super EIS anti-shake algorithm, the anti-shake effect is comparable to professional sports DV (under development)
Software information One key alarm The alarm signal can be reported to the management platform
auto overwrite Supports optional automatic override
Image playback Support local video playback, retrieve video files by time, alarm, etc.
Remote image function Support remote online video playback, remote video file download
safe mode Safe mode is limited to basic operations such as recording, taking pictures, and recording, and cannot enter the setting interface and playback interface
video encryption Support video encryption function, encrypted video needs to be played under a special player (optional)
log Record key operations, setting changes, video recording on and off, alarms, etc.
night vision The face of the video or photo can be clearly seen 5 meters away
position When there is no network assisted positioning, the GPS or Beidou positioning sensitivity and accuracy are improved within 30 seconds, and the satellite time correction is turned on and off.
Cluster intercom 3 MIC noise reduction intercom, dual speakers output sound 2 meters clear and distinguishable numbers, built-in duplex noise reduction algorithm does not depend on the platform
NFC read The chip supports identification, reading and comparison of ID card information, etc. (optional)
boot time After pressing the power button, the normal video recording time is less than 30 seconds until the power is turned on and the viewfinder is entered.
Built-in small battery switch The main battery is removed from the device to give a prompt, the built-in small battery can continue to record at 1080 for no less than 5 minutes
Video encoding format Support H.265/H.264 switchable
Video dual stream Local and image transmission 2K/1296P/1080p/720P/480P optional, live video resolution above 1000 lines
local file upload The local video, audio and photo files of the recorder can be uploaded to the server
face recognition Support deep learning algorithm face recognition, massive local blacklist or cloud recognition (non-standard)
License Plate Recognition Recognition and analysis based on local/background license plate library (non-standard)
Video Conference - Voice Intercom support
time Supports time synchronization with network, computer or GPS
Command and dispatch platform docking Supports docking with platforms of national standard 28181 and mainstream market protocols such as video and audio, intercom, and positioning equipment information


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