How to Choose The Extension Wiring of the Vehicle Camera?

How to Choose The Extension Wiring of the Vehicle Camera?


As a Vehicle Camera Factory, we share with you. We all know that many people will install dash cams when they buy new cars. High-definition car cameras can be equipped with a all different kinds of recorders, whether it is 4G or 3G, but many people will always find that this extension cable is not long enough when installing the car. However, the extension cable of the market vehicle  camera is also There are many kinds.


How to distinguish the car camera extension cable? First of all, the market cable is divided into high-definition and general-definition. The high-definition is generally shielded, and the copper wire in the high-definition cable is made of bold wire is also bold, and some customers have different requirements. If the host interface of the driving recorder is different, the market wire interface is also different. The general wire interface is the headphone interface micro interface and the mini interface.


The length of the vehicle camera extension cable is also determined according to the customer’s requirements, some customers are installed on the car, but some customers are installed on the truck. When mounted on a truck, the length will generally be longer, usually 15 meters or 20 meters, etc. If some customers just need to lengthen it, it is also possible. The length of the extension cord can be chosen by the customer.


There are also differences between HD and Puqing car camera extension cables. Some high-definition car cameras require a high transmission signal, otherwise it will affect the normal operation of the camera. Therefore, a HUB board that expands the signal is placed between many cables. Some customers’ dashcam voltage can not support the voltage of the vehicle camera, then add a step-down board to the wire to ensure normal operation.


Therefore, there are various types of car camera extension cables, but as long as you understand it, you will find that it is not that complicated.


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